One thought on “SIONL: The New Ghostbusters Villain is so Bad it’s Awesome

  1. I’ve got to agree, when they announced they were doing a new Ghostbusters I was interested, when I heard more about it I lost interest and when I heard even more about it I became interested again due to potential train wreck it’s going to be. Using proton packs to perform double jumps, teasing zuul for the sequel. This could be the most blatant origin story, “we’d like a franchise to milk too please”, I have ever seen.
    As for the negative reaction I think this one stands out because people are arguing back. As you say most of those sequels were panned too before they came out the only difference was there wasn’t a load of idiots going “Nuh uh. It’s going to be good, maybe.” Nobody defended the Thing or Evil dead when they were announced or when they released so nobody remembers how much they were mocked and disliked too.

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