Women and Statutory Rape

I was made aware of an older story in the news today about a woman named Megan Mahoney, a 24 year old gym teacher who is being charged with 30 counts of statutory rape.  It was her having sex with a student of her dozens of times over a period of a few months (from October to January).  The student was 16 years old, and she was his teacher.  This is a crime, and this woman is a pedophile.  That’s not my opinion.  It’s a fact.  This woman, legally, is a pedophile.  And unlike that guy on Salon who made the argument that he’s a pedophile and not a monster, because he didn’t act on it, this woman did.  Repeatedly.  For months.  It was roughly twice a week, according to the student.

But you wouldn’t know that from the comments.  Let’s take a few snippets to show what I’m talking about.

There was no rape here!

Only problem I see is who are these 17 yr old boys that tells on these teachers? They getting a good deal. A fantastic High School memory and getting off with their older crust. Just shut up and enjoy yourself.

No rape…..this is so stupid.

I want to know where these kind of teachers were when I was a student. I wouldn’t have minded having some horizontal fun with that one…………..and I would have kept my mouth shut too. Idiot.

Well, we certainly have the upper crust of society here.  By the way, all those comments were from men.  Men who have clearly NEVER been in a position where they were taken advantage of, sexually, at a young age.  I’m going to give you a situation, and you all tell me how this sounds.  I’m going to omit genders and use neutral terms.  See if you can find the fucked-up thing here.

There was a young person who lived in a wealthy suburban neighborhood.  Everyone knew everyone and it was a very open place.  If something happened to someone there, it was pretty understood that their kids could stay with one of the neighbors and they would be okay.  This person was very friendly with an adult who lived across the street from them.  They would help around the house, hang out and talk.  The two were such good friends.  The parents never suspected anything.  They were glad that their kid took such initiative to help someone out.
One day, while helping this person out, our young friend was asked to come upstairs.  The adult said that they had noticed how nice the kid was, and how much they wished that they could get to know them better.  They invited the young person into their bedroom, and then asked them to close the door.  They asked if the person had ever thought about kissing someone.  The young person said that they had.  But they weren’t brave enough to ask someone out on a date.  Laughing, the adult said that when they were young, it was common for them to have friends that they could practice kissing with.  They asked the young person if they wanted to do that.  The young person was a little skittish.  They said that their parents would find out and get mad.  The adult said that it would be their little secret.  No one would ever know.  They took the young person’s hand and led them to the bed.  They laid the teenager down and straddled them.  Soon, the two were kissing.  When retelling the story, the younger person said that they thought it was so great.  They were just getting to know their body and their hormones had kicked in.  But in the back of their mind, something was off.  They knew that this wasn’t right.  When they voiced this concern, the adult told them that it was natural.  That it was just them being nervous about their first time.
When it was over, the young person was told not to tell anyone.  Otherwise, they would be in trouble.  It was their little secret.  One that persisted for over half a year, until the young person stopped going over there anymore.  When their parents asked, they said that they didn’t feel like it.  The parents were concerned, but they didn’t bring it up for too long.  According to the young person later, they were being sent all kinds of lewd pictures.  After they stopped going over, the adult demanded to know why they weren’t talking to them anymore.  They blew up their phone with texts wanting to talk.  They even tried to stop the young person at their bus stop and demand to know what was going on.  Eventually, the adult stopped talking to them, and that was that.

That person never got counseling or ever told anyone about it.  I was the first.  They trusted me with that, and I convinced them to go to the cops.  Now the person who was fucking them is behind bars.  When their parents found out, it was kind of touching.  There was so much pain that they never addressed coming out in a family talk.  Kills me how things ended between the two of us, but hey, that’s how it goes.  The adult was 33 years old when they started engaging in sexual activity with the minor.  The kid was 15.  I saw a pic of that adult from back then.  They were smashing.

This is my problem with this idea that a teenage boy getting fucked by his teacher is fine.  “What are you complaining for?!” “I wish I got sex when I was that age!”  “All men want it.  That’s just how guys are.”  My friend was traumatized by what happened to them.  Their ability to romantically bond with people was damaged for YEARS!  It fucked them up inside.  To this day, they are always leery of people who approach them, sexually.

Mahoney got off scot-free.  There was some woman who was found guilty of third-degree rape and was sentenced to spending every other weekend at a prison, so she didn’t have to be away from her children.  Because remember – it’s only sexist when men do it.  If Mahoney had been a man, that bitch would have had the fucking book thrown at her.  But nope!  She’s a woman.  And he’s a guy.  So he wanted it, right?  Just like my friend.

Until next time, a quote,

“But it’s only sexist if men do it!”  – TJ Kirk

Peace out,



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