Angry Video Game Nerd, SJWs, and Ghostbusters

So, James Rolfe, who you would better know as the Angry Video Game Nerd, recently made a video on his Cinemassacre channel talking about the new Ghostbusters, and why he has zero intention of seeing it.  His reasons had nothing to do with the all-female cast.  He only cared that the jokes are cringe-worthy at best, and the film is a blatant cash-grab on the name.  Hell, he didn’t even discuss the fact that now this movie has become a rallying cry for people who are so desperate to throw their lot in behind this worthless remake of a timeless film that they say things like, “Please let it be good.  Please, just let it be passably good.”  That quote, by the way, is a sign about how much this film has become a rallying cry and how doomed the film is on arrival for that status.  After all, if it truly is such a pile of boredom that it appears to be, then this film’s culture war is a hill that people are dying on.

Now, Rolfe’s criticism of the film comes in the wake of how divisive this movie has become.  The director came out and said that the nerd culture is the biggest bunch of jerks he has ever seen.  Though, one of the stars of the film has said that she doesn’t like the trailer either.  A movie that should be seen as just a stupid remake that has NONE of the charm of the original is becoming a battleground issue.  In a time where every little thing that has a woman in it is a battleground issue.  From Star Wars: The Remake Awakens to the culture war that still goes on with video games, our SJW friends are making a lot of battles over something that should be simple.  It’s odd.

Now, Rolfe is in the firing line, and all over a video that I will share here, so you can judge for yourselves whether or not this is some nasty, hateful, sexist rant that the likes of Patton Oswalt made it out to be.

So, where all the vitriol?  Where was all the hate?  I was looking really hard for it.  Our Non-Angry Video Game Nerd was very calm, rational, and explained his position without appealing to emotion.  He just laid out his issues with the film, and stated that he is refusing to review or see this movie out of principle.  Any reasonable person would think that this means that he has stated his case and respects your intelligence enough to give it to you plainly.

What was the reaction by the people who are using this film as their hill to die on?  Let’s look at a Tweet by Patton Oswalt

I really wanted to hate this Cinemassacre GHOSBUSTERS review but I’m such a fan of noisy, thick-saliva swallowing that it won my heart.

Man, you really showed him, Patton.  Zing!  At least this guy has some kind of name recognition.  Then some dickmule that no one has ever heard of named Devon Feraci had his own thoughts on the matter.  This is the guy who said that gamers are ISIS, by the way.  Just putting that out there.

Look at this limp dick loser

How eloquent, Devon.  You should get with Devon Dudley, also known as AIU.  The two of you can think up zingers together.  Notice that neither one of those statements addressed ANYTHING that Rolfe had to say.  Of course not.  The day that an SJW attacks an argument that someone makes is the day that my cat grows wings, flies, and learns kung-fu to go fight in the Kumite.

A while back, my favorite YouTuber made a video about nuance and how it is dead, with SJWs pissing on its grave.  Look it up.  Type in “nuance sjws pissing” in the YouTube search bar and it should be the first thing that comes up.  He explains that one thing that SJWs are completely incapable of doing is making rational, reasonable arguments against people that they don’t agree with.  It goes immediately into emotional appeal and character assassination.  I guess we can add Patton Oswalt to that wonderful pedigree of indivijuals (situation).

This is why I fucking hate SJWs and why I can’t take third-wave feminism seriously!  These people are incapable of having a reasonable discussion.  These people are utterly unable to actually voice their opinion without snide condescension.  The thing that they accuse anti-SJWs like myself of, they are the perfect example.  What’s more, these people are defending a film that is indefensible!  That trailer was garbage!  Objectively, it was terrible.  Let’s cut out the SJW talking points and just look at what it is.  The jokes are cringe-worthy.  The characters are such cardboard cutouts that the fat character goes down the list of telling the audience who they are.  Oh, and the black chick is the stereotypical black chick who goes out of her way to stereotype herself.  The effects look worse than the ones in Jurassic World (that movie fucking sucks, by the way).  And to top it all off, they butt-raped the theme song by putting it in that stupid intro!  What about that looks good?  At all?!

I hate what discourse has become now.  It’s no longer people arguing about ideas.  It’s people who try and be reasonable getting shit thrown at them.  And I can already hear some random SJW who happens across this post.

But wait, that’s the same thing that happened to Anita Sarkeesian!  She made her points and got lots of hate!

Did things that are uncool get said to Anita?  Sure.  I won’t deny.  Internet trolls will troll.  It’s rude, it’s not nice, but that’s what it is.  But she also spent years feeding the trolls.  She fleeced people out of $158,000 for a Kickstarter, and four years later she still hasn’t finished or kept a single one of her Kickstarter backer rewards.  Oh, and get this – she has lied about her passion for video games and got pissy when the Internet busted her lying ass in black-and-white video!

Meanwhile, there were a TON of reasonable, well-researched and non-violent threats laden videos talking about her videos where people don’t threaten her once and put her stupidity in respect to video games in its place.  Do send me a link to an SJW who doesn’t one time make this into some “you’re a sexist!” refutation of what Rolfe said in his video.  I’m all ears.

Internet discourse has just become SJWs flinging as much shit at people as they can.  And when those people come back at them, screaming “I’m a victim!” as loud as they possibly can.  The Internet has a term for these people – crybullies.  The thing that kills me most, it is working.  The media takes these people seriously.  Mostly for clicks, naturally.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if SJW rags like The Young Turks decide to tear into Rolfe.  I am pretty sure they already did a video decrying all the people who don’t like the new Ghostbusters trailer as sexist.

What’s more, I bet you a fucking pretty penny that when this movie does come out, all sorts of reviews are going to be piling on praise for it, just so they don’t have to have the SJWs coming down on them for being sexist.  Because if a movie can’t be good, scare people into saying it is.  Crybullying at its best, people.

Where does it end?  That’s the real question.

Until next time, a quote,

“This blind defense has made me hate this film more than I ever could have.”  -Chris Ray Gun

Peace out,



One thought on “Angry Video Game Nerd, SJWs, and Ghostbusters

  1. And Facebook will Trend that movie despite no one seeing it because ‘it’s the right thing to do’

    I’ll add this to your quote. All SJWs do in response to criticism is to discuss (attack) people, never the core issue.

    “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.”
    ― Socrates

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