Let’s Talk About Guys and Chicks with Periods (A response to Lindy West)

This isn’t exactly a new article, but I just saw a very good video by The Wooly Bumblebee (linked here) where she responded to an article in the SJW rag, The Guardian.  It was written by an idiot named Lindy West, who has this idea about periods that are frankly baffling.  I can’t speak to the biology stuff of the article. Wooly does a damn good job, given that she’s a part of the female perspective, so she would get this.  However, what I can speak to is the idea that men find periods so repulsive, and in turn find women’s bodies repulsive.  There are a few choice examples that I mean to pick out of this load of shit, so let’s get to it.  Here’s a link to the article if you want to be “enlightened” yourself.

Let me start this off by saying that I was living with a girl I was dating for a while.  Those months we were living together were some of my favorite months of adulthood.  I’ve recently found a way to get back on the horse, but it is still proving REALLY difficult to break this slump.  However, when my ex and I were living together, the fact that she’s a woman did come up.  I never had an issue with this.  Any guy who has been in this position, I would love if you told your stories in the comments, so it isn’t just me having anecdotal evidence about how I didn’t treat my ex’s femininity like it was some kind of dark curse of the pirates (been playing Uncharted 4.  So sue me).

The most significant source of my adolescent period anxiety was the fact that, in the US and much of the west, acknowledging the completely normal and mundane function of most uteruses is still taboo.

Citation, please.  There were several times when I was living with my ex and when I was dating another girl a couple years before where I would get a call or a text and they would ask me to get them tampons.  It wasn’t a big deal.  Nobody gave me a weird look when I would be buying some.  They all assumed that I was a good boyfriend being a good boyfriend.  Who are these people who treat this like it’s some kind of dark secret never to be talking about?  Yeah, I am not eager to get all up close and personal with it, but I still acknowledge it for what it is and go forward.  My first ex ended up not needing tampons once she was on birth control.  Her periods disappeared.  Given the intensity of them for her, she was happy as a freaking clam about it.  I had another lady-friend who had a similar problem.  Her periods were so intense that she would be almost debilitated with cramps.  She started taking birth control for reasons totally outside sex.  And it worked.  Last I heard, she was a happy camper.

The taboo is strong enough that a dude once broke up with me because a surprise period started while we were having sex and the sight of it shattered some pornified illusion he had of women as messless pleasure pillows.

Okay, bullshit.  Read more of the article and you’ll see that this woman is clearly a mental case.  A bloody Section 8, if I do say so myself.  I don’t believe for a moment that he broke up with her because of period blood.  However, let’s take her ridiculous canard at face value.  Let’s pretend that she was dumped because of the fact that she had period blood leak out during sex.  That’s just a sign that he is a scummy guy.  It has no bearing on men or society in general.  You’re taking this one example (whose validity is HIGHLY suspect) and applying it to all men.  Not only is that unfair, but it’s downright stupid.

The active ingredient in period stigma is misogyny.

Here’s where I am going to have me a little rant.  It’s one that I’ve wanted to have for a long time, but now I am able to really flush it out because of this one stupid woman and her stupid article.  Guess you could say that I’m about to do some “mansplaining.”  Yeah, and she has been doing womanplaining (a portmanteau of woman and complain) for an entire article, so let’s deflate that a bit.

The ONLY people that I hear perpetuating this idea that there is some huge hatred of women is feminists and SJWs.  In the First World, anyway.  I am the first to talk about how there is REAL hatred of women in places like the Middle East.  Oh, right, we can’t talk about that.  Because anytime someone says thing one that doesn’t kiss Islam’s ass, we’re labeled racists.  I did a post about an incredibly brave Saudi woman who went on the news and told the truth about how violent and sexist Islam is.  I still think that that woman is one of the bravest people I have ever seen.  She’s risking her life to speak the truth.  These SJWs are getting “PTSD” from Twitter.  The poor things.

These people’s idea of hatred of women is to look at the Comments section of a YouTube video and pretend that that is somehow indicative of all of society.  Meanwhile, people who actually know something about the world know that YouTube comments are cancer.  There’s a reason that I never read the comments of my own videos.  I let people post whatever they want.  I just don’t read it.  Why?  Because between Godwin’s Law and the endless series of trolls there are online, it’s a waste of time.  Sure, some comments are insightful.  But why slog through it if you don’t have to?  These people’s idea of hatred of women is mean things being said on the Internet.  And to take whatever bullshit, non-issue that they can find in the news and blow it up to epic proportions.

Like how Matt Damon said in a recent episode of Project Greenlight that the person chosen to direct a movie should be chosen based on their merit and not their racial biases.  That seems like a reasonable thing, doesn’t it?  Meanwhile, SJW rags like the Huffington Post and The Young Turks all went to bat with the comments about how he’s sexist and racist and all sorts of other things.  Not one time arguing against his position.  Because why do that when the personal attacks are much easier?

I am getting so sick and fucking tired of this idea that men in the First World absolutely hate women and treat them all like dirt, when the truth is that men in this country practically worship the ground that most women walk on.  Women have pick of the litter with men, and we have news outlets complaining that not enough men are going to college so that college women don’t have to lower their standards when they are the majority in college and the pickings of well-educated men are getting slimmer all the time.  It amazes me how conceited these people are.  I guarantee you that if I put some of these women in the Middle East for a few months and then brought them back, they would tell me all about how life here is better for women than they ever took credit for.

As for you, Lindy West, you’re an idiot, crazy, and morbidly obese.  Two of those things can be cured.  Take your pick.  And for those who say that that is misogynistic of me, notice that I didn’t talk about her gender ONCE in my list of her problems.

Until next time, a quote,

“Women in the United States and Western Europe are the freest and most liberated in history.  And in many ways, they aren’t merely doing as well as men.  They’re doing better.”  – Christian Hoff Sommers

Peace out,



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