Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: Rape Claims Shouldn’t Automatically Be Believed

I can already hear people who are immediately about to come down and say that I hate women or whatever else.  But for those of you who actually want to read further, I mean to talk about why I believe that not only should rape claims not automatically be believed, but that they should be seriously investigated.  There’s a reason for this – because the public at large automatically believes these claims, and it’s made for some incredible public cases about women who have been shown to bald-face lie about being raped.  However, certain people would have you believe that such things are rare, to the point of never happening at all.  People like this asshole with a gender that I couldn’t immediately discern, but have been informed of later.  It’s a guy.

Alright, so cross-dressing dude would have you believe that “people” (and this is a term that is so damn nebulous that I legitimately have NO idea who he’s actually talking to here) automatically just assume that women who claim that they are raped are lying.  I find this really interesting, because let’s look at three cases of rape that were proven to be dead false from first to last and see how much people believed that the girls who made the false allegations were lying.

The first is Emma Sulkowicz.  You know, the girl who was carrying her mattress around?  There were articles and news pieces and all sorts of shit talking about how she was fighting for women who are victims of sexual violence.  Hell, she even got people to actually carry the mattress for her.  No joke.  Neat fact – when those people got in trouble for doing that, Emma left them to suffer the consequences while she got off scott-free.  Real winner, that one.  However, it was later found out that not only did she fabricate almost all of what happened to her, but she even tried to get with the guy she claimed raped her again.  Oh, and after all of it was debunked, she made a video that is pretty much straight-up porn where she had some other guy fuck her in a way that was supposed to be in the same way she was raped.  I don’t have a bullshit fetish, so I didn’t watch that little tidbit.  When that guy came after Sulkowicz for ruining his life in that college, she actually had the balls to say that she didn’t understand why he was so bothered by her false allegation.  The whole time, she had supporters saying that she was innocent and that he was guilty.

Next up, let’s look at the case of the Duke lacrosse players.  In that instance, a stripper named Crystal Mangum falsely accused several players of the Duke lacrosse team that she was the victim of sexual violence.  The entire time through that trial, there were huge demonstrations demanding that the boys come out and confess.  Hipster fucks were banging pots and pans and yelling on megaphones demanding that they confess to the crime that it was later found out they were totally innocent of.  Not only was Crystal’s story found out to be a complete fabrication, but the prosecutor, Mike Nyfong, was found guilty of pushing her to point out members of the Duke lacrosse team.  Where was all the skepticism there?  But I guess some justice did happen.  The prosecutor in that case was disbarred.  His career in law is ruined for the rest of his life.  Too bad that the law decided not to punish Ms. Mangum for what was a blatant false report violation.  But whatever.  Just one of those little things that happens where a woman does something wrong and gets off without a scratch.

Let’s turn our attention to the biggest incident of a woman crying rape and being found out to be completely full of shit – the UVA rape hoax.  In that instance, Rolling Stone magazine published an article where an unknown girl called “Jackie” stated that she was taken to the Phi Kappa Psi frat party by a date that she had that night.  They went upstairs, when she was then taken and forcibly sexually assaulted by multiple people (who continued to grow each time the story was told.  Funny how that works).  The entire media, from MSNBC down to Democracy Now and SJW rags like The Young Turks took this article as gospel without the slightest hint of skepticism.  I wish that Ana Kasparian would leave that bullshit “news” outlet.  She’s the only one there who has any credibility with me anymore.  Thankfully, people at The Washington Post were able to see through the absolute bullshit “reporting” that the writer of the article (Sabrina Rubin Erdely) and did some fact-finding of their own.  Turns out, there were discrepancies in “Jackie’s” story.  They published an article of their own, and a huge backlash came out from the people who whole-heartedly believed “Jackie” without the slightest hint of skepticism.  There was the hashtag #IStandWithJackie that was making the rounds.  Wonder if that’s still a thing anymore.  Probably not.  Hipsters are a fickle bunch.

Throughout that entire debacle, the administration of UVA, and the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity were lambasted, harassed, and in the case of the fraternity, defaced.  When the police finally did their own investigation, it was found that Jackie’s story was so full of shit that it was in question whether or not the boy she claimed had asked her out on a date that night even existed.  Naturally, “Jackie” has not been charged with filing a false report.  Of course not.  She’s a girl, after all.  Women clearly have the law so much on their side in this country (can’t wait to see who’s the first one to say that I’m an MRA for pointing that out).  However, Phi Kappa Psi, and several people in the administration at UVA are suing Rolling Stone.  The fraternity is asking for $25 million dollars in damages, both for what was done to their frat house, and also for defamation.  So again, justice might happen there.  At the very least, Sabrina Rubin Erdely is never going to have another successful job in her life thanks to this bonkers shit.  She has no one to blame but herself.  She’s a hack “reporter” with a chip on her shoulder.

Through all of the three examples I just gave, the public at large was completely supporting the girl’s claims that they were raped.  The only skepticism was taken by the SJWs to mean that everyone believes that rape is a lie.  Yeah, except for all the poeple online and at the universities and others who had demonstrations in solidarity with these people.  But I guess they don’t count.  In SJW Land, when someone agrees with you, it’s better to ignore them.  Focus on the negatives.  It’s easier that way.

This cross-dressing asshole would have us believe that false rape allegations are so rare that they border on non-existence.  He sites the same statistic Laci Green did, and both stats are shown to be flawed.  Justin would have us believe that because the false reports are supposedly so low, that means that it’s better to just believe people. I’m about to get very mean, so if that bothers you it might be best if you read something else.  Hey Justin, you stupid faggot, the numbers aren’t the thing that matters here.  What your uniquely-dense ass fails to understand is the fact that these numbers mean that false rape allegations happen.  If we’re going to say that women are people (because I do believe they are), and that people suck (which they do), then does it not behoove you to acknowledge that women are just as capable of lying as men?  Of course not.  Women are perfect creatures of light and wonder, so naturally they are immune from the forces that make people suck.  It’s only MEN who are that way, right?

My contention in this, for people like Justin – I believe that rape should not automatically be believed.  Nor should it be disbelieved.  What should happen is that instead of taking it to some university tribunal or the court of public discourse, what should happen is that they take it to law enforcement.  Then, they can do a very thorough investigation of the allegation.  If there is enough evidence to arrest the suspect, then they can do that.  Then, it goes to a court of law and both sides are heard.  I can already hear people about to come in and be like, “but Lucien, rape cases are often found not to be in the favor of the victim!”  Yeah, rape is a very hard crime to prosecute.  There’s a reason for that – more often than not, it comes down to he-said she-said.  There is often little or no physical evidence to be found.  But any girl can claim to be raped in a university and because they often never go to the police, instead to some internal Star Chamber style affair, it can ruin a student’s life..  It’s why it’s so important for guys not to stick their dick in crazy.  Or Justin.  I’m assuming that if he dresses that way, he wants cock up the ass.  Just putting that out there.

However, if you really believe what our sexually-confused Justin has to say, then it all boils down to the – guilty until proven innocent.  But even if you are proven innocent in a court of law, you’re still guilty because the law isn’t enough.  That’s what this idiot honestly believes.  This is beyond Orwellian in how fascist it is.  It’s downright Nazi.  This guy is basically saying that all of those accused are guilty and no amount of proof to the contrary makes them innocent.  What’s more, if you don’t believe that they are guilty, then you are also guilty.  Albeit of a different crime.  I genuinely think this man is one of the most evil people ever.  And like all the evil people who follow the SJW mindset, it’s cloaked in an idea that he’s doing good.  Ruminate on that.

The moral of the story is – let’s not just believe a victim because they say so.  Instead, let’s have them take this to the police, who can do an investigation and the rule of law can prevail.  Maybe, if we had done that in the first place, the lives of the Duke lacrosse players, and the members of the Phi Kappa Psi house wouldn’t be ruined.  Or hey, what about the guy who was falsely convicted of rape.  And by the time he was found to be not guilty, his mother had committed suicide because she believed her son to be a rapist.  there’s a thought.

Until next time, a quote,

“I could go to any cop in LA and tell them that some guy raped me and he’d be spending the night in jail.”  – Mercedes Carrera, The Drunken Peasants Podcast

Peace out,



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