My Endless Dark Battle

I see you, standing there
Armor shining black, teeth bared
It’s not a snarl, but a smile
You’re hoping to hear my denial
Because all you want is me dead

It’s a strange thing to want
An insane desire
Like a window meant to look inside
A wish of insanity and destruction
Maybe because it’s all you can have

The battle’s raged on
Forever changing, never gone
Over years of weakness
But our blades clanging in this bleakness
Why do we do this to each other?

I know that I won’t be rid of you
Nothing can change that now
It’s been too long
We’ve been fighting like this
What is left of us now?

But I will continue to be here
You can’t let me get far, only near
For if I stray too far, you pull me back
To strike your armor, all in black
I want to kill you so much

I won’t
I can’t
We need each other now
Without you, who am I?
Perhaps too afraid to know

Our endless battle
The clanging blades and chains that rattle
My eternal foe
Nowhere else to go
My depression is my life now

Peace out,



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