Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: Trendy Trans People

I did a post recently responding to a 17 year old shit-stain named Milo Stewart and her video where she makes a statement that all cis people are transphobic, all men are misogynistic, and all white people are racist.  She goes out of her way to say that these statements are not insulting (yes they are) and that they aren’t generalizations (yes they fucking are!) and how I found that more than a little insulting.  Milo then goes on to list all the horrifically-terrible qualities about herself that make her a genuinely terrible person.  But that wasn’t the thing that annoyed me most.  The thing that annoyed me is this idea that some 17 year old punk has the balls to make some kind of declarative statements about humanity when this little puke-spot hasn’t done shit.  She hasn’t gone out into the world and done shit.  All of her ideological positions come from the Internet.  She’s a parrot to the things that she hears online.  Oh, and she gets her viewpoints from a black woman who says that black people are unambitious losers and the most effeminate black nationalist I have ever seen.

But when I did a little digging into Milo and what she actually believes, some things became abundantly clear.  For example, while she identifies as trans, she has stated that she has no intentions of pursuing anything in the realm of sexual transition.  Okay, that could just be a personal choice.  I dated a girl whose gender identity was rather fluid, but that was tied in to some biological problems she had associated with a shit-kicking list of problems she had at birth that had her in medical hell for years growing up.  I get why she would have some issues.  Milo, on the other hand, is far more typical than she wants to believe.

She has openly stated that she does not like anything masculine.  At all.  Yet she demands that she go by male pronouns.  I refuse to, but that’s because I don’t respect this little prick enough to give her the respect for that designation.  The girl is obsessed with gay men, which isn’t that surprising.  If you look at the prevalence of yaoi art among girls her age, her obsession with gay men is actually pretty normal.  She’s a “non-binary, trans, asexual, aromantic q*eer who doesn’t care about your cisgendered feelings.”  Did you catch that laundry list of stuff?  Yet she is obsessed with gay men.  Something is a little off.  I’m getting this sneaking suspicion, and when I look at sites like Tumblr, it is becoming more and more clear to me that what I am seeing in her isn’t an isolated incident.

Milo Stewart is part of a group of people that I like to call “trans because it’s trendy.”  Just like these otherkin people with their headmates, conditions, and autism.  It’s cool to be these things.  You want to be all the stuff.  Because after all, if you are this laundry list of stuff, then you aren’t some lonely, typical teenager.  You’re special!  You’re unique!  Just like all the other people who you got to meet and hear all about their unique things on Tumblr!  That’s amazing!

Let me make something very clear – I am NOT saying that this is all trans people.  I am fully supportive of people who have put a ton of thought into this and are working to transition or find out their gender identity.  But those people aren’t the kind of people that I find on these websites.  My ex was as “gender-fluid” as it comes, and I guarantee that she would want to bitch-slap the likes of Milo Stewart for being the stuck-up narcissist that she is.  The reality is that people like Milo are giving the trans community a bad name.  Because to them, these sentiments are just a tagline.  They’re just a Tumblr “About” blurb.  They are a way to make themselves look special.

Internet Aristocrat made a great series of video about these kinds of people.  Go on YouTube and type in “Internet Aristocrat Tumblrisms.”  The stuff you’ll see will blow your mind.  And the problem is that we have these people, these “trans because it’s trendy” people who are doing real harm to a community who is probably just looking to be left alone and allowed to live their own lives, without having these people holding them up like a prop.  Just like the otherkin and headmates communities are doing harm to people who are schizo and need mental help by telling them that they are that way too.

One of the reasons that I say this is because, if you go through Milo’s old videos, it becomes abundantly clear that the person that she’s really trying to convince about how she feels is herself.  Not us. This girl is so desperate to believe what she says, and it’s kind of sad because you realize that the reason there is this self-loathing within her is because of this cognitive dissonance.  It’s okay to be androgynous, Milo.  It’s okay to be quirky.  It doesn’t have to be some crazy thing.  It can just be you doing you.  But that’s not what you want to hear.

I know this opinion will not be met with a lot of love.  I understand.  I don’t mod comments.  If you want to come in and bitch me out, you’re free to do so.  But I have seen through the veil on this issue, and it’s time that we called people like Milo Stewart out for what she is – a stupid, ignorant little Tumblrite who has to make sure we all know how special she is.  Kid, you’re 17 years old.  It’s time for you to grow up.  I know, it’s hard.  Groj knows, Tumblr is doing everything in its power to make sure that people can crawl into a little nostalgia bubble and live there forever.  But your ignorance about the way the world works is more than a little insulting.

For more information, here’s a link to a video where someone far less nice than I decided to go after her.  It’s a good watch.

Until next time, a quote,

It is my belief that we all have the need to feel special. It is this need that can bring out the best in us, yet the worst in us.” – Janet Jackson

Peace out,



2 thoughts on “Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: Trendy Trans People

  1. Agreed on all points regarding this obnoxious little twat.

    One thing I would like to ask though: what do you believe to be the rationale behind women’s (it’s not just the dumb kids, though they’re certainly the most prevalent on Tumblr) fascination with slash / yaoi?

    As a woman myself (mid-twenties), I never truly understood it. What confuses me more is that it is often favoured by individuals who would label themselves as progressive and feminist, and yet these same individuals display no qualms with diminishing if not outright erasing the significance of female characters in the canonical works in favour of their slash pairing. I may not be a feminist (wholly egalitarian), and even so, I find this mindset to teeter upon misogyny at some unconscious level.

    • Man, don’t ask me why the females are into stuff that they are. I couldn’t tell you if I knew. The mind of the female is a labyrinth that I gave up trying to navigate.

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