You’re Crying Over Dead, Fictional Lesbians?! (A response to Buzzfeed)

I won’t deny that I tend to get very invested in characters in a piece of fiction that I like.  I was tearing up at the end of the opening scene of The Last of Us.  Thankfully, the characters I like best are still alive in Game of Thrones.  But the thing that never leaves my mind is the fact that these are fictional characters.  They aren’t REAL.  At no point did this character ever exist in real life.  I may feel very profoundly bummed when Legion gives his life to give intelligence to his people in Mass Effect 3, but at no time do I think that there is a real geth that is designated Legion and helping Commander Shepard save the galaxy.  That did not happen.

So you can imagine my unbelievable shock as I saw a video by Buzzfeed where you have women honest-to-Groj losing their shit about dead, fictional lesbians.  Listening to this video was the most bat-shit crazy thing I have seen in a LONG time.  And now we get to watch it together!  And then talk about it.  Because it needs to be talked about.

They open this video by making it look like these are women talking about real dead girlfriends.  For a few seconds, you actually feel pretty bad.  Like, are we going to hear about how these women lost someone they loved?  That’s kind of sad.  Worth talking about, I guess.  Is there a connection?  Like cancer or hate crimes or something?  And that’s when I realized that I hadn’t read the title close enough.  Yes, I’m dumb.  So sue me.

Why are these women so in love with these characters?  You listen to them describe them, and you’d think that they found their lesbian soul mate.  Does that not rub you as a little bit creepy?  Like crazy cat lady creepy?  Like this woman sits by her TV and waits whenever a new episode isn’t on?  How is this supposed to be something that people look up to?  This is genuinely disturbing.  Then you have the second person who apparently idolized some fictional character.  Fucking bonkers!  Where do they find these sad, lonely women who are apparently so bad at connecting with real people that they have romantic attachments to fictional ones?  Oh, wait, these people are in a BuzzFeed video.  Of course they’re sad and pathetic.

Does BuzzFeed actually believe that all young lesbians have romantic attachments to a TV character?  Do they believe that these women are as lonely and detached from the human condition as they are?  I hope not, because this is just crazy!  By the way, the whole concept of “Dead Lesbian Syndrome” is bullshit.  It’s bullshit that idiots who over-analyze fictional stuff made up in order to justify their sad, lonely lives that can’t find human connection to save them.  Have a lot of chicks died on TV?  Sure.  But so have a lot of dudes.  One of my favorite fictional characters of all time was gay, and he took a bullet in the head.  Hell, the show even made his death uncathartic by making it so that he was just an anonymous corpse that was marked and disposed of.  How’s that for unpleasant.

We then have a montage of all these women holding up signs of dead lesbian characters that they apparently were emotionally devastated by.  I honestly don’t know who these signs are more insulting towards.  Women?  Does it make women look like emotional wrecks who can’t handle a fictional character dying?  Maybe.  Lesbians?  Is the implication that lesbian women are so pathetic that they can’t handle a fictional character who is also a lesbian dying?  Maybe.  This is so fucking nuts!  I honestly wonder where they find people like this.  Sad, lonely individuals (situation) to hold up signs and look on the verge of tears to talk about this.  It’s insane.

But the thing that really blows my mind is the fact that they are treating this like it is some kind of national crime!  How?!  It’s fiction!  They aren’t real!  Go out and make real lesbian friends!  Find a girl who you love and have that connection a real person!  If we have reached a point where the death of a fictional character can get a video that is in black-and-white and has the sad music and makes it sound like we are doing some Sarah MacLaughlin pet adoption video, then I can’t help but think that lesbian women should feel more than a little insulted.  This is how pathetic BuzzFeed thinks you are.

As someone else pointed out in a video response to this bat-shit craziness, when writers see SJW butthurt videos like this, do you think they will be compelled to have lesbian characters who don’t die?  No, they won’t.  They will be compelled not to have lesbian characters at all, because they won’t want to be the next group of people targeted by the virtue-signalling, lonely retard squad.  Let us all thank the SJWs for helping to make TV worse, a little bit at a time.

Insulted, yet?

Until next time, a quote,

“Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage.  The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.”  – William Ellery Channing

Peace out,



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