Don’t Make Assumptions About Me (A response to Milo Stewart)

Something I hate – when people make assumptions about me without having met me or having interacted with me in any way.  Now, I get that that is something that pretty much all people do.  But there’s a reason that we keep those thoughts internal.  We don’t know the person, so we assume, and then walk away.  I see some woman at the store who is utterly unable to control her spoiled child, and I assume that she isn’t disciplining her kid enough.  I might be right.  I might be wrong.  But at the end of the day, I don’t go up to her and tell her my assumption because there is the acknowledgement in the back of my mind that I don’t really know who she is.  Not to mention, I don’t really care about her anyway. It’s her child I take umbrage with.  And not really for that long.  It will just be for the length of my time within earshot.  At which point I will go and pay for my purchases and then go home.

This brings us to today’s SJW, who decided that not only is she (or he.  I don’t know what their chosen identity is, so I’m just going to assume based on what I can see) going to assume what I think about her and hers, but also assume that I outright hate them.  Yeah, that is more than a little insulting.  I’ll post a link to her video.  If you are able to get through that without smacking your head into something, I’ll be impressed.  Watch it, then we’ll talk about it.

First, Milo, at what point did I believe that trans people aren’t people?  It’s not even 15 seconds into your video, and you are making assumptions about how I think.  This is already insulting, but we are just getting started.  I have always believed that they are people.  Like pretty much all the people I know, I don’t give two fucks about them.  I live my life.  They live theirs.  I don’t bring my problems to them and vice-versa.  Can we please stop assuming that I am some bigot before you even get started?

I also don’t need you (a child who has spent all of her what, 17 years on this Earth?) telling me how best to support people.  Since I don’t really give too much of a shit about the people outside of those that I know and care about, my support of individuals comes down to a personal thing.  If I met a person who openly identified as trans and grew to like them beyond knowing their name, I would be more active.  I don’t.  Do I support their right to same-sex bathrooms?  Sure, why not?  I don’t give a fuck.  Use whatever bathroom you want.  I don’t actually care about issues as banal as these.  A telling thing about modern social justice battles is that they feel less like some big culture war and more like clean-up.  That’s because they are.  With gay marriage now being legal nationwide, the last major battle for equality is over.  Issues like a bathroom are just the leftovers to deal with.  But the SJWs want to pretend like they are going to get hit with a fire-hose for that.  It’s ridiculous.

But the thing that really pisses me off is what you say next.

“All cis people are transphobic.  Just as all men hold misogynistic views.  And all white people are racist.

Listen here, you ignorant little fuck, I don’t like it when people who don’t know me make assumptions about stuff like this.  I am not transphobic.  I don’t give two fucks about you.  That’s equality.  Equality is when I don’t care about you any more than I do about anyone else that I don’t know.  And I don’t hate women.  That’s what misogyny is, you presumptive punk.  It’s hatred of women.  I don’t hate women.  Find some evidence that I hate women.  I have defended all kinds of women from the harassment of your kind (SJWs).  Pretty much all of my friends now are are women (my own gender and I don’t get along.  What can I say, sports and junk like that bore me.  And hipsters are the plague.  Another thing about you, kiddo).  Ask any of the women in my life how much I hate them or treat them poorly because they are women.  You can suck a dick.  And I’m racist?  Screw you!  Ask my cousin who is black how many times I treated him poorly because of the fact that he’s black.  I do have a problem with him, but it has nothing to do with his race.  It comes from him being a money-grubbing prick who stabs family in the back.  That’s something I cannot abide.  If you are going to make assumptions about me and my way of interpreting the world, then you better know me.  Because from where I’m sitting, you are another high and mighty kid who thinks that you know everything about the world.  When the reality is that you don’t know shit.  Little bitch.  Where did you get these views, anyway?

Oh, that’s right, you state outright that you suffer from “internalized transphobia.”  In other words, you hate yourself.  How is that on me?  How is that on anyone else?  That’s not my problem.  I’m not responsible for you hating yourself.  That’s on you, sport.  All the way.  How you see yourself is entirely your responsibility.  And this is coming from someone who has severe self-loathing issues.  If you want to assume that you are bad and wrong, you do that.  But don’t blame the rest of society for this problem.  It’s on your shoulders.  My advice – deal with it.  Go outside the SJW hug-box and actually get real help from a real professional.  Not Tumblr or Twitter.  I get how it feels to not like yourself.  However, I cannot abide it when you say the rest of the world is to blame, and I wonder how often you see someone to get help.  You look to be upper-middle class.  I’m sure your parents have insurance.  Go to someone you can talk to.  It will help.  Trust me.

Another thing, kiddo – people finding you attractive is subjective.  I refuse to believe that you find all people equally attractive.  I am sure that you have your preferences.  Nobody finds all people attractive.  As a guy who is into both men and women, I can say that aside from the fact that you are a kid, you aren’t bad-looking.  Your fears about nobody finding you attractive stem from your self-loathing.  You really need to work on that.  Because this kind of thing can only damage you in the long run.  You’ll get into these relationships where you are completely dependent on that person.  You will constantly need them to tell you about how beautiful you are.  You will smother the person in your neediness until you eventually have them leave you to escape.  It will be a painful experience, for you and for them.  That’s not healthy.  Once you can look past how much you don’t like yourself, then you can find a positive relationship that can be both give and take.  Sure, it won’t be the first relationship you have.  In this day and age, you get to have several relationships.  You’ll get your heart broken a few times.  But if you get help and are able to ditch this negative mentality that you subscribe to, take my word for it, you’ll feel better.  I actually want to help, because I know the emotions you have in your head, and I know how unhealthy they can be.  But there is a way out.  I can show it to you.

But I guess that you won’t trust me, though.  Because as you said, if I tell you that I am not transphobic, then you know not to trust me.  That’s another part of the problem.  You are deliberately looking to wall yourself off from people.  I have told you about how I understand the problems you have.  I have told you that I want to help.  I’m not trying to be mean for the sake of it.  Sure, I was a little insulting earlier, but that’s because you were being a dick about your assumptions.  Still, the mentality you are subscribing to is toxic.  So is the crowd you are affiliating yourself with.  I really want you to get out of that.  Because the truth is that those people have a bad habit of turning on their own the minute that someone says something they don’t like.  It’s an ugly reality that I don’t want you to have to be a part of.

One last fact about me – I dated a trans person.  She had a gender that swung depending on what day you caught her, but the reality is that she would go from one gender to another rather seamlessly.  I kind of liked that about her.  She was gorgeous when she was girly.  He was gorgeous when he was being masculine.  I miss her every day.  But that story went the way it did, and now it’s too late.  If you want to judge me for not feeling that I don’t like trans people, how’s about you take a closer look at the person I am.  You’d be amazed what that can do for other people.

What’s more, like those who have already escaped the SJW clutches, there is a community of people that will be there for you.  If you ever choose to ditch these assumptions and maybe give people like myself a chance to be a friend and true ally to you, then feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Tumblr.  Go to my About page, and you’ll find all links.  Here’s hoping I’ll get to hear from you soon.

Until next time, a quote,

“Taking the time to build community, to get to know your people will have life-long benefits.”  -Clifton Taulbert


2 thoughts on “Don’t Make Assumptions About Me (A response to Milo Stewart)

  1. I think this video and user responded fairly this Milo Stewart. I honestly can not believe anyone could be that naive to believe the crap spewing from Milos mouth. Or even believe what they’re saying. If you could ever get cancer from watching a video this would be one.

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