Lucien’s Review: Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo

Evangelion 3.33A film that has been delayed, over, and over, and over, and over again.  A movie that follows up on one of my favorite films of all time.  A film that had so much potential going forward.  And…it’s boring.  It’s a boring, boring movie.  It’s boring, and kind of spits in the face of its own continuity.  I mean, how on Earth did this happen?  With all the potential in the source material, how did we end up with this ridiculousness?  There were so many plot holes.  There were so many things that came right out of somebody’s ass.  It was a complete mess.  But the ironic thing is that it isn’t a bad movie.  It’s just inordinately dull.

As I said, it follows on the heels of the last film.  The plot goes that it’s been 14 years since the events of the previous film.  Though not one of the characters has aged.  Like, at all.  Other than them telling you so, not one of the characters looks or sounds a day older than what they were last time.  Since this film never took the time out to develop things, we never had a reason to care.  It ties in to some of the bigger problems with this film.

Anyway, 14 years after the last incident, Shinji is recovered by Asuka and the secretive pilot whose back-story we already didn’t know.  He’s on-board a special warship that is fighting against NERV…for reasons unknown.  NERV apparently has found a way to harness Angels, and make them fight for them.  For reasons unknown.  Now, NERV is after Shinji, because there is one final plan that will somehow remake the world.  For reasons unknown.  Are you seeing a pattern here.

I’m not about to pretend like the series that preceded this film was perfect.  Far from it.  The later on in the series they got, the less the quality became.  But the plot still made some sense.  There was even a disjointed episode where we got the back-story on Second Impact.  It was due to mankind screwing around with forces we couldn’t control, and it literally blowing up in our face.  Derp.  This film has basically ret-conned that entire continuity and replaced it with some incomprehensible nonsense about a group called Wille (the dumbest name for an organization ever) who is fighting against NERV.

Which brings us to the plotholes.  There are so many!  Where is Kaji?  They don’t even address that.  What happened after Third Impact?  It’s implied that life on Earth pretty much died.  Any chance we could have seen that?  Like maybe a flashback?  I vaguely recall and earlier ad for this film where you saw a bunch of Rei clones on a ship, talking with Asuka or the other girl.  What happened to that scene?  What happened to a lot of this film?  I can’t help but feel like a lot was cut out for the purpose of saving time.  Why do that?  What was the deal with Shinji?  They half-explain that his body was broken down and remade inside Unit 01.  But how did they get him out?  What happened to Rei?

All of this would be a little annoying, if it wasn’t for one thing – this movie is BORING!  Things happen, but since there is no connection to anything or a reason to care, you are sitting there looking at your watch and wondering why you are still watching this.  I waited for years for this movie.  The previous film is one of my favorite anime films of all time.  But this was the most ho-hum sequel I have ever seen.  Maybe it comes from the fact that they tried to set up this bullshit new canon, and it blows up in the film’s face.  I would have liked it if maybe they could have stuck with the original canon more.  Like, maybe we could have seen something like in the series when Asuka’s past it ripped open by an Angel.  Or maybe that heart-wrenching scene where Rei sacrifices herself to save Shinji.  They took so much away from this series for this film.  The result is that it’s boring.  Really, really fucking boring.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Final Verdict
5 out of 10

Peace out,



One thought on “Lucien’s Review: Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo

  1. “It’s boring, and kind of spits in the face of its own continuity. I mean, how on Earth did this happen?”

    The simple answer is ‘it’s Evangelion’.

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