Lucien’s First Take: I’m Not Ashamed Trailer

I have no problem with stupid, terrible Christian propaganda films.  I can’t wait to see the God’s Not Dead 2, (when it…comes out.  I’m not paying for that shit), because it is guaranteed to be a megatarded mess of hilarious happiness.  We live in a world where the religious in this country get so butthurt, and that’s fine.  Their butthurt gives me plenty of stuff to make fun of.  The last few years have given us a bumper-crop of bad christian movies that are so much fun to make sport of.  But you know something these movies didn’t do – take a piece of history and then use it to sell their ideological bullshit.  Why?  Because doing that would be morally disgusting, and anyone who does should feel ashamed of themselves.  All that changed today, with a little movie that decided – let’s make sport of the Columbine Massacre!  Ready your assholes, people.  It’s coming in dry.

Let’s set aside the bad cinematography.  Let’s set aside the “acting.”  Let’s set aside the fact that this movie has no reason to exist.  This movie is taking a real event and making it about religious propaganda.  I notice that there was none of that “based on a true story” stuff.  So is any of this true?  Is this bullshit story about Rachel and just how amazing she is.  Because JESUS!  JESUS IS GREAT!  What a film for ‘Murica.

It doesn’t help that the dialogue in this film is so bad and the people delivering it are such terrible actors.  This whole movie is about a girl who is super-faithful and whatnot, which is supposed to somehow send the religious a message about how they need to stand up and be proud of their faith.  Yes, in a country where 75-80% are Christian, I’m sure that people are SO ashamed of being open about their faith.

This is what pisses me off about this movie.  Fuck that it is spitting on history.  Fuck that it’s clear a bad movie.  But it is taking a real event that got real people killed and using it to sell the narrative that Christians are so unable to be open about their faith in public.  Hey, families of the dead victims, are you cool with having your children’s memories being used as a prop to sell a narrative?  Yeah, because you religious people are SO shamed.  Every politician kisses your ass.  You have a crap-ton of radio hosts and a whole “news” network dedicated to sucking you off.  Ironically, all of those people involved say that they are so marginalized.  Because they’re stupid, in case you didn’t know.

Man, fuck this movie.  Fuck it up its self-righteous asshole.  This is fucking disgusting.  Hey, makers of this movie, you are using the dead as a prop to sell a narrative.  Guess the question “what would Jesus do” never came to mind.  Disgusting.

Initial Verdict
2 out of 10

Peace out,



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