Feminist Advocates for Male Genocide

There was a video by Shoe0nHead where she talked about a video done by the Huffington Post which was talking about how feminism in no way is about hating men.  Shoe was annoyed because of the fact that the vast majority of feminist videos on YouTube were about damage control.  See, third-wave feminism doesn’t want to be seen as hating men.  But Shoe made a good point – if you put yourself in a box, and that box has shit spewing out of the bottom, then you are a part of that shit.  Do what you can to avoid it, but it’s the box you put yourself in, and there’s shit spewing out.  That’s just how it is.  That’s third-wave feminism.  They go from talking about how they don’t hate men, while desperately trying to downplay how unbelievably-vocal the hatred of men and manhood is within their movement.  Whether it be the mainstream view or the shit spewing out the bottom of their box, it’s there and they don’t want to take responsibility for it.

Which lead me to a comment on a video by Mr. Potatohead himself – Kevin Logan.  This video is where a feminist makes her hatred of men VERY clear.  Let’s take a look at the shit spewing out of the bottom of the box of modern feminism, and see how many of them take the No True Scotsman approach to dealing with it in my Comments section (I don’t mod comments.  Have fun.  Go mad).

Women will have to learn, carrying and bringing males into this world is a waste of their valuable time.

Because women can totally choose which gender offspring they have.  This person clearly doesn’t biology much.

Declaring War on the female is the males default position and the male believes the female only reason for existing is so he can continually sexually abuse and degrade her, so he can feel better about himself. She is far as he is concerned is nothing more than a punch bag to release his tension out on!

And your proof of this is…what, exactly?  Because I totally just want to abuse all the women in my life.  I can’t tell you the amount of times I beat up my ex.  She was black and blue all the time!  Oh, wait, that’s bullshit!  Sure, I was rough with her sometimes, but only when she asked for it.  This idea that all us men want is to brutalize women is so ridiculous.  Yeah, because my father beat my mother ALL the time, right?  Not once.  He has never struck her out of anger in my entire life.  I have never struck a woman out of anger in my entire life.  Well, okay, me and my sister fought growing up, but that was sibling shit.  And by the way, for a large portion of my childhood, because she was four years older than me, she was the aggressor.

I haven’t declared war on anyone.  Nor has any male that I know.  Who are all these men who are basically trotting out like the SS and telling women to get in the concentration camps?  Hell, sexual violence in the First World is at the lowest its ever been.  This is stupid.

and that is why you are all on here, you are all merely rapists agreeing with each other, and trying to determine the best way forward to retain that status quo!

Oh, you got me!  Why, I had two wonderful rapes last night!  That’s totally what all us men do, and is in no way an insulting stereotype.

You are quite right, men are far too criminal for them to ever change or even want to ..

Citation, please.

With automation in full swing the need for men in this world will become less and less and we know idle hands are the cause for nothing but trouble and men are very good at creating that!

Yes, because women have never done anything evil throughout all of history.  Oh, right, except for people like Elizabeth Bathory, who bathed in the blood of female virgin girls to retain her youth.  So there’s that.

The more men in this world, the more trouble especially for women who will automatically be their targets from the very start.

Citation, please.

The message coming from the internet is loud and clear, men want to abuse and degrade women at every possible chance they can get!

That’s your proof?!  Internet comments sections?  Well no shit, Sherlock!  Go on to any YouTube videos with an eff-ton of views and go through the comments and you’ll be praying for a hostile invasion of an alien species.  No fucking shit!  Here’s an idea – get off the Internet for a while and actually learn things.  You’d be amazed what it can do.

This message will not fall on deaf ears one feels and women will have to decide in the very near future whether carrying males into this world is a worth while thing and what purpose would it even serve! because it won’t be doing the female gender any favours anywhere at all!

Hey ladies, are you having a baby?  Is that baby a male?  Is it developed enough for you to be able to tell via ultrasound what it is?  Well then, time for your abortion!  What’s that?  You’ve been trying for years to get pregnant and this might be your last chance?  Well too bad, lady!  You’re in feminist utopia now.  And here, carrying a boy to term is evil!  But what do we do with all the men who are already here?  Don’t you worry.  Our genocidal maniac of the day has figured it all out.

How do we stop men abusing and degrading women? that’s easy, women will eliminate men!

Genocide, of course!  We’ll genocide the living shit out of men!  Hell, some of them will volunteer.  Like Arthur Chu, who is so pathetic that he Tweeted that he wished he could go hand-in-hand with every single member of his gender off a cliff.  This lady has got you covered, Arthur!  Maybe they can make it easy and just shoot you in the head.  No need to waste bullets, right?  What’s that?  This sounds like some insane communist purge?  Screw that!  It’s feminism!  That’s right, third-wave feminism!

Because remember, everybody, feminism isn’t about hating men.  Just don’t look over there at comments like this one!  Don’t look, dammit!

Remember, Emma Watson – this is the shit seeping out of the bottom of your box.  Congratulations.

Until next time, a quote,

“We have a saying around here when it comes to comments – D.O.N.T.  Don’t!  It stands for Doooooooon’t comment.  Ever.”  -Jello Apocalypse

Peace out,



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