SIONL: #UncoveredFFXV

It’s finally happening!  This is it!  After ten long years of waiting and hoping and dreaming, we finally have a release date for this game.  You all have no idea how excited I am.  They just showed the newest trailer and it has got me more than a little emotional.  It starts out making you think it’s just another stupid epic fantasy game, but then they flip the script.  See for yourself.

I can’t think of a better song for this film.  I honestly can’t.  “Stand by Me” is not only one of the songs the set the tone for a generation, but it was also a film that told the best coming-of-age stories of all time.  That’s what this game is.  It is a game all about a road trip adventure with four guys, who are having to grow up in a world that is not especially kind to them.

But did you see how enjoyable this was?  You have them broken down by the side of the road.  They are having to push their car along.  That’s hilarious!  But the biggest thing is the friendship between these characters.  Every moment of this trailer was all about capturing how they are not just traveling companions.  It is so much bromance, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Plus, we get to see more gameplay.  There is some chocobo riding, which looks like fun.  The game looks so fucking gorgeous!  Everything about this is going to be unfathomably exceptional.  It also shows that mini-games are back!  You can play pinball and poker!  That’s just what we’ve seen so far.  It’s like this game learned its lesson from all the failures that have come before it, and now we are getting the best product that we possibly can.  But there’s more!

A new demo is coming out tonight, which will be an introduction to gamers as to how the gameplay will work.  It is set in a dream that Noctis is having as a small child, and you unlock a summon that can go in the actual game!  This is everything I could have asked for an more.  Square Enix’s servers are going down tonight at 12:00 EST.  Count on it!  It will be 9:00 where I’m at.

With the game coming out on September 30th, the wait is almost over.  I’m a child again, seeing a game that I can’t wait for and riding that hype train for all its worth.  Less has definitely been more with this game.  You get to ride a boat, and there is even a way to make your car fly!  So much to explore, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Let me know what you think down in the comments.

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s been a long time.  Too long.  But not much longer.”  -Noctis Caelum, Final Fantasy XV

Peace out,



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