Musical Insanity: All the Single Furries!

Part of why I am glad that I keep a very limited tab on what people of the modern age are into is because if I kept a closer tab, I’d want to kill a mother-fucker.  I already want to beat the living shit out of all the millennial hipsters I come across who want to pretend that they are so cool, spouting their hipster bullshit.  But then you have the people who will actually admit that they are into pop culture (for all, all that hipster BS about being retro is garbage.  Retro is in now.  They made a fashion statement.  They set trends.  I hate hipsters so much), you get to partake in music that is absolute garbage, and I bet that most of you go to “the club.”  A place where the worst of modern music gathers.  Well, that and people who listen to SiA with the intent of enjoying themselves.

So when I come across madness like this, I am left with a profound wish that I could just find the nearest cliff to jump off of.  Why?  Because this is the worst thing that will ever be created in the history of the world.  No surprise, it caters to furries.  Let me make something clear – I don’t have a problem with furries, provided they keep far away from me.  It’s like bronies.  I don’t get them, but to each his/her own.  Just keep the hell away from me.  Simple, right? I’m a guy who is weird too, so I keep to my own in-groups.  To the point that I keep enough of a finger on the pulse of the world because otherwise this website would be very boring.

The point of all this is that I don’t know what this piece of musical madness is parodying, and I don’t want to know.  I bet the original song is equally-terrible.  But this is the most bat-shit crazy thing I have ever seen, and you watch this music video at your peril.  Good luck.

Furries, let me make something very clear – I’m all for self-determination.  You are free to live the kind of life that you want to live.  That’s fantastic.  But what compelled you to make this?!  Why would you have this video be something meant to have you and your representing?!  I have to believe that the furry community at large found this just as insane as I did.  It’s hard to sit through this.  This is the music that they play for terror suspects to get them to talk.  Water-boarding is terrible, but I honestly think that if they took the A Clockwork Orange approach with this song, we could destroy terrorism forever.  Just have all terror suspects watch this.  It will break them.

This song has production values!  It was filmed in a studio!  The lighting is good!  Why was this lunacy so funded?!  Who funded this?!  I need to find them and ask if they are on the CIA’s payroll.  It would make a strange kind of sense.

To any furries who may come across this, please let me know if this is a thing that you are all okay with.  I need to know.  No joke, I desperately need to know…

Until next time, a quote,

“And despite what Nietzsche said, the abyss doesn’t stare back at you.  It just is.  Honestly, that’s a lot more frightening.”  -Triox, Butt Wait! There’s More!

Peace out,



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