You Are Actually Fighting Against Helping Real Women?! (A response to Anita Sarkeesian)

The First World problems bar of modern feminists never ceases to amaze me.  It really doesn’t.  See, they don’t have any actual problems, so they choose to make what victims they are the entire narrative.  Whether it be crying some crocodile tears in Syfy’s The Internet Ruined My Life or going on to the feminist rag The Mary Sue and crying about how hard you have it.  Of course, if it were anyone else, I would say that it was some poor, delusional narcissist who just can’t handle that life isn’t giving them everything they want.  You know, like Crypt Keeper Wu.  But it isn’t that.  It’s professional con artist Anita Sarkeesian who wants her coffers filled even more.  As some of you know, she’s been promoting a new series of videos that she is crowd-funding for.  To the tune of $200,000.  For some reason, five videos will cost that much (complete bullshit).  It’s been shown that she already has all the stuff to make these videos.  It’s made some people wonder what exactly she needs the money for.  Anyone with perspective knows that she is just bilking her fans out of more money.  But the people at The Mary Sue can’t be bothered to learn things.  After all, they were tricked into thinking that a guy who wrote a fake article about Final Fantasy VII was real.

When TJ, aka The Amazing Atheist, made a video in response to pimp a charity drive he is doing to help actual women (linked here), our friendly neighborhood con-artist was not going to let this stand!  How dare someone try to actually help women.  We should be helping fill Anita’s coffers!  Maybe this has something to do with how her fundraising efforts are slowing down.  Let the professional victimhood begin.  Anita wrote an article to cry her own crocodile tears.  Here’s a link, now let’s talk about it.

Two weeks ago, Feminist Frequency launched a crowdfunding campaign for Ordinary Women, our new video series about incredible, defiant women throughout history, and we’re pleased to say that we’re on our way, having raised over $73,000 from more than 1,200 supporters so far. Your generosity and enthusiasm mean everything to us, especially in light of the pushback we get every time we speak up or speak at all.

We aren’t pushing back, Anita.  We’re taking a moment to tell the people who may be ignorant of you that you are a con artist.  That’s a fact.  You Kickstarted your way into wealth, and never even finished that.  Now you are asking for an absurd amount of money for a new project that is even smaller in scope and which you already have shown that you have all the materials for.  Forgive us if we think that you are full of shit, and someone should know.

When we launched the project, we knew that it was going to put a target on our backs, and that the online harassment directed at us was likely to spike again.

Actually, sugar-tits, we were glad that you were leaving the gaming world alone.  For real, I never anticipated having to talk about you again.  If it weren’t for this blatantly-dishonest article that is smearing an actual effort to help women, I never would have.  We want you to be gone.  But you have realized that your efforts to leave the world of gaming behind has a cost.  Namely that you can’t profit off of gamers not liking what you have to say.  Now it would have been the no one who watches your videos, because who actually wants to watch a video about history?  Oh, I’m sorry, a SERMON about history.  Because you are just as much a huckster as any preacher.

In response to our new project, a very vocal, known harasser who has spent years attacking feminism and individual feminists on YouTube, has launched a counter-fundraising campaign specifically designed to both discredit me and mobilize his viewers to abuse me further on social media.

There you have it, everyone.  TJ wasn’t trying to actually help women.  He wasn’t trying to counter this con artist helping herself by giving to a real charity that does real good for women in the real world.  No, he was doing this specifically to hurt you.  God, what a fucking narcissist.  I wouldn’t be this angry, if it wasn’t all for the express purpose of more coffer-filling.  She doesn’t even believe this!  This stick with tits just wants you to give her more money.  The reality is that she does not care about the truth.  Real women’s issues?  Fuck that!  I need more money!  So, with all the humility of a Donald Trump supporters, she is out shouting her victimhood to whatever rag will listen to her.  God forbid that she maybe should try and at least acknowledge that this cause will help real women.  Because it will.  The charity that TJ picked has a very excellent rating from several organizations that rate charities.  The International Women’s Health Coalition is doing real good, for women in parts of the world that need it.

What things have you done for women, Anita?  How much or your $1.2 million budget over the last four years went to a cause that helped actual women?  How much of your $20,000 speaking fees did?  I’m betting the answer is pretty fucking small.  This huckster, this con artist, is trying to paint people giving money to an organization that does real good as just some campaign to discredit her.  And she doesn’t believe that.  Not one word of her empty article is something she genuinely believes.  Like any good con artist, who has tended her con with all the dedication of a farmer with their crops, this demagogue is doing this just so that she can look like the victim and be given even more money.

Is there no low that you won’t stoop to, Anita?  Are you so eager for money that you don’t care about your fellow women, who you are totally cool with throwing under the bus in order to get more of it?  What a scumbag you are.  You are such a piece of shit.  At least with Brianna Wu, she’s just a narcissist.  She is a believer in her BS.  She actually believes that her life was ruined by the Internet.  You are just trying to fill your pockets with more money from stupid people.  And you have an entire organization that is with you to this end.  I hate to end with the same quote twice in posts about you, but to be honest, it’s just so damn fitting.  A pity that the people who actually read The Mary Sue are too stupid to see you for the charlatan you are.

Until next time, a quote,

“Never play a man for the short con when you can play them for the long one.”  -Frank Fontaine, Bioshock

Peace out,



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