Does Your Network Have ANY Dignity? (A response to Syfy)

Anyone remember the days when the Sci-Fi Network was cool?  Oh, right, now it’s Syfy.  Because they have to make their company extra stupid.  Wait, they were already doing that.  Okay, extra-extra stupid.  A trend that almost every cable TV network is doing.  They have gone from making shows that were actually about their namesakes, to making shows that are pretty much TV versions of click-bait.  Now they are making shows where they can outright peddle bullshit.  It’s amazing.  Their newest show is called “The Internet Ruined My Life.”  Here, they take professional victims and amplify their stories to the enth-degree in order to get people’s click fingers twitchy.  And to fool the extra-extra stupid people who watch their network into thinking it’s the truth.  Because if the news can sell outright bullshit, we can too!

Their latest episode had one of the foulest human beings to ever walk the face of the Earth – Crypt Keeper Wu.  That’s right, Brianna decided to get her professional victim going.  Because her 15 minutes of fame that has been RIDICULOUSLY stretched has been dying (along with her Patreon money) and now she is looking for a new avenue to try and milk some sympathy money.  Even got herself some crocodile tears going on.  How do I know they were crocodile?  Well, here’s a video from Mundane Matt where he lays out pretty clearly how she complete fabricated part of her story.  Specifically the one centered around Jace Connors.

Wu’s “acting” in that bit Matt referenced is fucking cringe-worthy.  I decided to watch the rest of the segment, just so I could get some context.  It’s no better.  The thing that bugs me the most is the fact that, because this show is deliberately kissing her ass, they didn’t shine a light on any of the really bad shit she did.  Like how she exploited the death of a woman not remotely associated with GamerGate to sell her victimhood.  Or how she lied about being driven out of her home (linked here) in order to sell even more of her faux-victim narrative.  Or how about that time that she was busted trolling herself on Steam?  Where she didn’t even change to an appropriately-misogynistic sock puppet account.  The daffy bitch did it from her own Steam page!  No, of course they didn’t.  SyFy has no standards, after all.

Look at the last story of note that they aired.  It was of Suey Park.  Remember her?  Yeah, I hadn’t even thought about her since…was it 2014?  I’m not sure.  Ever since all that BS with Stephen Colbert, where she wanted her 15 minutes of fame.  I’m beginning to think that that is what this whole show is devoted to.  Making people who don’t want to be forgotten get lots of attention in order to squeeze just an inkling of that Patreon money out of people.  Because if they don’t have the talent to earn it in a legit way, they might as well earn it by being pathetic.

The funniest thing is that SyFy didn’t even bother to fact-check ANYTHING that the Crypt Keeper said in her episode.  The story of Jace Connors was with the rest of the Internet getting a laugh at this guy who was so OBVIOUSLY trolling Wu.  Anyone with half a brain cell could tell that his insane screaming was not something for real.  No one does that.  No one shoots a video and sends it to a person who they mean to kill of them behaving like a loony tune.  It was so obviously a prank.  And on her Twitter page, Wu said as much.  This is just pathetic.

I said how I am not talking about Wu anymore, and I’m not talking about her now.  She’s just a lead-in to talk about how far Syfy has fallen.  It’s kind of sad.  This is the best that you can do now?  Making a click-bait show about sad Internet has-beens?  When will Zoe Quinn be featured?  A pity that she’s actually somewhat talented (as a con artist), because I’d be wondering when Anita Sarkeesian will get her limelight.  Maybe her man-slave will be there one day.  Any chance that Steve Shives can make an appearance?  Will his succubus wife be there with him?

It’s so sad, to see a network that once had some truly fantastic content being forced to this level.  It’s been sad to watch all the networks that once were that way become this way.  I wonder who will be on the show next.  Hey, let’s get some Jenny McDermott and Brett Keane love!  Oh, right, nobody cares about them.  Maybe McDermott can get some attention there.  After all, she’s a woman.  Having a vagina instantly makes you more sympathetic to the stupid-ass American audience.  I got one!  Let’s get that guy from the “Ancient Aliens” show to be on there!  The Internet has turned him into a laughing-stock.  Why not just go all the way fabricating history?  Let’s take this even bigger!  Go even more bullshit!  You’re scraping the bottom of the barrel, Syfy.  Just run with it.

Finally, Brianna Wu’s 15 minutes of fame are over.  At this point, she has gone as far down the pole as she possibly can.  If I ever hear her name again, it will be in some reminiscing post.  Maybe in that book that Milo Yiannopoulos said he was writing about GamerGate.  That will be some fond memories.  Syfy, you suck.  Your network is garbage.  The only good thing you have contributed to modern culture in the last 16 year is Sharknado 1 and 2.  This is just sad.

Until next time, a quote,

“In the Kamigata area they have a sort of tiered lunchbox they use for a single day when flower viewing. Upon returning, they throw them away, trampling them underfoot. The end is important in all things.” – Hagakure

Peace out,



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