SIONU: How to Make Spider-Man Movies (Going Forward)

It seems that Disney’s Marvel has finally gotten the rights to the Spider-Man character.  I can already tell that this means that they will be making their own films based on this character.  But there is something that’s been rattling around my head for a while – how do they do this?  We’ve seen the origin story for this character.  Twice.  It’s beyond old-hat by now.  We know it, and it’s not that interesting.  So what should they do with a new series of films about this character?  I think I’ve got a solution.  Follow me on this.

First – don’t make another reboot of this film series.  I don’t mean to continue the continuity they already have.  That got bad pretty quick.  Make a new version of this character, but instead of rehashing what we already know, let’s just not talk about that.  Instead, I think that they should take a cue from one of the greatest things ever made – Batman: The Animated Series.  That show was almost perfect.  In every way, it was fantastic.  But you’ll notice something about the series – they don’t start at the beginning of the character.  Why?  Simple – we already know his origin story.  We know where Batman came from and how he got where he is.  Instead, they started not too far into his being a hero.  That’s brilliant!  The history of the character is shown in flash-backs and dialogue between characters.  So they are able to do what should be done – focus on the growth of the character as a hero.

This is what they should do with future Spider-Man films.  We should just keep going with the character.  Have films where we get to know him as a hero.  It also opens up us being able to know him as a character.  By making films that are set outside of the dumb continuity of this character, we can side-step a lot of the boredom associated with that story.  All the time can be spent getting to know Parker, his personal struggles, and even our villains.  Let’s take some time to get to know who these villains are and why they do what they do.  Give some real time for development.  It will make the fact that these are superhero films that much less boring.

I’m getting tired of the typical superhero formula.  It’s so often the same.  You have a hero coming in, fighting the bad guy and saving the day.  My favorite superhero films are ones that buck this trend, in some way or another.  Like how the new Captain America film has the heroes fighting each other.  That’s awesome!  In fact, just as a side-note, let’s get Daredevil from Netflix’s series in some of the new Spider-Man stuff.  Like maybe have those two fighting.  It’s an awesome character and an awesome series, and both of them are in New York anyway.  So let’s get them some screen time together!  The potential for this character and these films is all over the place.

Oh, while we’re at it – can we PLEASE get a film that has Black Cat in it?  The romance between those two was one of my favorite things about the REALLY poorly-animated cartoon Spider-Man series in the 90’s.  We have a chance for a clean slate with this character.  Let’s not fuck it up.  I like that the new Spider-Man is a lot younger.  This gives us plenty of chances to make him grow over time.  Let’s do this!

Who agrees with me?  Let me know down in the comments.

Until next time, a quote,

“You know, if you’re gonna steal cars, don’t dress like a car thief.”  – Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man

Peace out,



4 thoughts on “SIONU: How to Make Spider-Man Movies (Going Forward)

  1. You are really out of touch – sorry, but you are obviously not up-to-date with what is going on with Spider-man.
    1. No, Marvel doesn’t have the rights back. They made a deal with Sony to share. Meaning they can borrow Spider-man, and Sony can borrow MCU characters for their own Spider-man movies.
    2. But yes, Marvel will have a say how those Spider-man movies will look like.
    3. A new one is already scheduled for 2017.
    4. It won’t be an origin story. But it will be set at high-school.
    5. It is supposed to be a breakfast-club style movie.

    • Wow. So, Marvel doesn’t have the rights, a new movie is being made, and it will suck. Thanks for the heads-up. I just love these people who get all high and mighty, before then shooting themselves in the foot. It’s poetic. But hey, now I know.

      • Okay, next time I simply send you the link to the fitting Wikipedia article – if I bother at all. If you think that this is good or bad news, I honestly don’t care. I just thought that you might want to redo the article instead of looking like the idiot who can’t do even the most basic of research.

      • What mainstream publication do you think this is, oh “informed” one? This is a place where I can talk about whatever. For the major things, I research. For an off-the cuff nerd-rant, I don’t. Your level of salt is showing.

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