Check Out Her Latest Con! “Ordinary Women!” (A response to Anita Sarkeesian)

I almost want to admire this bitch.  It’s amazing.  She can crowd-fund a project in 2012.  It’s been around four years, and she still hasn’t finished it.  She never will.  Those Kickstarter rewards that she promised will never materialize.  It won’t happen.  “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games” will never pan out.  This con artist fleeced her followed out of $160,000.  But now she’s back!  Having not followed through on one con, now she’s decided – I’m gonna do another!  It’s amazing.  But since her audience is blatantly stupid and clearly doesn’t expect shit from her, it’s probably going to pan out.  Except this time, she is raising the ante even more.  Now she wants to fleece you out of $200,000.  The lack of shame here is nothing short of astounding.  The project is called “Ordinary Women.”  Let’s check this out.

The utter lack of shame is…awe-inspiring.  I can’t help but be captivated by the lack of humility here.  Let’s break this down.  She begins by saying that she has made videos talking about how there are things in media that go ignored, making a statement about how it affects real life.  Let me put that through a bullshit translator for you –

Over the years, I’ve taken out-of-context and cherry-picked evidence and used it to make some ridiculous hyperbole about some real-world effects that culture has on real life that there are concrete studies to show don’t exist.  But because I live in the ultimate echo chamber and will never have to face my detractors, my perspective cannot and will not ever be challenged.

Oh boy, she then decides to talk about historical context.  Anita, you are someone who ignores all kinds of history in order to sell your narratives.  Now you are going to lecture people about how you can properly explain it.  If it wasn’t for the fact that you are a con artist and don’t buy a single word that escapes your lips, I would think that you are the biggest ego to ever live.  She talks about her next big project.  Let’s break out the bullshit filter again.

This Women’s History Month, we are embarking on another con to part fools from their money where we are going to try and honest-to-Groj talk about historical women.  We are going to go through college textbooks and then take whatever female that can fit our narrative and shove her into a series of videos that we will never really complete.  And if you try and complain about their lack of completeness, we will block you.  Like we did to this person (link here), who was one of our backers.  We couldn’t possibly care less about you.  We just want your money.  To the point that the IRS has had some reasons to doubt the validity of what we do.

It’s amazing.  Already, her campaign has raised over $7,000.  And her dim-witted, unyielding, blatantly-stupid audience will likely give her a great deal more money before this is over.  How do I know they’re stupid?  Well, let’s take a look at her last project.  The previous video series she made featured video games where she cherry-picked and took as much out of context as she could to shoe-horn in to make her point.  Anyone with a Google app on their phone could fact-check her, but since her audience is either too stupid or too unconcerned to actually do the work themselves, they just swallowed it.  She got rimjobs from people like Wil Wheaton (shut up, Wesley!) and Nightline.  Every media outlet that talks about her paints her as a tragic hero fighting against the hordes of EVIL misogynists.  The media doesn’t care about the truth either.  Unlike Anita, they are the equivalent of a tired old whore who is telling you whatever she thinks you want to hear.

I will say that Anita’s target this time is better.  She is able to get away from video games and now talk about something where the narrative is more abstract.  After all, the records surrounding people like a Chinese pirate or other historical characters can sometimes be open to interpretation.  So Anita and her little man-slave can say whatever they like.  By focusing on history, she knows that the likes of me and her usual critics won’t really care.  For once, she is ahead of the curve by making this about a topic that few people who are her usual detractors give a legitimate shit about.  Finally, the ugly narrative surrounding her bad videos can ease off.  And it’s true.  I don’t plan to talk about this again.  Why bother?  It’s a waste of time.  Make no mistake, her ability to talk about things factually isn’t going anywhere.  The girl is still going to take stuff out of context and manipulate facts in order to sell a narrative.  It’s what she does.  But she is talking about history.  A subject that the average millennial could give two fucks about.  Her audience followed what she did because it was inflammatory and talking about video games.

See, it’s pretty clear that Anita wants to be in a classroom.  It’s why she keeps all of her social media life so regimented.  She gets to pick from the raised hands.  She gets to assign the reading material.  Every video she makes sounds like a boring teacher giving a lecture.  Now, with this video series, she is going to be able to step into the role of a teacher more definitively.  Lecturing all the little girls about all the women in history that they don’t give two fucks about anyway.  When you put it like that, maybe this is a step backwards for Anita.  After all, take away the inflammatory stuff, and what do you have left?

Oh, right, she’s a con artist.  So all of this isn’t about furthering her career.  It’s about filling her coffers.  They are running dry, so now she gets to start a new project.  Already, over $7,000 have been raised.  With over 20 days to go, she will likely meet her goal.  Or the deadline will keep being extended until she does.  When they get the money, Anita will put out a few videos, over the span of a few months, and then forget about it.  Just like the last thing she did.  Just like whatever she does next.  Since there will NEVER be a point that one of her legitimate detractors will be able to face her in a fair setting, the fact that she is a con artist will never be addressed.

This is the world we live in today.  Anita Sarkeesian will be given $200,000 to not live up to whatever she promises people next.  It will likely get funded, because the people who give to her never learn (except you, Leo Pirate.  You learned).  The videos she makes will be lectures for her classroom where dissent gets you blocked.  That’s what people want, and what they will get.  So I guess the lesson is – you all are idiots if you give money to this person.  Take that for what you will.

*Update* TJ, aka The Amazing Atheist, started a drive for an actual charity that helps women, so that we can show that the anti-feminists like myself are better at helping women than this con artist.  You can find the link to his video here, and the fundraiser he has started here

Until next time, a quote,

“Never play a man for the short con when you can play them for the long one.”  -Frank Fontaine, Bioshock

Peace out,



5 thoughts on “Check Out Her Latest Con! “Ordinary Women!” (A response to Anita Sarkeesian)

  1. I notice she’s not using Kickstarter; I wonder what would’ve happened if she had.

    It irks me to see her using Murasaki Shikibu. I love the Tale of Genji, but it wasn’t just a time when no one knew women’s names – no one knew anyone’s names; everyone went by titles or nicknames.

    Also, wouldn’t Tale of Genji be “problematic” and anti-feminist? The male heroes were mostly rapists, groomers and womanizers generally portrayed in a positive light and the women were almost all shrinking violets or spiteful shrews.

    • Okay, you’re asking Anita Sarkeesian to take things into context with the Shikibu example. Given the level of “research” we’ve seen Anita do, I’m sure that her main source will be Wikipedia.

      • I almost want to see how badly she’s going to flub this and in what spectacular ways.

        Really, though, I’d much rather those idiots give ME their money; with $200,000, I could fund my sci-fi mag for the next 50 years!

      • I honestly don’t care if she flubs up the history or not. She’s decided to leave my hobby alone. Now I can put her content back on the shelf (in view but not watched) where it belongs. Right up there with Jim Sterling and Movie Bob.

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