Emojis are Sexist Now? Ugh… (A response to Always)

We live in the age of stupid outrage over bullshit.  Totally inconsequential bullshit.  Bullshit that means nothing at all, and should be ignored by people.  Whether it be tits in video games or there not being enough black people at the Oscars.  Every stupid, meaningless issue has to be some big point of contention among the stupid, ignorant, purposely ignoring the world outside of the United States, third-wave feminists.  These people are idiots.  They are fucking retarded.  And you have campaigns like #LikeAGirl who want to make us all aware of the latest bullshit issue that they are all pissed about.  The latest one is emojis.  That’s right, those stupid things that are used to convey emotions are now some statement about sexuality.  What the fuck?  I’ll show you the video, then we’ll talk about it.

I watch this, and here is my first reaction.

What is wrong with the people in this country?!  These people have found the peak of First World problems, and it’s some big issue!  WHY?!  What does that do for you?  You want an emoji that represents you in some way?  If there isn’t some emoji that gives you the little boost, your pathetic psyche will fall apart.  Here’s an idea – should there be emojis for all the stupid otherkin retards?  How about one for all the furries?  The bronies?  The disabled, Vietnamese lesbian non-binary pansexual dragonkins?  What emojis do we need?

Right now, in the world, there are women who are beaten for accusing someone of rape.  A woman in the Middle East can be beaten within an inch of her life because she accused a man of raping her.  Right now, there are women whose genitals are mutilated.  These things exist.  But what are the feminists angry about?  They don’t have emojis for them.  People wonder why people like me can’t take feminism seriously.  This is why.

I got an idea for some emojis, since these girls want to have some stupid emojis that mean nothing.  How about we have an emoji of a female soldier with one of her limbs missing?  They are allowed to serve on the front line now (something I am in favor of, so long as they become part of the draft).  Can we have an emoji of a crack-whore behind a dumpster?  Oh, let’s have an emoji for a stripper.  They exist, after all.  I don’t shame strippers.  You do what you have to in order to get by.  Maybe we can have an emoji for a women’s studies major working at her local Starbucks.  After all, there’s no legitimate business who wants someone with that degree.

Modern feminism is a joke.  A complete and utter joke.  We are bitching about emojis.  Every time I think that the feminists have found the biggest First World problem to bitch about, they bust through that glass ceiling.  So. Fucking. Hard.  It really does give me awe and wonder.  I am waiting for the day when they come out against sports for being too man-centric.  When they start protesting outside football or baseball games.  Hell, they can go after soccer.  Oh, wait, they have a female division in that sport.  Well, guess you can’t win ’em all, feminist idiots.  Sorry if this sounds condescending (note: no I’m not), but I have to make a point of how stupid these people are.  This video was vilifying emojis for not being inclusive enough for women.  I can’t think of something that would matter less.  Emojis.

Can third-wave feminism just die, already?  If this is the biggest hot-button issue they have, then it just needs to go off a cliff and perish.  The world would be a better place.

Until next time, a quote,

“Hello?  Suicide hotline?  I got two belts and a ceiling fan, can you tell me how to tie a noose?”  -Dishonoured Wolf

Peace out,



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