Let’s Refute 9 Things Straight White Gamers (of Buzzfeed Stereotypes) Won’t Understand

I am going to make something absolutely clear to everyone who was somehow unaware – the people who write for Buzzfeed cannot write good articles.  They are literally incapable.  The level of “talent” at that company is en par with a monkey banging cymbals together.  Not one of them has any talent worth writing about, and the fact that this website and its blatant click-bait is so popular baffles me.

Once again, this site has decided to take the “straight white gamers” stereotype that their SJW masters have given them and give us some hard-hitting facts about stuff we don’t understand.  They invented nine stupid reasons that we are so ignorant, and I think we should refute them all here.  Here’s a link to their bullshit, now let’s get started.

1. The gamer who just kicked your arse at Assassins Creed is probably a 33-year-old lesbian from Wollongong.

So?  Seriously, who the fuck cares?  Do these people honestly think that all of us guys who game are just complete homophobes?  Like if I found out that a lesbian did better than me at something I am going to be like…

Really, is that what you think?  I don’t care.  I couldn’t possibly care less.  I would care that they are a superior gamer to me, and if they are my opponent, I will want to better myself.  That’s as far as my concern goes.  Who are these people who you are trying to educate here?  Really, I want to know.

2. Gaming has never been the sole domain of the straight, white dude.

Yeah!  That’s kinda the point we’re fucking making when we talk to you people!  It’s you who claims that gaming is dominated by straight white men.  What the fuck is this?  Are you trying to steal our talking points so that you can try and pass them off as what you have always believed?  There are a shit-ton of articles that have been archived that you all complain about how there aren’t enough women and crap in games and that it’s dominated by straight white men.  Although, then you all use that statistic that there are more women in gaming, even though that statistic doesn’t correct for casual and hardcore gamers.  Whatever.  Still, gaming has a wide spectrum of people, from all walks of life.  That’s why you get pictures of gaming events being full of all sorts.  While the SJW talks have a fuck-ton of white people there.  Funny how that works.  Oh, right, it’s white people with hair dyed a color not found in nature.  So there’s that.

3. Creativity, not masculinity, drove the early gamers.

It still does, you ignorant fucker.  Yes, because the team behind The Last of Us was TOTALLY driven by masculinity.  Sure.  Oh, and the team behind Firewatch, that’s just a bunch of dude-bros sitting in a room drinkin’ beers and lookin’ at titties all day.  Right?  And let’s not forget the amazing gameplay and challenge of Bloodborne.  Just some guys yelling slogans and slapping women on the ass all the time.  No.  Creativity still drives this industry.  In fact, I would say that now more than ever it does.  Because now we have people who are making games on shoe-string budgets coming up with some amazing things.  Now is the most creativity time that has ever been in gaming.  Oh, right, you only pay attention to Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.  Who the fuck am I kidding?

4. Indie developers are putting the gay in gaymer, and the mainstream is taking notice.

Wait, what?  This is news.  And who is taking notice?  There are some Indie games that have gotten huge mainstream acceptance.  Last year’s darling was Undertale.  Where was the gay in that?  Oh yeah, and there was that amazing Indie game Ori and the Blind Forest.  But wait, where was the gay in that?  The examples you cite are games I have never even heard of before you brought them up.  So clearly they aren’t mainstream the way you think.  Indie devs are making some fantastic games.  Of course, then you get pretentious garbage like Sunset, so I guess you take the good with the bad.  Salty about that?

5. The girl gamer is now the game maker.

There have been girl game developers for just about as long as games have existed.  It was a woman who created the character Bayonetta.  A character who is repeatedly shit on by your little savior/con artist Anita Sarkeesian and her man-slave.  I don’t care who is making a good game.  For real, I don’t.  I’m glad that there are lots of women in the industry.  They bring new things to the table.  As do all perspectives.  The problem that people like myself bring up is when people like you bitch about things in video games that you don’t like, while not being willing to step up and make new games.  Because that really is an option.  Learn how to use the Unity engine and get to work.  Undertale was completely made by one guy.  Just one.  There is no excuse for the people who bitch about stuff in games to not get out and make them themselves.

6. Black space warrior goddesses are a thing, but visibility is still an issue.

No, it’s not.  It’s really not.  There are characters of all ethnic and gender backgrounds.  There are all kinds of characters in all kinds of games.  That’s the thing that makes games so amazing.  If you want to talk about inclusivity in games, that’s one thing.  But don’t go doing it like that hipster faggot Jamin Warren, who literally made the argument that Sgt. Johnson in Halo is a token.  Fuck that guy.

7. LBGTIQ games have a loyal following, but there’s still more work to be done.

That’s not on us.  That’s on them.  It’s on them to pimp their games and to get themselves an audience.  Same with any group promoting their games.  There is NO reason for us to go with the people who make games specifically tailored to this community if the games aren’t any good.  I may not like the show, but I’ll give the SJWs credit that they put their money where their mouth is with Steven Universe.  Which is another thing – nobody is going to follow some kind of niche gaming community if their games suck.  We’ve learned that sites like Kotaku and their ilk are full of shit and clearly biased.  So gamers who aren’t duped tend to pay attention to forums and user ratings.  If a developer makes good games, the audience will come.  If not, they won’t.  There’s work for them to do.  Tell them to get on with it.

8. Games can offer a representation of love and sexuality as diverse as real life.

Sure.  They can do whatever the fuck they like.  But if the game still sucks, nobody is going to play it.  That’s just how it goes.  Sorry if the SJWs were unaware of that.  Games can do whatever they like, in whatever way they like.  But if the gameplay is boring or virtually non-existent, or it’s some kind of choose-your-adventure like that garbage that Zoe Quinn put out, then the game will be panned by people.  Rightfully so.  Bad games don’t build an audience.  So many of the points that you make are just complaining that bigger developers aren’t giving you more of the games that you find acceptable.  Or you think that the gamers who look at this stuff care in some big way.  We don’t.  We really don’t.  I still love The Last of Us, even though I know that Ellie is gay.  Doesn’t matter to me.  Though I still think the end of that piece of DLC was garbage.  I hate things that end with triumphant speeches.

9. LGBTIQ players need a space to call their own.

Fantastic.  Here’s how it works.  You start a forum or something, and have very heavy modding to keep everyone they don’t like you.  Then they can have their little safe space.  Just like Atheism +.  Though wait, that message board is all but dead at this point, with everyone but the mods banned.  Well, still, you can have your safe space…

But remember – there is no obligation of those of us who don’t think like you to give you want you want.  None.  Don’t like that?  Too bad.  Too fucking bad.  You get to deal with life as it comes, just like the rest of us.

Until next time, a quote,

“What’s the matter with you people?  You’re sad that people are mean?  Well I’m sorry, the world isn’t one big liberal arts college campus!”  – Reality, South Park

Peace out,



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