Bad PR 106: Jenny McDermott and ” #ArmouredRapeGate “

I hate to talk about YouTube drama, but there is something that I want us all to talk about here.  Why?  Because I want to give you all an education in how PR can blow up in your face.  Especially when you’re REALLY dumb.  And it is going to blow up in the face of someone who REALLY should have stopped this ages ago.  She should have just eaten being wrong about something, said her apologies, and then let it go.  But instead, she’s pressing this.  And it won’t end well for her.  The only person who seems unaware of this fact is McDermott herself.  Perhaps she didn’t learn from when bad PR blew up in the face of Laughing Witch and not only destroyed her channel, but her business as well.

Jenny McDermott is no stranger to bad PR.  She started an IndieGogo for the people of her work that were supposedly going hungry after a kitchen fire.  Too bad that there was a statement by the actual company that said that that wasn’t the case.  Everyone had money for the holidays, and McDermott was full of shit.  What’s more, in a follow-up statement, the company castigated McDermott because the truth was that her little crowd-funding might have affected things with their insurance, who was paying the employees until the damage was repaired.  After it all totally blew up, McDermott was fired from the restaurant.  That should have been a point where she could learn from her mistakes.  But nope.  Because this person is a pathological liar who can’t help herself (no wonder she’s friends with Brett Keane) and desperately needs the drama to amp up the sub count, she decided to go right off the deep end and go after Armoured Skeptic again.  Only this time, it wasn’t in some casual accusation that he tried to fuck her (why anyone would want to screw Jenny McDermott is beyond me).  This time, she called him a statutory rapist.

In a video that she deleted from her channel, she laid it all out, talking about YouTube vloggers she hates, and he was right at the top of her list, along with his girlfriend, ShoeOnHead.  Someone, however, was nice enough to download her video before she deleted it, and did a response to it.  Watch for yourself.

Seems pretty cut and dry, doesn’t it?  Not only has McDermott dragged Armoured Skeptic’s name through the mud as a rapist, but she has dragged June right in, as a rape victim.  Both of which are outright lies that McDermott pulled straight out her ass.  Naturally, Skeptic wasn’t just going to take this.  So he informed her that there is pending legal action for libel.  I would think that defamation would be the way to go, and it very well could be.  After all, it was McDermott who decided to make this into a joke by calling it “lolbel.”  Yeah, I bet it will be real funny when you are having to sell your assets to pay for how much he takes you for.

McDermott, he has you dead to rights!  You defamed him!  In a very public forum you decided to accuse this man of being an unpunished rapist.  Then you turn around and say that Shoe needs our sympathy as a rape victim.  What the fuck is wrong with you?!  Now you’d think, with pending legal action coming her way, she would be inclined to make a public apology and try and make this go away.  But nope.  Dressing up as the most terrifying thing I have ever seen, she doubled-down on her comments and seems to think that this lawsuit is all a giant laugh.  Take a look at Charmingman’s video to this madness.

I’ve done a couple of courses in my degree program that very much apply here.  The first was Crisis Communication.  This was where you have to learn how to do PR for a company in a bad way.  I wish the job market wasn’t such a bitch right now, because I would be damn good at doing this for all kinds of companies.  I know how to write press releases, organize a press conference, work an ad campaign and all sorts of other things.  I would have loved to be a fly on the wall of the room where Subway had to figure out how to best address the Jared Fogle mess.  The next class was Communication Law.  This class was the most boring, miserable experience of my time in college, but it was still educational.  You know, when the teacher was on point.

Defamation is a real issue, Jenny.  Skeptic is coming for you, and his case is rock-solid.  Your choosing to double-down on your comments isn’t helping.  You’ve dug yourself a damn big hole, and if you’re not careful, you’re going to buried in it.  I don’t get how nobody has told you what should be obvious – back the fuck off.  Seriously, drop this.  Say you were wrong, make a big public apology, and this can go away.  Why are you continuing down a path that ANYONE with any knowledge of the legal system can tell you is going to ruin you, financially.  You’ve ticked off all the boxes that I remember for making a case for defamation.  You said something that is demonstrably untrue.  You are aware of its lack of validity.  You did it with the intent of damaging another person’s reputation and causing financial damage.  There you go.  Greg has you, dead to rights.  Just stop!

Anyone looking to start a business or become a public personality, take note of what McDermott is doing, and how bad this is going to be for her when it’s over.  Jenny’s going to the poor house after this is done.  Hopefully she has family or something, but I haven’t seen a more open-and-shut case for defamation in my life.

To the Armoured Skeptic and Shoe, sorry this had to happen.  This must make both of you a combination of all sorts of negative emotions.  Skeptic has this chick dead to rights, and I think it’s good that this is going to court.  Maybe Brett Keane can take some notes.

Until next time, a quote,

“Every story has a happy ending.  You just need to know when to stop.”  -Annie M.G. Schmidt

Peace out,



3 thoughts on “Bad PR 106: Jenny McDermott and ” #ArmouredRapeGate “

  1. Nice post. I agree completely. This whole drama makes me not want to participate in this “debate” at all. It seems pretty toxic.

    • The lady herself appears. So, I could take your terrible video at face value, knowing how full of shit you are, or I could go with those who did the rigor of looking into it and the statement of the company you worked for itself who said that you’re full of shit. Huh, tough choice.

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