Salty about Deadpool, eh? (A response to Life Site News)

My favorite group of people in this country is the pro-life movement.  A lot of people see them as a threat to women’s rights and stuff.  I don’t.  It’s become abundantly clear that they are still fighting a battle that was lost over 50 years ago.  It’s been and done.  But here they are, still clamoring about how awful it is that women have the rights to their own body, and how awful everything associated with sex is.  You’d think that third-wave feminism and them would get along, seeing as how they see women are inferior and sex as bad too.  But I guess the abortion thing keeps them apart.  Funny, that isn’t the case with them and Islam.  I think that SyeTenAtheist put it best.

But pro-life people still amuse me.  I haven’t done a response to Life Site News in a LONG time.  Years, by my count.  Don’t come up on much of their stuff since I unfriended Dillahunty’s wife on Facebook.  Someone who champions what Rebeca Watson says is something I am naturally going to butt heads with.  Anyway, they wrote an article which is frankly pretty funny, talking about Deadpool and how perverse this film is.  Here’s a link to the article, now let’s have some fun.

Comic books characters and family fun at the movies go together like peanut butter and jelly, right? Well, with the debut of Deadpool, Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox forced me last weekend to have a conversation with my two oldest sons about a level of sexual perversion that I’d prefer not to know about.

I just love these kinds of people.  They expect the film industry to censor themselves because they’re too stupid or can’t be bothered to parent their kids.  And since the R rating was just too hard to notice, this person decided to take their kids.  Whose fault is that?  Yours, you dumb fuck!  It’s your stupid ass’ fault!  They give movies ratings for a reason.  If you had actually looked at ANY of the sites that review or promote the film, the rating was clear as day.  The trailer was Red Band for a reason.  You fucking idiot.

You may prefer not to know about it, too, so let me forewarn you: In this blog I’m going to talk about a level of sexual perversion you may prefer not to know about. Feel free to opt out if you haven’t the stomach.

Wow.  Why do you an third-wave feminism not get along?  Your article even came with a trigger warning.  This is amazing.  Given how so much of modern feminism sees sex as a dirty, nasty thing that men inflict on women (unless they’re gay.  Or Muslim), you’d think that these people would be so on board.  Alright, buddy, let’s hear about how awful this film is.  I actually have seen it, and did a review of it (link here), but this interests me.

Why address it at all? The fact that a film that depicts this level of perversity has become a smash hit (it broke a long list of box office records last weekend with a $300 million worldwide debut) is more than a little concerning, and people of faith – especially parents – serve no one by keeping their heads in the sand.

The hyperbole levels.  Parents of faith of the world unite!  This movie that you can totally choose not to see is damaging!  Huh, when you say it like that, this seems really stupid.

First, let me acknowledge that I’m getting my information about this movie from online reviews. I haven’t seen it. Also, Deadpool is known for satire, so it’s possible that the perversion in question is depicted in order to expose and critique contemporary culture. If so, I’m in full agreement that it needs to be critiqued.

So, let me get this straight – you are about to criticize a movie you haven’t even seen.  Unreal.  How can ANYONE take this seriously?  Oh, right, this is a site much in the same vein as The Mary Sue.  It exists to feed the people who already agree what they want to hear.  How silly of me.  I forgot.  And yeah, Deadpool is a satire, but it isn’t of contemporary culture.  It’s a satire of superhero films and the elements of them. *Spoiler Alert* The ending, where Colossus is lecturing Deadpool about being a good hero and sparing the villain’s life, only for Deadpool to shoot him in the face was one of the best pieces of satire I’ve ever seen.  The audience was in stitches.  This film makes fun of a lot of tropes associated with superhero movies, which is pretty much what the Deadpool comics did too.  This film captured the character incredibly well.

The word “perverse” comes from the Latin perversus which means “turned around.” The word couldn’t be any more fitting to describe the behavior depicted in an extended sex scene in Deadpool. The roles of male and female in the sexual act literally get turned around: with the help of a “device,” the woman mocks the male role and the man mocks the female role. The culture at large has taken to calling this “pegging” and – not surprisingly – the actors who portrayed this, so I read, took to downing shots of tequila in preparation for filming.

I’m dying.  I’m fucking dying.  This is too much.  So, the scene in the film where Wade’s girlfriend is fucking him in the ass with a “device” (just call it a strap-on.  For fuck’s sake) is so offensive, because it’s a woman fucking a man.  Oh, wait, “pegging.”  No, honey, it’s fucking.  He was fucked, in the ass, by his girlfriend, wearing a strap-on.  Let’s stop mincing words because your audience is full of ignorant losers who don’t want the naughty words thrown at them.  And I just love that you include the line that they were downing tequila to shoot this scene.  Like they were so traumatized.  Maybe, and I think this is a more likely scenario, they were having some fun with this and drank booze for gits and shiggles.  It’s clear that Reynolds was enjoying himself throughout every scene of this film, and I think that the rest of the cast was enjoying things as well.  I didn’t see any characters who looked like this was a huge inconvenience.  I might not make it through this article.  The laughter is too hard.

Scott Mendelson, writing for, calls any satirical intent of the filmmakers into question with his nonchalant observation that “seeing a super-macho, hypermasculine leading man like Ryan Reynolds end up on the receiving end of a strap-on dildo will hopefully demonstrate to audiences that it’s fun and totally okay to experiment with power dynamics during sex, as long as both partners are willing and consenting adults.”

This seems pretty reasonable.  Though I would disagree that Reynold’s character is “super-macho, hypermasculine.”  He was a weird guy, who just happened to be good at killing people.  Still, this is a good point to make.  If a guy wants to be fucked up the ass by his girlfriend, there’s nothing wrong with that.  What’s your beef?

There’s nothing new under the sun, of course. It’s not like 21st century human beings are the first to pervert the natural order of the sexual act in this way. But to celebrate it in mainstream entertainment on a worldwide scale … that’s unprecedented.

Oh, what the fuck do you know about the “natural order” of sexuality?  I hate this idea that is in people’s heads that the only way to fuck is missionary and for the express purpose of creating offspring.  There are all kinds of ways to have sex, and they are all part of the “natural order.”  How do I know this?  Because everything that exists in the natural world is part of the “natural order.”  Therefore, a strap-on going in someone’s ass is part of that too.  Or a tongue going into a vagina.  Or any number of fun things I can think of that I’ve been involved with off the top of my head.  This is so stupid.  The people who thin this way must be the most boring people on Earth in bed.  Well, not entirely true.  Some of the kinkiest women I have ever met are complete prudes on the outside.  Who knew that repression of sexuality can lead to some unintended side-effects?

How did we get here? Well, hasn’t radical feminist culture been claiming for several decades that men and women are interchangeable? “Women can do anything men can do,” it’s been claimed. The natural corollary, of course, is that men can do anything women can do. Isn’t this behavior just taking that claim to its logical conclusions?

Boy do you not keep up with the times.  That kind of thinking was radical feminism back in the 1960’s.  Nowadays, radical feminism is saying that women are so utterly oppressed and that they are being held back in every way.  Oh sure, they can do all the stuff that men can do, but us men are holding them back?  Why?

Because men are pure evil!

But yes, sexually, women can now do all sorts of stuff.  Where once they couldn’t because of lacking the penis, the free market has come through on that.  So long as the couple is consenting, what they do after that is their business, and theirs alone.

But, alas, it’s right here that the claim breaks down. The roles of male and female in the sexual act simply cannot be re-versed, only per-versed.

Wrong!  And what a terrible zinger.  But wait.  Their “justification” of this point is just…just wait for it.

Women can certainly do most of the things men can do. Men can certainly do most of the things women can do. But, lest we forget, there is something only men can do (because they’re men) and only women can do (because they’re women) and they must do it together in order to be able to do it at all. Only a man can be a father and only a woman can be a mother. While it has been just and necessary to challenge certain societal roles conventionally limited to one or the other gender, the roles of male and female in the sexual act (in the act designed to make a man a father and a woman a mother) are not interchangeable, and they are absolutely essential for the survival of society.

Okay, you fucking idiot, let’s break this down.  Since you’re too cowardly to actually talk about the fact that you want to say that women can’t fuck men because they lack a penis, let’s just gloss over the fact that, with new innovations in sexual technology, women now can do pretty much any sexual act a man can do.  It might be an artificial penis, but it’s still a dick all the same.  As for only a man can be a father and a woman can be a mother, that’s more than a little insulting.  Not just to the single moms out there, but also to the single dads.  It’s offensive to both.  Can gay parents of either gender just not raise kids?  That’s demonstrably untrue.  Your statement there is so stupid that you can offend every single group of people that isn’t a heterosexual couple.  Bravo.

I will give you there – there has never been a society that exists where the man is the nurturer and the women are the protectors.  That has never happened, throughout history.  There are scientific differences between the genders that third-wave feminism is trying desperately to pretend don’t exist for the sake of their narrative.  But this idea that men and women are so predisposed is ridiculous.  Can a woman create a child?  Currently, no.  I’m writing a novel about a female society where all men are gone.  It’s going to be a dystopic look at how the genders aren’t as different as you’d think, but still different.  A woman can’t inseminate an egg, and a man can’t give birth.  But that’s the end of where your point means ANYTHING.

Because of the wholesale embrace of the contraceptive mentality, the modern world has forgotten that the most basic, the most fundamental role of gender is to generate the next generation. The root “gen” – from which we get words like generous, generate, genesis, genetics, genealogy, progeny, gender, and genitals – means to produce or give birth to. A person’s gen-der is based on the manner in which that person is designed to gen-erate new life. But as soon as we embrace an ideology that severs genital activity from generation, it’s only a matter of time before the very notion of “gender” loses all meaning and the fundamental order of things gets totally turned around.

I hate that you’re making me agree with third-wave feminism, but it’s kind of hard to avoid.  The fact is that while there are scientific genders, gender identity is a whole other thing.  And if you think that all sex is meant for is to create new life, then you must be the most boring person EVER in bed.  No joke, I feel bad for your spouse.  It must be miserable sex.  Life isn’t about creating new life anymore.  There are seven billion people on this planet.  You know what we could use some less of – people.  We’ve reached a point as a species that procreation is now not only something that we can avoid, but we honestly should.  Over-population is the biggest cause of global warming.  It’s a fact.  If we stopped producing the little water-headed idiots (insert Brett Keane voice), maybe we could solve a lot of problem.  We have grown as a species to the point that we now can avoid all this stupid ideas about “genital activity from generation,” and now just have fun.  It’s fine.

Just like Big Tobacco after years and years of denial finally had to face the overwhelming mountain of evidence and admit that cigarettes cause cancer, so to will the entertainment industry, the medical establishment, governments, and educational centers (in short, the whole modern edifice) one day be compelled to admit that separating genitals from generation has lead to a de-gendered and, as a result, de-generate world.

Not seeing the problem.  I understand stuff about science, but I still support the trans community.  At least in the way that I don’t care about their existence any more or less than I do about any others.  I am equally apathetic to them.  True equality.

Dead-pool … it’s a fitting description of a world that continues to celebrate this de-gendering: it seems we’re sinking in a pool of death. Truth and mercy are the only things that can save us. And the Catholic Church continues to offer both to the whole world. Are we willing to accept her offer?

Yeah, fuck the Catholic Church.  Fuck the little-boy-touching priests.  Fuck your smug attitude.  And fuck this idea that we are “sinking in a pool of death.”  Seven billion people, to date.  The number keeps going up.  Real dead pool that is.

That was fun.  Hope you liked.  Be sure to sub to me and see what else there is to see.  I’m cool like that.

Until next time, a quote,

“Sometimes, the American news is like a tired old whore that only tells you what you want to hear.  You watch stories every day about the environment, and global warming, and they give you a thousand little tips on the things you can do to help Mother Earth.  When the major problem is, obviously, over-population.”  -Doug Stanhope

Peace out,



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