Lucien’s Review: Deadpool

DeadpoolWhat’s this?  A movie review that isn’t weeks or maybe even months out after the film comes out?  Well, it’s like this – I learned a secret about a movie theater almost just down the road from where I live.  The secret?  They have $5 movie tickets on Tuesdays!  How cool is that!  So, since I am having a great day and felt like $5 was worth it, and since this is an R-rated film, I knew there wouldn’t be hordes of annoying children.  So I decided to brave the crowds and go see this movie. Was it worth the slight crowd?  Yes, and yes!  I haven’t enjoyed a superhero movie this much since Winter SoldierGuardians of the Galaxy wishes it could be as cool as this movie.  I got a formula to keep to, so let’s talk about this awesome experience.

Don’t know why I bother going over the plot, but here goes.  Wade Wilson is strangely humorous guy already (in the comics it was the torture and Weapon X that gave him is quirky attitude) who finds out that he’s got himself some cancer.  He gets mixed up with a mutant project that is the same one that Wolverine was in (they make some great jabs at that, by the way), and everything goes to shit.  Now he’s on a mission to get his life back, with as many dead bodies as it takes to get there.  This isn’t your typical superhero movie.  Suck on that, upset soccer moms!  God am I glad that I get to give the finger to that group of people.  Glad this movie did too.

So much to talk about!  For starters, the first thing to keep in mind is that if you are going into this movie thinking that this is supposed to be a story you take seriously, you clearly don’t understand or haven’t seen ANY of the marketing for this film.  This movie is meant to be a slap in the face the seriousness, and comic book film conventions.  I am in love with this movie.  The humor in this movie was the key aspect.  And it was fresh as fuck!  If this film does get a sequel, can we PLEASE keep the writers from this one?  If not, there is a risk it will suck.  Good joke writing is more of an art than a science, and this film had it in spades.

The humor in this film was all over the place.  There was dialogue, visual, and even some subtle stuff that I noticed and I could tell no one else in the theater did.  This film was fearless about how far to take it.  They were even able to take some shots at how limited the budget for this movie was.  That’s hilarious!  It was a balls-out blast for everyone involved.  There is no doubt in my mind that Ryan Reynolds was enjoying every minute of making this.  This man was on his game in a way I haven’t seen before.  He was even willing to take shots at himself and his past roles, such as Green Lantern.  This entire movie hinged on his performance, and it was worth it.  But the side characters were also a lot of fun.  The brief moments we got to know Deadpool’s blind, black roomie were fantastic.  The only X-Men that this movie could afford were pretty damn cool as well.  The kid was the best, but having Colossus be all superhero and shit was pretty fun as well.  Especially since Deadpool was having none of his hero lectures.

I also loved the action.  Sure, it was over the top, but you now what, it was still well-done.  Adrenaline to the max, and able to use the visual humor elements to its advantage.  The final battle between Francis and Pool was awesome.  Slick, fast, and ugly.  I haven’t seen a fight in a superhero movie since Winter Soldier where I actually believed that the people involved were getting hurt.  It’s kind of impressive that they were able to make Deadpool’s pain apparent, even with his entire face hidden.  The presence of Reynolds in this role was so fantastic.

What about the Fourth Wall breaks?  Anyone who knows the Deadpool comics understands that the biggest draw of this character was the fact that he makes the walls almost indistinguishable.  This movie does the merc’s style proud.  The moments they take to fuck with the audience is just so perfect.  Almost every time, it had me cracking up.  The theater losing it was a sign that this movie did its job.  I’ve never actually seen a comedy in theaters before, so this was kind of refreshing.  A whole theater packed with people, in stitches sometimes.  God, I love this movie.

Remember what I said about soccer moms not bringing their kids to this?  Yeah, keep that in mind.  The language in this film is foul as all get-out.  The violence is graphic and over-the-top.  Hell, it doesn’t know where the top is.  There’s insane sex that involves the naked people.  I know, the horror.

What didn’t I like?  This is nit-pick in the extreme, and don’t think for a second that this damages my opinion of the film.  First, it is a little weird that there doesn’t seem to be a real transition in Pool’s character from before he gets the Weapon X treatment and after.  In the comics, it was the treatment and being turned into a weapon that rips his mind in two.  In this film, he always is a slick trash-talker.  As I said, it’s a nit-pick, but it’s strange all the same.  Next up is the fact that there was one of the Deadpool raps being REALLY bad.  Like, to the point that I was totally taken out of what was happening acknowledging how bad it is.  Last point, they didn’t pick up on the sheer level of debauchery of this character.  Deadpool is probably the most sexually-unrestrained characters in all of Marvel.  He’ll hit on almost anyone, and doesn’t have a single fuck to give.  I would have liked to see more of that, but given all the risks this film was already taking, maybe I should just be amazed I got what I did.

But all of that stuff is just nit-picks, and believe me, it doesn’t amount to much.  At least not to me.  This movie was awesome.  This is the kind of superhero movie I have MISSED!  None of this family-friendly shit.  None of the soccer-mom’s kids pandering.  A movie that allows itself to breathe.  The level of creativity here can only get better.  If there is a sequel, and it involves Cable, then I am even more excited.  Maybe a few more X-Men can make a cameo.  Hey Wolverine, want to get in on the fun?  Or at least make some jobs at Origins?  You know you want to.  This was a breath of fresh air in a genre that has gotten more than a little stale.  I guess we’ll see where this goes.

Final Verdict
8 out of 10

Peace out,



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