RAB: Smoking Kills Cat Videos?

For those who didn’t know, I’m in the process of finding a new job, and when I’m not applying like a complete maniac, I am playing videos on YouTube.  So, I get subjected to ads every now and again, and just recently I came upon an ad that has truly boggled my mind, because I am kind of impressed.  I thought that I had little faith in the intelligence of the youth today, but apparently my views are nothing, compared to the levels of condescension that a group called “truth.”  It’s all all-lower case, so don’t blame me for that.  They are making this REALLY weird postulation – smoking murders cat videos.  I shit you not.  It took a few searches, but I found the ad.  Get a load of this shit.

Alright, so they start out with some science about how cats are more likely to get cancer if their owner smokes.  That’s a sobering fact, but then they go off in the most random fucking direction and make this weird statement that all cat videos will die if people smoke.  Um…what?  I have to believe that this ad is made for the generation coming up under me.  I have to.  Because as dumb as I think the people in my generation are…you know what, no.  I can’t even make that statement.  Because even the people coming up after me aren’t this stupid!

Who is dumb enough to believe this?  Do they think that the youth of today are just banging their heads into walls all day?  That would explain a few things, but it’s not the case.  The kids are stupid, but they aren’t THAT stupid.  At least I hope not.  Because if the youth of today are so dumb that they will actually lose their shit over the idea that smoking kills cat videos, then I just want the asteroid to come now and slam into the Earth and kill us all.  It’s clear that there is no potential of any kind with this species, and we might as well die.

I always wonder what the meetings when they come up with these videos are like.  I imagine some dip-shit, overpaid think-tank sitting in a room going –

“Alright, we need an ad to tell the youth that smoking is bad!  Chart guy, what’s popular?!”
“Well, according to the charts, it seems that cat videos are particularly popular now, among the millennial generation.”
“Brilliant!  We can make an ad telling the kids that if they smoke, there won’t be anymore cat videos!  That’s sure to make them stop!”

Then you have them popping open a thing of champagne and patting themselves on the back for how smart they are.  Meanwhile, the bunch of them are fucking idiots, who believe that people are stupid enough to buy this.  Although, looking at the number of Likes on that video, maybe the youth are this dumb.  Why are people so stupid…?

And that is my random thought of today.  Let me know what you think down in the Comments.  Like this post too.  Because I’m awesome and whatnot.  My vanity!

Until next time, a quote,

“The is no sin except stupidity.”  – Oscar Wilde

Peace out,



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