Your Politicization of Atheism Sucks (A response to Quartz)

You know what I hate – people who want to make atheism about anything other than the lack of a belief in a God.  That’s all it is.  Despite what manginas like Steve Shives say, it’s not about anything else.  The only thing that connects me to another atheist is the lack of belief in a deity.  Richard Dawkins once said that trying to rally the atheist community is like trying to herd cats.  It can’t be done.  We have no allegiances other than the lack of belief in a deity.  We are liberal, conservative, authoritarian, libertarian.  Whatever you want, we run the gamut.  I am a liberal atheist, who has left the title of progressive behind because the progressive-left has become a fucking loony bin.  It’s pretty nuts.

However, a woman who runs a blog called Quartz has decided that she wants to politicize the lack of a belief in a God, and make the REALLY stupid argument that sexism has pushed her out of atheism.  No joke, that’s the title of this article.  Here’s a link to it, now let’s talk about it.

I was eight years old when I decided that I didn’t believe in God. The realization occurred to me after my Methodist pastor reduced my queries about God and the universe to the same kind of “just because” reasoning my mother used for questions like why I couldn’t run around outside without a shirt on.

I would have told you that it’s inappropriate to go outside without a shirt on, but that’s just me.  Your reasoning seems sound.  Waiting to hear what the problem is.

Since then, I’ve been an atheist. I do not believe in a God, and I do not live by the dictates ascribed to any god figure. I do not need a paternal figure to tell me how to act like a moral human. Rather, I cultivate an ethics of interpersonal and community engagement with other people based on principles of civic-mindedness.

Okay, this all seems really good.  You’re an atheist.  What’s the problem, again?

In this way, my atheism directly informs my feminism.

Oh, here we go.

This correlation between atheism and feminism for me, and for many other women, is why we are so dismayed by the misogyny rampant in today’s atheist movement. Writing in Salon, Katie Engelhart ascribes the misogyny in New Atheism to the movement’s exclusively male leadership—who also happen to be men notorious for their sexism.

Lady, I’m going to let you in on a little something – there is no atheist movement.  That is the biggest canard that people believe.  We are not allies.  I hate this idea that atheism is supposed to have some big movement.  Time was, a movement was in the process of forming.  But then something happened.  A little thing called Atheism +.  It split the atheist community down the middle and then whatever movement could have been died out.  Now we’re just a bunch of people with a belief, going through life.  I am also amused by the fact that you cite Salon as a source for good refutation.  They’re almost as bad as Buzzfeed.

The latest high-profile example of this hypocrisy is Richard Dawkins’s recent Twitter debacle, in which he tweeted a video mocking feminists and Muslims and then got called out by Lindy West.

This?!  Again?!  Alright, for those who didn’t know, Richard Dawkins reTweeted a video by SyeTenAtheist where he makes a very humorous comparison to the ideals of Islam and the complacent yes-men/women approach of feminism is apologizing for their sexist views.  Here’s his video, so you can see for yourself.

All thanks to this one reTweet, the feminist community got their butthurt on in a HUGE way.  To the point that Dawkins was kicked out of a speaking engagement he was supposed to have.  That video was the culprit.  It’s unbelievable.  People like this want to make it out to seem so bad, but from where I’m sitting, Sye Ten was right.  Islam and feminism do have very similar beliefs about how weak and pathetic women are (only with feminism, it’s in the name of “empowerment”), and feminism is INSANE about apologizing for the blatant sexism in Islam.  All because of some idea that Islam is a culture and not a religion.  This is why people like me belief modern third-wave feminism to be a religion unto itself.  These people have abandoned their belief in one god, and taken up a new one.  It’s so pathetic.

There are two predominant reasons that can explain why sexism exists in the atheism movement. The first reason is the influence of social Darwinism.

I laughed so hard at this.  She goes on to cite a Buzzfeed article as her source for why this is the case.  This person clearly has never had to do any critical thinking of her own.  She hangs on sites like Buzzfeed and Salon, after all.  I wouldn’t be surprised if The Mary Sue and Everyday Feminism were also popular in her circle.  The day that ANY of those sites can do actual research is the day that not only pigs fly, but my cat does ballet.  Groj be praised, people.  Yes, we are all such social darwinists.  We believe that there are people who are just naturally superior.  Of course we are.  But going back to Buzzfeed, this is the site that she is using as a source.  There was an excellent statement made about Buzzfeed in another video.  Check this out.

How can I take these people seriously?  How is anyone supposed to be convinced that this woman’s arguments are correct, when ALL of her sources are sites who practically wear their bias on their sleeve?  Find me one of those examples without a fucking ax to grind and I’ll give you a kiss!  Let’s keep going…

The idea that sexual harassment and violence is just “what men do” is the 21st-century atheist’s interpretation of the laddist maxim that “Boys will be boys.”

It’s funny, I was looking at the verbage there, and it got me to thinking about something I have always thought that feminists believe – it’s only sexist when men do it.  After all, this entire post is about demonizing men, so naturally we’re going to just ignore that women do sexist stuff too.  Whatever.

The second explanation for why the atheism movement foments sexism can be found in what Dawkins himself said during a 2002 TED Talk called “militant atheism.” Instead of practicing atheism as a kind of absenteeism from religion—which is how I approach it—Dawkins presents the case for an atheism that aggressively attacks other religions. Even more pernicious is the way he argues for a moral and organizational structure on par with orthodox religions. “We need a consciousness-raising, coming-out campaign for American atheists,” Dawkins said. “When a critical mass has been obtained, there’s an abrupt acceleration in recruitment. And again, it will need money.”

I’m getting this deep-seated suspicion that you don’t live in the US.  The reason I bring that up is because I think Dawkins was referring to how we need to combat the effects of fundamentalist religion in the world.  It’s all over this country.  Fundamentalist Christianity is the reason that people like Ted Cruz are so popular.  It’s all over the Islamic world.  Oh, right, we’re not supposed to talk about the blatant sexism both in their religion and in the culture of the nations where that is a major religion.  My bad.

And is this idea that a militant ideology can only be done by men?  Do you not read history?  Look into Margaret Thatcher.  You tell me how she was not into militant action.  Or Cleopatra.  Or Queen Elizabeth I.  There are plenty of female leaders who have been just as bloodthirsty as men.  But that isn’t even what Dawkins wanted.  He has never, EVER advocated for violence against these people.  He wants activism, sure, but that’s not the same thing.  So this argument sucks too.

As a capitalist-fueled institution, New Atheism has established itself as a mirror image of religion, with Dawkins & Friends situating themselves at the pinnacle of the movement–in the role of God.

Wow.  Oh yeah, I totally worship at my Richard Dawkins statue today.  I prayed to my atheist god – Almighty Groj.  I asked for him to keep oppressing the womens.  Because that’s TOTALLY not an insulting caricature of atheism, right?  Right?

Feminist philosopher Elizabeth Grosz put it this way: “God is dead; long live man! Nietzsche said it all, and Dawkins [and the male leaders of the movement] have resurrected man as god,” she told Quartz in an email.

Feminist philosopher.  There’s a title.  And clearly this person is an idiot.  When Nietzsche said that “god is dead,” he didn’t mean a literal God is literally dead.  What he meant was that religion’s role as a moral guide in society was over.  He hated authoritarianism wherever he found it.  Yeah, that clues me in to what he would think of you and yours.

The mirroring of religion is apparent in the movement’s structural hierarchy. White men are at the top, serving as featured speakers at events and figureheads of the movement. Everyone else remains in the pews and balconies. This social stratification is both sexist and racist.

Does this person believe that atheist “events” are the grand signifiers of the atheist “movement?”  Like, all you see there is what people are supposed to take away from atheism?  From what I understand, the conference scene is dead because no one wants to go listen to people talk about their atheism.  We have places like YouTube for that.  And boy howdy.  The crowd of atheism on YouTube is a grand old menagerie.  Granted, things have changed a little since I got on board.  Still, we have gay people, straight people, black people, white people, men, and women.  We got all types.  Sure, PZ Myers hates on them.  Like when he went after Jaclyn Glenn for making fun of people like you, Quartz.  The funny thing about people like you is that there are all kinds of voices, unless they don’t agree with you.  Any dissenting minority must be ignored or blocked.  And dissenting women are fair game for mocking and ridicule. After being blocked, of course.  If all you take away from atheism is what the conference scene is, then you deserve to be as uninformed as you are.

No wonder atheism is not attractive to women. As Katha Pollitt wrote for the Nation, “Why would women join a movement led by sexists and populated by trolls?” Like other forms of liberal misogyny (the Bernie Bros are a recent example), atheism engages in a type of social Darwinism that objectifies women just because they’re women. For these men, misogyny is not based in religion at all, but in biology. They claim to be about liberating people from the shackles of religion. But in importing sexism into the movement, they’ve brought religion’s biggest problem with them.

And here’s what we end on.  You being dumb!  There is no movement.  If a woman doesn’t believe in God, she’s an atheist.  Here’s a link to a fantastic video by Jaclyn Glenn talking about this whole “Bernie Bros,” thing, and the fact that women think that Clinton is just great based on the sole reasoning that she has a vagina.  I’ll let another woman pwn you into oblivion there.  Your arguments are based on bad research and citations of Buzzfeed, Salon, and The Guardian.  A trifecta of bullshit publications.  Oh, wait, there was a Pew Research poll.  Guess you had to have some actual research in there somewhere.

End of the day, the fact is – atheism is not a religion.  If you don’t believe in god, you’re an atheist.  There is no movement, other than what these imbeciles imagine.  We tried that, but then the infighting happened, and it died pretty quick.  Sorry if that doesn’t give you warm and fuzzies.

Comment, Like, all that jazz.

Until next time, a quote,

“I despise people who believe in something without evidence, and then go out and attack other people.”  -Richard Dawkins

Peace out,



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