RAB: Social Justice and Facebook

Anyone who has had extensive interaction with SJWs on Twitter knows that no matter how you try and phrase it, if you present an argument that does not go with what they have to say, you are getting blocked.  It’s the reason that the likes of Anita Sarkeesian will NEVER have a discussion with anyone outside of her echo chamber.  Or, if it is an interview, it’s scripted as fuck and she won’t have to answer any questions that she doesn’t like.  Remember her appearance on The Colbert Report?  Colbert asked her the softest of softball questions (name three games that promote misogyny), and it was almost comical how he was having to cover for her.  I felt bad for him.  It was abundantly clear that the interview with her was him being under obligation from Comedy Central.

Still, these people do NOT want to talk to those who don’t agree with them.  They will just write you off as some buzzword just like that.  It’s annoying, but what can you do?  There’s a reason that I have conservatives and liberals that I follow.  I am pretty liberal, but I keep an open mind because I actually get challenged sometimes.  And that’s a good thing.  If your ideas never get any legitimate challenge, then how can you grow?

Which brings me to someone on Facebook.  Much like Twitter, I am friends with people on all sides of the political spectrum.  It’s part of what I like about it.  I have had some pretty hardcore conversations with people who don’t agree with me.  It’s good stuff.  But then I run into someone of the social justice persuasion.  Though I will admit, not all of them.  I have a friend who has some social justice ideas, but he hasn’t drank the Kool-Aid enough to be full on SJW.  We’ve disagreed on stuff, but I still enjoy his company because we can talk about it, and get pretty serious.  That’s good.

But then we have people like another former friend of mine, who I normally don’t talk to.  She posted a TON of stuff about “privilege” and the various “phobias” out there.  I’ve always said to myself – it’s not worth picking a fight.  You know how it will end.  But today I I decided that I had enough.  She shared some bullshit thing on Twitter talking about how a rich guy does something bad, and it’s an example of “rich white male privilege.”  I decided that I was annoyed and wanted to put this stupidity in its place.  Because this idea that there is “male privilege” or “white privilege” is so much bullshit.  Why can’t I cash in on this?  I’m living in poverty, so why can’t I get in on that action?  Come on, Privilege Fairy!  Throw some my way!

Naturally, I posed my disagreement, in my usual fashion, and of course she decided to send me some wonderfully-biased articles that all referenced someone else.  Because who wants to be original?  I read them, and it was just talking about some essay from a woman named Peggy McIntosh.  I wonder if she’s related to Sarkeesian’s man-slave.  Will look into that.  So yeah, unimpressed, I replied back that I believed her articles articulating just how awful white people are were just a bunch of First World problems.  You probably know what comes next.  I get told “BUH BYE” and then I saw later she posted a comment about how racist I was.  After I was blocked from replying, of course.  Whatever.

The thing that this leads me into is wondering something – how is it the social justice community can be like this?  How is it that they can live in their echo chambers?  Something to know about me, I kind of like to be exposed to new things.  My favorite stories are the ones that got me to thinking and made me ponder about stuff.  Same with my favorite films and video games.  I love that sort of stuff.  How is it that these people can just dive head-long into their echo chambers and never look back?  You would think that their “safe spaces” would get so boring after a while.  Like, how much do you want to be told things you already believe?  How much do you want to have your own opinions thrown back at you, without any critique of any kind?

What happened to the Atheism + group was that it became just a giant echo chamber.  That’s all it is now.  Just one big endless circle-jerk, where everyone but the mods have been banned, and they continually check each other’s privilege.  Every time social justice comes into a community, that’s what it becomes.  How do people live that way?  How do all those demi-pan-fluid-sexual, dragonkin people survive in a community where they are just figuratively blowing each other all the time?  That would get so boring after a while!  I like a good argument, from time to time.  It’s the reason I don’t mod comments. (by the way, if you ever comment and it doesn’t appear, know that i have to approve new people, since I can’t just have that be automatic.  And sometimes legit comments end up in the Spam folder, so I have to go in there once or twice a month and clean up) Because when you have open discourse, people learn things.  It’s a good thing.  But maybe that’s just me talking.

Until next time, a quote,

“Everyone thinks that all the bells echo their own thoughts.”  – Proverb

Peace out,



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