A Shocked Farewell to GT…

GameTrailersFor those who didn’t know, it was just announced that GameTrailers, a site that has been very good about gamer content, is closing their doors.  I’m shocked.  No joke, it’s a genuine shock to me.  More than anything, it is so damn unfortunate.  And to be honest, with GameTrailers dying, I am kind of worried about the state of the industry.  I mean, we have this site, which has been pretty pro-consumer and has put out some damn good content for years.  These people aren’t Kotaku.  They aren’t Polygon.  If those “journalists” lost their jobs, no one would lament.  But these people were huge!  They were still producing some damn good content.  I just watched their review for a game called Firewatch, and I look forward to getting my hands on it.  Someday.  When I have money again.  What is going on in the industry right now?

That’s not a rhetorical question.  I legit want to know.  There is something really messed about the games industry right now, and I honestly don’t like it.  When I first heard of them, it was to watch their reviews.  I hated the fact that they didn’t put their reviews on YouTube, but it was still worth it so that I could see what games were out that I wanted to play.  Now that’s gone.  Those personalities and all the content they made is dead and buried.  That sucks!  What’s more, I can’t help but feel bad for all the people who worked there, now jobless and thrust back out into the maw that is the job market.  Trust me, I know EXACTLY how you feel.

I’m honestly not sure what else to say.  A site with all the production power and talent like GT is just going down the shitter.  Who is next?  This genuinely can’t be a good sign for the industry, and I am nervous as fuck about where things are headed.  Because these people were a household name in gaming.  If it can be them, then who’s next?  Anyway, I will say that I wish the people there, like Brandon Jones and Kyle Bosman all the best.  I hope they all land on their feet.  This must have been hard for them as well.  Hopefully I’ll get to hear Brandon Jones’ voice doing reviews on another avenue.  Maybe he will be doing his own videos or partnering with another network.

It’s a sad day in gaming.  So many games that I came to love, I heard about through them.  Games like The Last of Us, or Arkham City.  This is so nuts.  Who knows where things are going to go next.

Until next time, a quote,

“There is no real ending.  Just a place where you stop the story.”  -Frank Herbert

Peace out,



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