RAB: Chronicle and Deadpool

1. Chronicle

I just got done watching the film Chronicle.  First time seeing it, and it was really good.  Sure, the acting was a little bad, sometimes, but I think the thing that appealed to me is the fact that it was so true-to-life in respect to what being a kid and getting superpowers would be like.  Let’s be honest – all of us wanted something amazing like that to happen to us when we were kids.  Whatever it was, whether it was going to Neverland or getting invited to Hogwarts or whatever it was, we all wanted something like that to happen to us.  What kid didn’t dream of finding some nuclear ooze or alien artifact or some shit and then it giving us superpowers?  We all wanted that.  Part of me still does.  This leftover inner child that is so fucking miserable.

But the truth is that we all don’t want to admit it, but getting superpowers would SUCK.  It would be awesome, at first.  But then you find someone who is pissing you off, or whatever, and then you use it to hurt that person.  You’d hate yourself or be afraid or whatever.  Maybe you’d lay off.  Who knows.  Point is, you’d still have that temptation in the back of your mind.  Empathy is important, and I think almost everyone has it.  But human nature is unpredictable.  You do shit when emotions get mixed up in your life.  For a normal person, that might mean that you say some shit that you didn’t mean to say.  But with superpowers, it’s a whole different thing.  You won’t be able to control the part of you that normally is limited by just being pissed.  Now you can hurt the person who hurts you.  Now, you can fuck with the person being an asshole in traffic.  It’s a frightening thought.  That film just had telekinesis.  Imagine if you could control flame and were a kid in high school.  Nightmare stuff.

Still, it’s a good movie.  The kind of movie that gets me to thinking.  Weird that it’s a found-footage movie about superpowers.  You wouldn’t think that that would be the film to do it.  Part of the reason that I have no intention of writing a review for it.  That would just be a waste of effort.  Objectively, it isn’t the greatest movie.  My passion for it is totally subjective..  Maybe because I feel for that awkward kid.  Imagine the kid that was treated like shit in you high school.  Maybe that was you.  But if it wasn’t, and you saw that kid getting fucked up, how quickly would you see that kid deciding one day not to take it anymore?  Like I said, Nightmare stuff.  There’s a reason that Carrie is one of my favorite books.  That seemed pretty accurate to how a social outcast getting unimaginable power would have happen. It’s all fun and games, until the wrong person fucks with them on the wrong day, and then hopefully you aren’t in their way when they’re on the warpath.

2. Deadpool

Was that depressing enough for you?  Well, here’s something else – I kind of hate how so many people are going so nuts about the new Deadpool movie.  I am excited, but here’s the thing – I actually knew who this character was before this movie!  I’ve never been much for comics, but I had actually gotten to know this character.  I was just as insulted as other comic book nerds were when they saw what was done to him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  I was one of the people who thought that while the game based on him was mediocre, its saving grace was how faithful it was to the character, and the incredible performance by Nolan North that brought him to life so well.  Respect, North!  You did awesome.  The gameplay might have been repetitive garbage, but you still made it fun.  I gotta give you props.

Then I realize what my actual problem is – I hate how trendy comic book culture has become.  The only reason SJWs actually care about this stuff is because it’s trendy.  These fucking hipsters didn’t give two shits about ANY of this stuff until it became mainstream and popular.  The moment that it became big enough to have a following, it was now something that was totally their favorite thing.  We get Facebook pages like “Geeks are Sexy.”  Oh yeah?  Where were you when I was in school?  When you’d have these kids wearing Star Wars shirts, not realizing that they are female-repellent?  Where were you then, ladies?  Oh, right, back then you were on boy bands and the other popular deals.

Comic book culture has gone very mainstream, and I think something has been lost along the way.  Now movies are being made that are safe, made to appeal to a wide audience, and above all – marketable.  For the days when comic book movies were a gamble.  Back then, we got some pretty cool movies.  We got movies like The Crow, Blade (The first one, not the shitty ass sequels.  For both films) and even sleeper successes like The Mask of Zorro.  These movies were a risk, so when you made one, you had to take a chance on who you would appeal to.  Now, these movies are almost guaranteed to rake in huge bucks, so taking risks is suddenly a bad idea.  As such, these films are becoming stale as fuck.

But maybe that is the good thing about the new Deadpool movie.  The fact that this is the first comic book film in ages that is actually taking real risks.  Because of that, China says that they won’t show it.  Which means that there will likely never be a sequel to it.  Oh well.  I say – I’d rather have one really badass movie with a character that I really like, than a bunch of safe and marketable movies that strip away all the cool factor from the Merc with the Mouth.  I’ll take that any day.  Don’t know about all of you.

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments.  Part of why I do these RAB posts is to generate dialogue.  I am eager to hear your perspective.

Until next time, a quote,

“I don’t have time for your X-Men bullshit, Colossus!  Besides, nobody’s getting hurt!”  -Deadpool, Deadpool

Peace out,



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