Hillary, Your Defenders Suck (A response to Cosmopolitan)

You know what the mainstream media has been giving Shillary Clinton since the beginning of her campaign?  A good ball-washing.  They have kissed her ass so much that it is almost amazing.  Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders has been trash-talked or ignored by almost every mainstream news outlet.  It’s odd.  Meanwhile, he is drawing bigger crowds than even Obama did, running against an establishment candidate who has ties that lead to places like Time Warner, who owns CNN.  No wonder they kissed her ass so much after the debate.  While Bernie was at an event in Iowa, drawing a huge crowd, Clinton was at a fund-raiser for the rich and powerful.  Her coffers are being filled by very rich people, who want Clinton to respect the establishment and not fight to change anything.

Clinton’s latest attack ad against Sanders basically says, “his plan won’t work anyway, so vote for me!”  Real mature, Shillary.  Not to mention stupid.  Are you actually promoting the idea to your voters that instead of choosing to go for a candidate we believe in, we should just settle for you?  Fuck you, you modern carpet-bagger.

However, that’s not how Cosmopolitan sees it.  In a new article, they make the argument that the fact that millennials don’t support Shillary isn’t rooted in the fact that it has been proven that she is a corporate shill.  It’s because we’re all a bunch of complete sexists.  Of course we are.  Here’s a link to their article.  Now let’s talk about it.

Gipple is right that many young voters are critical of Clinton. A recent ABC News/Washington Postpoll found that slightly more than half of adults find Clinton dishonest or not trustworthy. Days ahead of the Iowa caucus, she isneck-and-neck with her opponent Bernie Sanders and it’s in large part due to his appeal among younger people.

We’re tired of the establishment and how they are doing NOTHING to combat the corporate welfare state, or the fact that our generation is getting screwed by Clinton’s.  We’re tired of corporate candidates who are in the pockets of whoever can buy their votes.  But I’m sure that you have some other reason.  You go on to say a good deal of people’s issues with her, but that can’t be right.  There has to be something else, right?  Some other reason?  What could that be?

If we’re talking about political revolutions, however, voting a woman into office is pretty damn historic — especially a woman who has been an outspoken advocate for women’s rights long before feminism was en vogue.

Here we go.  Don’t vote for someone because of their values.  Vote for them because they have a vagina and are feminist..  To hell with the fact that it is OBVIOUS to anyone who pays attention that she is a bought candidate.  That she’s part of a system where millionaires and billionaires buy candidates.  Screw that.  Vote for her because of the vag.  Um, how about no?  How about I vote because I believe in a candidate?  How about that?

The criticism Gipple waged against Clinton — that she is “dishonest” — is not new. Though perhaps spurred by the email scandal or by accusations that she enabled and obscured Bill Clinton’s womanizing,

Nope!  We think she’s dishonest because she’s bought and paid for!  What is with this strategy?  Is the idea that since you can’t appeal to young voters due to their scrutiny of a corporate candidate, you are just going to try and shame us with calling us sexist?  Is that it?  Hey Shillary, did you approve this?  How much did Cosmo give you for this little ball-washing?  This is the last vestige of someone who has NO good arguments, and instead has to just use emotion tactics to try and stree a ship that she no longer has control over back on course.  I half-expect this person to say that people who don’t’ support Shillary are misogynists…

That’s why the criticisms wielded against Clinton from the younger generation right now seem unfair and yes, even sexist. As Lena Dunham, who is campaigning for Clinton, told Jill Abramson in the Guardian,  “It feels so gendered, even from women, so harshly sexist. We never throw claims of too establishment or too stiff or even too selfish at male politicians. It’s unfair in the deepest sense.”

Nice to know that Shillary has a sexual predator representing her.  Nice one, honey.  And really?  We never brought up too establishment against a male politician?  Were you just asleep during the Republican primaries of 2012?  I guess so, since pretty much everyone made sport of the fact that Mitt Romney was an establishment candidate.  It’s part of the reason that nobody liked him in the Republican electorate.  Pretty ALL of the criticisms that are being leveled at Shillary were leveled at Romney.  He was boring, bought, and was basically looking out for his corporate donors.  Though, this is Cosmo.  The day that someone who reads this magazine actually is informed is the day I have a foot-long cock.

It may explain, in part, why she has developed a reputation for being scripted and even dishonest, and it may also explain why she is not willing to take as many risks with her campaign. Her avowal of feminism may not seem so revolutionary in an era where “FEMINIST” blazes behind Beyoncé performing at the VMAs, but let’s not forget that it is, in no small part, thanks to Clinton, that young people today can imagine a woman in the White House.

And there you have it – I’m a woman, and I’m a feminist.  Vote for me.  Um…how about no?  How about I don’t vote for a candidate who has been bought by the Super PACs?  How about I vote for a candidate who stands against the millionaires and billionaires?  How about I don’t support a candidate who is basically whatever she feels the breeze wants her to be.  It blew toward gay marriage being wrong, so she didn’t support that.  Now she claims that she always did.  It blew toward America wanting to bomb Iraq and Afghanistan, so she supported that.   Now she claims that she never did.  Shillary is a candidate without her own opinions.  All she cares about is being in power.

Iowa and New Hampshire, do NOT let this person become the next candidate.  How about we actually fight back against this corporate culture, instead of putting someone into power who will enable it, on the sole reason that she has a vagina.  If it was Elizabeth Warren running, I would be supporting her.  But she eschewed that to stay in the Senate and keep fighting the good fight.  I respect the hell out of that.  A female President would be fine, but not this one.  This one will just give us more of the same.

Until next time, a quote,

“We can’t become what we want by remaining what we are.”  -Max de Pree

Peace out,



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