Iowa and New Hampshire Need to #FeelTheBern

The primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire are almost upon us.  I am putting this out to implore the people of those states about something.  This is important.  You all need to pay very close attention.  If any of my regular audience know people there, send this to them!  We have to make sure they understand what’s at stake here!  This isn’t even about the Republican side of this.  They aren’t going to win, regardless.  This is about who you actually believe is worth representing you in the upcoming election, assuming you are a Democrat.  Although, not only Democrats are for the candidate I support.  But we’ll get to that.

Hillary Clinton has no feelings of her own.  Her actual beliefs and opinions are locked away in a chest that is protected by a chains that were forged in the hottest dungeons of Hell, which is locked by an ancient lock made of valyrian steel.  It is protected by an ancient and powerful pirate curse that can only be broken by cutting off the head of a bat and draining the blood on the lock.  The chest is buried at the deepest part of the Mariana Trench, in a place where no vehicle could possibly reach it.  That’s where the actual view of Shillary are located.  She is a candidate who has only ever gone where the wind blows.  She has no opinions.

Throughout her career, Clinton has gone back and forth on all sorts of issues.  She was against gay marriage, until she was for it.  When the country wanted it.  She was all for going to war in the Middle East.  Now she’s against it.  She opposes single-payer healthcare, which is insane.  Did you listen to her defense of private insurance?  Gee, makes me wonder if she’s getting money from them.

Speaking of money, Clinton is all over that Super PAC money.  She has been a corporate Democrat her entire political career.  She gets donations from all sorts of moneyed interests, and it’s a shock that she has ideas that favor the companies that are shipping jobs overseas and bankrupting this country.  When Sanders called her out on it during one of the debates, she literally pulled this move –

It’s weird how prophetic Family Guy was.  This is the candidate that you would be supporting, but supporting Shillary.  Someone who literally pulls the 9/11 card when Bernie backed her into a corner.

Let’s take a moment to talk about Bernie Sanders.  He has consistently stood by what he believes in.  He has been a fervent defender of the American people.  He has not taken in any major donations from corporations, instead running on the money that he gets from the people who believe in him.  This man has stood up for what he believes, even when the rest of the American people didn’t agree.  He stood against the war in Iraq, both times.  At least the second time, people listened to him.  The first time he stood against the war in Iraq, before Desert Storm, here’s what his impassioned speech was –

Did you see how empty that room was?  Did you see how little his speech mattered?  But there he was, still fighting for what he believed in.  Because it mattered.  That’s the kind of leadership we need now.  Someone who can fight fervently, even when nobody is there to listen.  Because now there are people there to listen.  Not just Democrats, but also conservatives have given this man a look.

If you vote for Hillary in the primaries, you are voting for the corporate system that is keeping the country in bondage.  You are voting for someone who is going to help the people who are robbing us.  The 1% that her husband helped give power to by breaking apart legislation surrounding them.  This is who you’re going to vote for.  Don’t.  From me to you, don’t do that.  Let’s give the populist candidate his time.  We have conservatives and liberals coming together around a candidate who we’ve seen puts his money where his mouth is, not licking his finger and seeing which way the wind blows.  That’s what voting for Hillary is.

The choice is yours, but really, make the right one.  Otherwise, just vote for Trump.  Because if the corporations are going to drive this country into the ground, we might as well at least make it funny.

Until next time, a quote,

“What this campaign is about is saying that our great country, and our government, belong to all of the people and not a handful of billionaires.”  -Bernie Sanders

Peace out,



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