What is Your Problem With Women? (A response to Feminist Frequency)

You ever notice something – Anita Sarkeesian and her man-slave Josh McIntosh don’t like women. Check that – they don’t like women’s bodies.  At all.  Video after video where they make a very big to-do after how women look when they are in video games.  Their latest video is where they FINALLY lay out all of their excuses why they haven’t kept ANY of their Kickstarter promises.  Wait, no, that’s wrong.  We’ll never get that video.  When Leo Pirate did his open letter asking the two for a refund of his Kickstarter money (linked here), all that got him was blocked by Feminist Frequency’s Twitter.  Yeah, because they are all about talking to their critics, am I right?

I am posting this as a response to Feminist Frequency because if you looked at the post on their Kickstarter about their project, it’s become abundantly clear that Sarkeesian wants out of all of this.  I already figured it before, but now I know.  Her next videos are going to be brief little 5-10 minutes bullshits, and as I saw with today’s video, it is SO much troll-bait.  After all, why bother trying to talk about something when you can just get the trolls to go after you? The alternative is that Anita REALLY has a problem with women, their bodies, or REALLY wants to just look at men’s bodies.  Why do I bring that up?  Simple – because her latest video is all about comparing women’s asses to men for six and a half minutes.  Let me show you the video, then we can talk about it.  Because unlike some people, I actually do want to talk about things, and it means something to me when there can be discourse.  Josh-y boy and his owner Anita don’t.  Although, I guess Anita isn’t his owner anymore.

Let me put a thought out there before we do this – Anita doesn’t want to be a part of Feminist Frequency anymore.  She’s tired of it.  Not hard to see why.  Gaming is tired of her.  They are tired of her man-slave.  Even feminism seems bored with her.  Now they’ve moved on to other social movements to invade and take apart.  The tide of the war against social justice in gaming looks to be turning.  It’s slow, sure, but there’s progress.  That’s a start, right?  Anita wants to be in a classroom.  It’s where she never left, and it’s where she wants to go.  The bulk of her money comes from speaking engagements, where she can go to wonderful echo chambers and not have to deal with anyone questioning her.  After all, as we’ve learned in the University of California system, questioning accusations is now punishable.  Anita wants to be a podium lecturing in a safe space.  This video games war is somewhere that we can fight back, and she’s found out how ugly the fight can be.  So much so that she actually went to the UN and compared actual oppression of women in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran to her being told she sucks on the Internet.  It’s amazing, really.  She wants to ditch Feminist Frequency, and let her man-slave take over.  My money is on most of the videos in the future being made by the man-slave.  Anita is tired of what she’s gotten wrapped up in, and wants to hand it off.  She’s no longer the face of her channel.  She’s been replaced by a logo.  Once she leaves, I doubt I will ever talk about this channel again.  So let’s enjoy it while we can, right?

Just when you think it’s all going to be about hot women in games (that both men AND women enjoy.  Because the day Feminist Frequency acknowledges lesbian and bisexual women is the day the hottest parts of Hell freeze over), you then see the Feminist Frequency logo pop up.  Damn it all.  And you’re right, Anita.  A girl’s butt won’t tell me all about her.  But you seem to believe that a character with a nice ass suddenly doesn’t have anything else to offer.  I’m amazed this video didn’t use any footage from your pal Valis.  He’s captured footage in games where he ogles at women’s asses for just that purpose.  Don’t know who I’m talking about?  Get a load of this.  There are plenty of good characters in games who have a nice ass to look at.  Like a character from a bad game – Lightning, in Final Fantasy XIII.  That game sucks, but the main character is interesting.  She’s well-acted.  And she has a great ass.  I care more about the fact that she is well-acted, and the high point of an otherwise-terrible game, but still.  So your point is kind of mute.  I don’t look at a girl’s ass to get to know her personality.  I talk to her for that.  But a nice ass is a nice ass, and that’s totally fine.  Women who wear yoga pants are aware of what they are doing, you know.  If it’s cool in real life, then what the fuck is the problem with it in video games?  Part of me thinks that you have a problem with women, Anita.

With all the time you spend complaining about seeing a woman’s ass, do you have a problem with women, Anita?  You go on at length about men’s asses, and your blase tone almost shows signs of perking up.  Liking a nice ass on a man, Anita?  That’s totally cool.  A nice ass is a nice ass to me.  Don’t know where you are.  See, Anita doesn’t seem to understand that women’s asses are the way they are for a reason.  It’s an evolutionary reason.  Back when were apes in trees, a nice ass was something that a male would notice.  It was designed to attract the males.  Just like how breasts developed to attract the males when we became bi-pedal, the ass was there when we weren’t.  This point matters when you look at her video overall.  Because her entire argument seems to boil down to – female ass = bad!  Need more man ass!  So either she is scientifically illiterate (a trait commonly shared by these feinting-couch feminists), or just REALLY wants to see man-ass, and doesn’t want to see female.  There are whole segments where she is ogling men’s asses in games!  Is she trolling, at this point?

We get her shoddy statements that are made with NO citation of any kind.  Basically – man see ass.  Man like ass.  Man objectify woman because ass.  She even argues that seeing an ass hardwires men to view women sexually.  A contention with NO evidence.  Of any kind.  Anywhere.  Somebody prove me wrong.  She argues that there are great lengths gone to to cover up men’s asses.  Citation?  You know what the developers are thinking?  That’s a stretch.  Especially since you have NEVER shown that you understand game development in the slightest.  I just love how she keeps harping on Bayonetta.  This is a go-to game for people like her, and ALL of them seem to just deliberately forget that this character was designed by a woman.  She was designed as a power fantasy.  That is the kind of character she wishes she could be.  A character in control of her sexuality and not afraid of her body.  The exact opposite of modern puritanical feminists.

Anita makes this really weird argument that Max in Life is Strange is a good representation of women’s butts in a game, saying that they don’t show off her ass.  Hey Anita, you do realize that there is a scene in this game where both the female protagonists are in their underwear in a swimming pool?  And they don’t shy away from the fact that they have female bodies.  This is why people say that Anita isn’t a gamer.  Because it’s abundantly clear that the information she gets is second-hand, and she never plays these games herself.

She then makes the argument that the over-the-shoulder camera angle in games is done to hide men’s asses.  Are you kidding me?!  This has to be trolling.  At this point, it’s abundantly clear that Anita isn’t trying anymore, and made this whole video just to stir up dust.  That was it.  She just wants to rile people up for her “look at the hate” stuff for her conferences or the next time she gets to tell her sob-story to the UN.  She wants out, so she isn’t bothering to even try.

Maybe this is for the best.  Instead of going out on some grand high-note that has people talking for years, we get to watch Feminist Frequency quietly fade into the background.  The backers all jumped ship.  At least the ones who actually wanted something for their money.  So now we are just watching the sad, broken leftovers that Anita and her man-slave are going to throw at us, just to be done with it.  And so am I.  This was the last one, because this video has perfectly summarized everything you need to know about this series, and what the future of this channel is.

Until next time, a quote,

“This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.” – T.S. Eliot

Peace out,



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