The Music I Grew Up With

I’ve been watching the latest Musical Autopsy video from A Dose of Buckley, and I got to thinking about something – the music I grew up with.  See, unlike the girl in the video that he was dissecting, I actually did grow up in the 90’s.  Well, some of the 90’s.  I was born in 1988, which means that I spent a good couple years of the 90’s in diapers.  Then I was a kid.  But I do remember some things about the music that I grew up with.  This post is probably just going to be self-indulgent, but I will have an avenue for all of you to tell me some stuff in the Comments down below.  We’ll get there when we get there.  Truth is, part of me wants to see what memories come back to me.  After my head injury, the past is a strange animal to me.  So, with that in mind, let’s try and figure this out.

First thing to know is – a lot of the music I grew up with was oldies.  It’s what my parents listened to, and it’s what I listened to.  Well, that and classical music.  The first Disney film I ever watched is my second-favorite movie of all time, Fantasia.  It formed my love of classical music and my love of 2D animation.  A style that I SO lament having died the death it did.  I wish it would come back in this country.  I doubt it will ever happen, but I can dream, can’t I?  So that was the kind of music that I grew up with the most.  I have memories of spending time with my grandma Mary (she’s just Grandma to me) listening to my favorite piece of classical music of all time – Clair De Lune – on a cassette tape.  The tape that was on, I must have listened to it a thousand times.  One of the many memories I have of spending time with her.  Makes me lament the countless memories that have been atom-bombed out of existence when I smashed my skull open.

The next thing that I grew up with was jazz.  I thank one of my oldest and dearest girly-mates for getting me into that.  Or rather, her dad.  Her dad and I had a VERY antagonistic relationship with one-another.  Truth be told, I liked the guy for that.  He was the only adult in my life who gave shit to me, and who had no qualms with me giving shit back to him.  It helped keep my rapier wit sharp.  I honestly have missed having such a person in my life.  If it weren’t for my trolling people on Twitter and various boards, my skills would have gone soft ages ago.  He was an asshole, but so am I.  I always was something of a little shit.  So we got along great.  When him and my girly-mate’s mom got a divorce, I always missed that connection.  Were it not for a guy-cousin of mine who I have had a long-standing shit-giving relationship with, I don’t think my wit would be what it is today.  The memories are coming back.  This feels good.

Anyway, after that amazing tangent, I got into jazz.  The big-band stuff.  But I have something to admit to you – I have a dark secret.  I listened to the Kenny G style smooth jazz.  I know, I know, it’s terrible.  I was young, and my tastes were as odd as I was as a kid.  There is a song that I remembered playing on the smooth jazz radio station growing up.  It’s been driving me nuts!  I couldn’t remember what it was.  Then I remembered.  This is the first song that I remember.  It is the oldest memory I have with clarity – listening to this song in my bedroom on the radio, feeling the breeze come in on my face in the summer.

Another thing I remember being into, music-wise – Smash Mouth.  Whatever you are about to say, stow it.  That shit is catchy!  I still listen to that now.  The aforementioned girly-mate and I would listen to them together.  I remember when we’d be in her room, listening to Smash Mouth and hanging out.  Fond memories.  My music memories are tied in entirely with her.  The brother I never had and I weren’t much for the musical selection.  If you want to talk to me about gaming back in the day, that is where him and I shined the most.  Anyway, Smash Mouth was both popular back in my time growing up, and I will admit to liking it.

Here is where I have to get a little bit bashful.  I am going to send this post to the lady-friend, and I am going to see if this makes her feel a little ashamed to.  There was another group that I was into, growing up.  Listening to their stuff now, it is downright ear sodomy.  But I was young!  It was what was the jamming tunes to hear.  Those of you who know this group, let’s see how many of you will be willing to own up to listening to them – Eiffel 65.  A French electronica group.  Their tune “Blue” was HUGE for a while.  So was their tune “Move Your Body.”  For all you kids today who wanted to know what club music was like back in the day, now you know.  It was electronica madness like that.  Look up those songs, and you’ll learn something about history.  I still, to this day, have their one and only CD they ever released.  I have ALL my old CDs.  I’m retro as fuck like that.

Then there was the music that the Sister was into.  Anyone who knows the 90’s knows what females in the 90’s were listening to.  Anyone wanna put in a guess?  Boy-bands.  The mid to late-90’s boy-bands were among the signature things that marked an era.  After Kurt Cobain and the style he brought forward died (the saddest fucking thing ever), that was the big thing that replaced it.  If I could tell you all the amount of days that I spent having to have my sister’s insufferable fucking taste in music blasted from her room on her stereo, I would tell you of the most hellish time.  It’s part of the reason that I spent so much time in the basement or outside.  Got me away from her shitty-ass music.

Another musical memory I have was from a tape that a friend of the family made for my grandparents on their 50th anniversary.  It was “Just the Way You Are,” by Billy Joel.  I still have memories tied to that song.  I have memories tied to a couple songs by Billy Joel.  He’s one of my favorite musicians now.  I happen to know that my mother reads my site, so this might bring back some sad memories.  Part of me always wondered what happened to that tape.  Copies were given to the family.  With my grandmother having passed last year, it seems like a nice way to keep their memories going.  If I could find that old VHS, there are ways to turn those into DVDs.  Or digital files, but I like having a hard copy of stuff.  Remember what I was saying about having my old CDs?  That song takes me back to my grandparents on the mum’s side.  I was never as tight with them as I was with Grandma.  Part of it was proximity.  The other part was that my grandma Betty and I just bumped-heads in the worst way.  She was a nice gal, but I admit that we didn’t always get along.  Grandpa White was a good guy.  My memories of going to Seward with them in the summer are among the fondest memories I have of growing up.

The last musical memories I have are listening to Christmas music during the holiday season.  Remember what I said about oldies being what my parents listened to?  Same deal.  I LOVE the old stuff in that regard.  Maybe should have made this post during the holiday season, but whatever.  I’m here now, and I am writing this.  I am certain that the old cassette tapes that I listened to to DEATH are gone.  No joke, the old cassettes of Christmas music from the members of the Rat Pack and Johnny Mathis and their ilk were ones that I listened to almost as much as I watched my old VHS tape of Fantasia.  It was insane.  The memories I have of decorating the tree, watching the snow fall, and just being a kid during that time of year.  Makes me wish I could go back.  Living the adult life is doing me no favors.  Living past my head injury hasn’t done me any favors.  In the back of my mind, part of me has always wished that I hadn’t.  That that had been the end of it for me.  The endless medical problems.  The depression caused by brain damage.  It has been an unending hell, that everyone keeps telling me will get better.  But it doesn’t.  I just keep being here, suffering through it.

So yeah, that is the music I grew up with.  Here’s where I want all of you to get involved.  Tell me some of your musical stories in the Comments.  For real, I want to know.  What was the music that you grew up with, and has that music stayed with you?  Let’s all regale our history of days of old.

Until next time, a quote,

“When I was a kid, growing up, music was the escape.  That’s the only thing that had no judgements.  You know?  You could put on a record and it’s not gonna yell at you for dressing the way you do.  It’s gonna make you feel better about it.”  -Marilyn Manson, Bowling For Columbine

Peace out,



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