You’re Forcing Students to Reveal Their Sex Lives to Register? (A response to USC)

You know something I don’t talk about on this site?  My sex life.  For starters, it’s none of you all’s damn business.  For another point, it would end up not only betraying my privacy, but the privacy of the people I have been intimate with.  I’ve vaguely talked about my personal life, like in a post where I talked about the misconceptions of Dom/sub relationships.  I said that I’ve been on both sides of that dynamic, and it’s true.  But I didn’t say with who, when, or why.  Just that it happened, and that that was that.  I will never say who I have been intimate with, or in what specific ways I have been intimate with those people.  Ever.  That’s none of anyone’s business but me and theirs.

So when I came across an article that talked about a new mandatory course that all prospective students at the University of Southern California (USC) have to take in order to apply for classes, I was more than a little surprised by what I found.  Here’s a link to the article, now let’s talk about it.

As I said, there’s a new course at USC that all potential students have to take in order to register.  Failure to do so will result in a hold on their account until it has been taken.  This course is about Title IX, and part of it requires that students disclose not only the number of sex partners they have had, but in what ways they are having sex with said partners. Asking if they have sex under the influence.  Asking how often they do it with their partner(s).  That is the questionnaire these potential students are given, and they are told that they will be denied entry into the university until they fill it out.  That’s what this is.  Check out the link above.  It’s all there.

Following this questionnaire, there is a video that tells students all about sexual assault.  In one part of the video, they say that someone who is under the influence cannot consent to sex, but when two people are blitzed, it’s the man’s fault for drunken sex.  That’s the story that’s being told. So, we have a class that invades potential students privacy and then a video that gives them a biased perspective on sex that blatantly has it out for men over women.  That’s what we’re being asked to accept.  Then there is another part of the video that talks about how kids need to challenge “gender stereotypes.”

In other words – this class is all about indoctrination.  They want to force kids to think like they do, while invading their privacy in the process.  Here’s a question – if someone came up to your 18 year old child and started asking them about their sex life, would you be cool with that?  What if it’s a person in a position of authority?  They come up and ask your child about how much sex they are having, with how many people, and whether or not alcohol is involved.  Parents, do tell me – does that sit right with you?  Do you want someone who you don’t know to have intimate knowledge of your child’s sexual history?  Which is gotten by forced consent?  Because that’s what’s happened here.  These children are being coerced into a reeducation course that both invades their privacy and spread propaganda, under threat of not being able to attend college if they don’t comply.  That is EXACTLY what is happening here.

How on EARTH can people be okay with this?  Who genuinely believes that this is a good thing?  Universities are supposed to be where students learn to challenge authority and question power, but this university wants to teach students to embrace their way of thinking and to give out VERY personal information under threat of being unable to attend their college if they don’t comply.  What the fuck is wrong with these people?!  What the fuck is wrong with the people who support this kind of behavior?  This is disgusting.  It’s unethical.  It’s a violation of civil liberties.  We cannot let this stand!

Universities around this country are becoming meccas for ideological purity, and anyone who challenges the official doctrine is silenced or kicked out, or in this case, forbidden to enter at all.  Is that what we want?  Parents, is that the environment you want your children in?  I cannot believe that rational people asked for this.  And, as always, it’s in the name of “equality.”  Of course it is.  The bludgeon by which the crybully feminists have been strong-arming so much of the left in this country.  It’s absurd.  It’s disgusting.  I won’t stand for it.

Who’s with me?  Who will stand against this kind of activity?  If there is a way we can fight back against this, please let me know.  This course was started by a group called “Campus Clarity.”  I wonder if they have a Twitter or Facebook page.  I wonder if we can send them a piece of our mind, in ADDITION to USC, for their endorsement of this unethical bullshit.

Until next time, a quote,

“If you read someone else’s diary, you get what you deserve.”  – David Sedaris

Peace out,



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