Let’s Talk about Cologne (Germany)

I don’t suppose I have to tell you all about what happened in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve.  That night, gangs of refugees from the Middle East attacked and sexually assaulted women.  It was the most wide-spread act of sexual violence that Germany has seen in the modern age.  It took the world by storm, and almost before it happened, I knew what would be the reaction.  See, the progressive left wanted us to understand that these refugees were angels of light and mercy and would perfectly integrate wherever they went.  The moment they came to a Western democracy, they would be better people.  Is that what happened?  No.  No it isn’t.  Instead, both Germany and Switzerland had a mass outbreak of sexual violence against women, to the point that both countries have given girls codes to follow to keep them safe.

The German police force was woefully unequipped to deal with this crisis, with both their police being woefully short, and there not being enough space to hold all the suspects that have been apprehended.  Everything about this has been one giant clusterfuck, and before we could actually talk about this issue seriously, what happened?  It became another ideological battleground between the progressive left and everyone who disagrees with them.  Or, as they see it, conservatives.  Because if you disagree with them in any way, that’s what you are.  Right?  Of course it is.  Because these people are for social justice, and they want to help the dear oppressed refugees, who comes from nations that have abysmal views on women and how women should be treated.

The articles started coming out before we even know what exactly happened.  The Swiss papers tried to play it off as not gangs of refugees’ fault.  The Guardian published a bold headline talking about how it wasn’t the refugees, but the patriarchy and bullshit like that.  It was madness.  Meanwhile, the facts of the case spoke for themselves.  Here’s a fantastic article from The Daily Mail which gives a clear breakdown and leaves nothing to the imagination about how it was, without question, the fault of gangs of refugees.  Now, as reported by CNN, a wave of protesters in Germany are coming out demanding that the refugees be sent home.  They want them gone, and that very well might happen.  If things don’t improve, these people may end up being sent back on the same boats that brought them to Germany.  Here’s where my urge to make this post comes in.

Amidst all this violence and the politicization of it, there is a real conversation that needs to be had.  Because the truth is that there are people among those refugees who condemn what happened.  There are people who need help, and don’t want to hurt anybody.  They just want to keep to themselves and help their families.  But because both sides of the debate about this issue are being polarized to such an extreme, nobody is even paying attention to the fact that there is a middle ground that will go absolutely ignored in the weeks to come.  There are more and more people in Germany who want these people gone.  They want to send every last one of them back to the war-torn regions they came from.  But that is not fair for those who are not of the same mindset as the gangs who did this.

That being said, let’s all take a moment and be honest about something – the religion that the bulk of these people came from has a part in this.  The progressive left will try their best to apologize for Islam, but where do you think the ideology that has many of the women who have their own gangs that have been assaulting women in Germany in bee-keeper suits came from?  It came from Islam.  It came from their culture that tells women that they are second-class citizens and should be ashamed of themselves for their femininity, and that women who do not dress conservatively are asking for it.  Passage after passage in the Quran about it.  For atheists like myself, this has been evident for years.  But then you get people like Ben Affleck who yells on camera that Islam isn’t a religion, it’s a culture.  Now, the progressive-left are becoming ACTUAL rape-apologists and trying to apologize for the religion and the culture it created within these refugees.  Anyone who can defend a culture that has this kind of behavior is just that – a rape apologist.  Because that’s what’s happened.  Real women have been sexually assaulted, in droves.  A sectarian conflict is brewing in Germany, and Switzerland won’t be far behind.  Other European countries are next.  The thing is, it has made an issue that was already contentious here in America that much more divisive.  If the people in Germany wants these refugees gone, why bring them here?

Which brings us back to the people being ignored – the ones who want to just livei n peace.  What do I think should be done?  First – the people who are in the German cells – send them back.  Every last one of them.  We gave them an opportunity to leave the war-torn regions they came from, and they chose to bring that here with them.  A chance to start over,and they forsook it in order to get their rocks off.  Fuck ’em.  They can go back home, and live out that kind of life there.  But we shouldn’t be immediately condemning all the rest to the same fate.

I for one am one of these people who believes that an interview process should be required before taking refugees in.  Ask them serious questions about their values and if they believe certain activities are acceptable.  Inform them of the fact that if they decide to partake in these behaviors, they will be sent home.  Have a very quick legal process, and then send them back.  But don’t immediately condemn their families.  Send the guilty home, and let those who are innocent remain.

Does that seem unreasonable?  That we take RATIONAL steps to trying to maintain security?  I am open to others.  I, unlike the social justice crowd, want to talk about this.  I think I might be the very last.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Until next time, a quote,

“It is clear that the individual who persecutes a man, his brother, because he is not of the same opinion, is a monster.”  – Voltaire

Peace out,



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