Stupid Feminism Meets Christmas

Are you all ready to enjoy the next two days, when this holiday that so many people look forward to all year lose their collective shit and have a massive blowout?  Well, shitlords, you shouldn’t!  Because a Tumblr blog called “Intersectional Feminism” is going to tell you why it is not okay to be all peppy about Christmas.  Of course they are.  Because if there’s one thing that the feminists on Tumblr don’t like – it’s when people are happy and having a good time.  They fucking hate that shit.  After all, happy people aren’t checking their privilege!  Can’t have that.  So in a post on their page (linked here), they will lay out all the reasons that wanting people to get into Christmas are wrong.  Trigger Warning: the stupidity on display may cause uncontrollable laughter or confusion at such a scale that your head will hurt.  Don’t tell me that I don’t do anything for the pussified audience crowd.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas. Many people of different cultures and religions have different winter celebrations, or don’t celebrate anything at all. Not only is important to respect other people and their cultures, but telling people to partake in Christian holidays is extremely problematic as historically and currently in North America many people are forced to assimilate to Christian culture or convert to Christianity.

Where do I begin?  First – who cares if not everyone celebrates Christmas?  If someone says something nice, are you going to get all in their face like, “I don’t celebrate Christmas!  So fuck you!”  That’s a stereotype that Christians have about atheists like me, even though I have no beef at all with Christmas, aside from the fact that so much of my life tends to go wrong come December.  But I still listen to the music, get in on the lights and whatnot, have a gay old time.  Next, how are people “forced” to assimilate to Christian culture?  Citation, please.  Wait, this is third-wave feminism.  If they were able to prove things, what a wonderful world it would be.

Christmas is a holiday included in Christian privilege. Not only is it more highly publicized than any other winter holiday, but it is also seen as “better” by society. People who are non-white and non-Christian experience more hate crimes than people who are. Thus, Christmas can cause distress in many non-white, non-Christian as it reminds them that their race, culture, and religion are not accepted by society and they are likely to be verbally and physically assaulted for not being apart of white, Christian society.

Christian privilege?  Really?  That’s a thing, now?  Wow.  And yeah, it is seen as better by society, but for completely secular reasons.  It’s a pretty time of year (to some people.  Not me.  I hate winter).  There are the pretty lights.  There are the trees.  There are the presents.  There are people giving a shit about other people.  People see this holiday as better because it is seen as more fun.  Don’t like it?  Well, tough tomatoes.  And what non-white, non-Christian group is offended by Christmas?  Please, give me an example.  And yeah, us white people are all out screaming at non-white people this time of year.  That’s totally not a complete load of shit.  Nope.  Is this person trolling?  Part of me wants to think so, but you hear this ind of stupid shit ALL the time from garden-variety SJWs.

Christmas can be physically demanding on people. Many people who are physically disabled are unable to do things such as get a tree, put up decorations or lights, go out to stored and buy presents, wrap gifts, or make meals. Telling people they have to “get into the Christmas spirit” by doing any of the former can cause them a lot of distress as they are unable to do so because of their disability.

Wow.  These people must think that those with disabilities are the biggest fucking pussies of all time.  Hey, here’s a neat fact – I couldn’t get a tree or lights or decorations this year.  Not because I’m disabled, but because I’m fucking poor as shit!  I’d like to have decorated my place, but I couldn’t.  But when I see decorations, am I instantly offended?  Hell no.  Assuming that those who are physically disabled don’t like this holiday season is so utterly insulting.  My uncle is paralyzed from the waist down, and he loves this time of year.  So fuck you and feeling the need to speak for people.

Christmas can be mentally demanding on some people. Not only can the chaos and rush of Christmas cause anxiety and depression, but Christmas can be triggering for many people. Some people may have had bad things happen around the holidays, or someone may have used the holidays as an excuse to abuse them. For these people, Christmas may remind them of this abuse and thus cause panic attacks, hallucinations, insomnia, vomiting, and any other stress or post-traumatic stress related symptoms.

I hate the entire concept of “triggering,” because it’s bullshit.  the whole deal is a giant load of shit.  Why?  Because if you are so pathetically weak that just seeing this holiday gives you PTSD, Vietnam-style flashbacks, then you are not fit to survive in society.  I’m sorry, but I draw the line at – don’t celebrate Christmas because it can make people sad!  I suffer from severe, unfathomably-bad depression due to brain damage.  Do I hate everything about this holiday?  Fuck no!  I love this holiday.  Or at least, I used to.  Years of unfathomably-bad luck has done a number on my love of it, but I am still trying.  Next, I just love how they pull this baffling example straight out of their ass.  Someone who had a violent crime committed against them during the holiday season is going to be “triggered” and have the aforementioned flashbacks?  Wow.  Who?  Who is this person?  Give me an example?  Oh how I wish this person was just some brilliant troll.

Many people feel forced by society to “get into the Christmas spirit” by spending the holidays with their family. If their family is abusive, this can cause them a lot of distress.

Back to the abuse thing.  Yes, because this extreme example that is so astronomically small of someone who was abused during Christmas being “triggered” is a reason not to want people to get into the spirit of things.  Not to mention, if someone was a victim of a violent crime committed by a family member, then why are they spending the holidays with that person?  Just putting that out there.

Some people do not have families. This may cause them to feel depressed during the holidays and thus choose not to celebrate them.

This is so stupid that I don’t even feel the need to comment on it.

The Christmas holidays deal a lot with foods. From Christmas dinner to Christmas cookies, to gifts involving food people are constantly being bombarded by food. For people with eating disorders, this can cause a lot of distress and even cause people in recovery to relapse. Avoiding Christmas activities may help them to maintain stability in their life.

I find this weird because…are we talking about anorexic people?  Bulemic people?  Fat people?  What group are we associating with in this insane, completely-ridiculous example?  I’m very curious.  So, because there is food at Christmas, people with some vague eating problem are offended…?  Wow…

And you wonder why people like me can’t take modern feminism seriously.  Gee, what a fucking mystery.

Get into the Christmas spirit, everyone.  Some snowflake might get hurt if you do.  Worth it.

Until next time, a quote,

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.”  -Edna Ferber

Peace out,



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