SIONR: Star Wars and Social Justice

You ever notice that pretty much everything is now some big social issue nowadays?  It’s weird.  And a little annoying.  See, both sides of the political fence tend to make stuff into issues about them, but as bad as the right is with this, they don’t have anything on the regressive-left and how absolutely everything has to somehow be a part of their ideological warfare.  A podcast that I watch may make sport of The Vigilant Christian and how his formula involves making sure to piggy-back the Illuminati and Satan on whatever is popular at that point.  Of course it is.  However, he has nothing on the social justice community and how far out of their way they go to turn everything into a talking point of theirs.  Why?  Well, let’s get into it.

The easy stuff first.  Why they do this is simple – click-bait.  See, the regressive-left has nothing productive to say.  So, rather than buck up and just admit that they have nothing of any real substance to talk about, they have to piggy-back on whatever’s popular at the time to make sure that you know that it’s “problematic.”  Unless it fits whatever random thing they like at the time.  Then it’s totally cool  Just ask Hipster McGee at PBS Game Show how that works.  Though, the day that racist troglodyte answers fair criticism is the day that Anita Sarkeesian does.  But yeah, stuff like articles entitled, “Samus is Trans.  Deal With It” on feminist-propaganda pages like The Mary Sue are titled that way for a reason.  It’s not so they can get readership based on what they want to talk about.  No, it’s designed to get people’s click fingers going.  Because then they get ad revenue.  After all, even The Mary Sue has to make sure and sell out as hard as they can.

Which brings us to the new Star Wars film.  The regressive-left has wasted no time in making a TON of articles about how this film is all about them and their values.  You know, except for the stuff that isn’t.  They can flip-flop on a dime for their ideological purity.  These people have no shame, and their standards are open to interpretation.  Because this Rey character (disclosure, I haven’t seen the new film, and likely won’t see it until well into January) is so feminist.  And the black stormtrooper guy is all about diversity, or something.  And this film is some huge turning point for equality in this franchise or something.  Since this movement is united only by the fact that they are crybullies, their talking points are nowhere near uniform.  It’s the reason why they can attack each other just as much as everyone else.

Does anyone remember the days when we used to talk about things like movies or books and stuff and it was from the perspective of – does it suck?  If so, why?  If not, why not?  What are the good points?  What are the bad points?  I mean to do a review of the new Star Wars when I get around to seeing it.  By that point, you all will have already seen it and won’t give a dusty fuck what I have to say, but I will be judging the film based on its merits.  And since I have been DONE with Star Wars after the god-awful prequel films, I won’t have the nostalgia goggles that so many of my friends had when they fawned and came all over it.  I bet at least a couple of Star Wars nerds spat life-goo in their pants watching that movie.  I wonder if any of it had mediclorians (oh yeah, I went there!).

It’s everywhere.  It’s everything.  No matter what the thing, it has to be a social justice issue.  I just saw a whole drama about the fat-ass in chief Jim Sterling going out of his way to get the crybullies to attack a Polish game developer for making a game that uses the term “Tranny.”  A campaign so effective that it got him to pull his game.  Nice work, Jim.  Fucking asshole.  I long for the days when things on the Internet weren’t culture battles.  Weren’t places for increasingly-irrelevant “journalists” to “report” on.  You know, in the most click-bait-y fashion possible.  Naturally.  If they did good journalism, then they wouldn’t know what to do with their lives.  Just like how girls who were fans of Twilight didn’t know what to do with their vaginas, so they developed a boredom fetish.

None of this would be so bad if it was easy to escape.  I remember when fat-ass-in-chief Jim Sterling made a rather poignant criticism that if we had just left the social justice community to its devices, then they would have gone back to their corner of the Internet.  Well, that corner sure ain’t that small anymore, is it?  No, now it gets articles in The Washington Post and has scum-fucks like Jessica Valenti writing for The Guardian.  You got professional social justice morons like Melissa Harris on MSNBC to talk about how she doesn’t like Darth Vader because he starts off black, and then suddenly becomes white when the mask comes off, and when he’s black, he’s evil.  When he’s white, he’s good.  Yeah, it’s just as stupid as it sounds.  It’s not just you.  I felt that way too, at points.

The point I’m making here is that all of this is ridiculous.  Can we not just watching a movie and judge if it’s a good movie or not?  Take a cue from The Onion and turn off the feminism and social justice for a couple hours.  I bet you’d be amazed at what you can get done in that amount of time.

Think about it.

Until next time, a quote,

“You think anyone’s buying this?  You think anyone other than feminists is buying this?  Because that’s what you’re selling.” – Vae Victus, The Glass Ceiling of Nerd Culture

Peace out,



2 thoughts on “SIONR: Star Wars and Social Justice

  1. Spoiler alert: Rey is typical Hollywood Feminism. She can fight, but that’s it. She doesn’t have a single interesting line or dialogue or personality quirk. Is that how people want female characters to look like? Mad Max’s Furiosa got the same treatment. She was praised as ‘feminist’ but a brick as more personality.

    Finn is a really entertaining character who just happens to have dark skin. Anyone who focuses on his dark skin is being racist. He’s a good actor regardless of that.

    • Interesting. I will keep that in mind when I end up seeing the film myself. And yeah, feminists do want that. They want a badass blank slate that they can use as a skin to shove themselves into when they are feeling crappy about their boring lives. It’s so sad. Then they look at characters in video games who are hot and also badass and also interesting characters, and their response is, “sexism!” Same with film, but I don’t peruse the film side of their bullshit as much as the vidya side.

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