More “Cultural Appropriation” Nonsense… (A response to PBS Gameshow)

I can’t believe that PBS funds this bullshit.  I legitimately can’t.  This is the ultimate mind-buggery, to me.  After all, it’s garbage!  This is total garbage!  I don’t know how many of you will remember a character who runs this stupid program, who I called Hipster McGee.  Well, it seems that our idiotic hipster friend is at it again with video games, this time feeling the need to talk about how video games are doing the “cultural appropriation” (a bullshit term in its own right) thing.  Don’t worry, I rolled my eyes too.  But rather than giving good examples, this video gives REALLY stupid ones, and they are all filtered through the lens of – Hipster America worldview.  A worldview that chooses to impose their values over what they see as some injustice against another culture.  Yeah, you figure that out.  I know that I’m REALLY late on this, and some of this will be a retread over the racism video that McGee and company made, but let’s get into this.  I’ll have the video, then we can talk about it.

If any of you are questioning why an organization with such a respected pedigree as PBS can put out crap like this – good for you.  For the rest of us, let’s go into why this is SO stupid.

Let’s first address the fact that this man’s assertion – the games screw up representing other cultures – is completely from HIS point of view.  Well, him and his SJW echo chamber.  After all, since context is an absolute enemy to these people, they don’t even bother to ask people in other cultures about this, or try and see things from their point of view.  Geo-centrism is an art form to these people, where they will use their biased viewpoint to judge something else, with the end goal being to defend another culture.  You all try and figure that out.

I also love how McGee has to point out that it is America who is doing this “cultural appropriation” bullshit.  We’re not, but the description he gives is funny.  That one culture is “appropriating” an “oppressed” culture.  Who the fuck are you to decide who is oppressed or not?  Ethnocentric, much?  I mean, wow.  That’s just amazing.  I’ve never seen someone display their ignorance so fast.  It’s quite something.

So, his first “evidence” of this is in war games.  Like how, in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, all the signs and dialogue are English or Arabic.  You know, except for that German that he features in the dialogue clip.  Fucking moron.  Then there’s the writing Splinter Cell: Conviction, and the fact that that wasn’t Arabic.  It was squiggly lines.  Okay, yeah, that is bad.  But it isn’t against the culture.  It’s just bad design on their part.  Though, since I am not even remotely fluent in Arabic, I wouldn’t have noticed.  Just like if you put Russian in front of him, I would know the basics of how that looks, but I can’t read it.  Or, if you put writing in front of me that looks like Kanji, and you tell me that it is, I won’t know if you’re telling the truth or not.  If you are going to do this, do it right.  I’m down with that.  But it isn’t culturally-offensive to do so.  It’s just lazy.

His next “example” is Native American culture.  Yeah, there are a lot of stereotypes.  But they are generally positive stereotypes.  Native cultures in games are typically tribal, yet filled with people all wise and shit.  Because that’s just how Natives are, in lots of games.  However, he decides to make a point and cite Beyond: Two Souls as an example of how not focusing on specific Native cultures properly is…wrong?

Real talk for a moment, Hipster McGee.  If you want to talk about the scene where Jodie is chilling at the house of the Navajo family, there are a LOT more things to talk about than their representation of Navajo culture.  Like – how on Earth did the Navajo priests summon an Entity to their world?  The game goes out of its way to make a point that what’s happening in there isn’t magic.  It’s science.  Weird, interdimensional science, but science all the same.  So how did some high priest summon them?  That makes no sense.  But what is the point that Hipster McGee is trying to make?  That they didn’t make Navajo culture strong enough?  Or that they didn’t get it right?  Sure, they took liberties.  At least with the stuff that was in the past.  In the modern times, supernatural elements aside, it works.  You have a modern Native American family just trying to get by.  Sure, they are dirt-fucking poor, but so what?  Poverty is something that a LOT of Native communities have to deal with.

Let me show you how a person who isn’t ethnocentric can look at a cultural issue, McGee, and maybe you can learn something.  There was something in my home state called the Pebble Mine.  It has been a nationally contentious issue, but you know something I noticed was missing in the conversation about it – the community this mine would be based in.  The community was being completely left out of the conversation, and it wasn’t as black-and-white an issue to them.  Know why?  Because that community is drowning in poverty, McGee.  That entire borough is drowning in poverty.  Subsistence makes up for what little they have, but it isn’t much.  With fishing companies using out-of-country labor, the native fisheries are pretty much dead.  They subsist for their own lifestyles, but that doesn’t pay for fuel and other things.  This mine debate was ignoring a group of people who is suffering under the weight of rampant poverty, which in turn has led to a HUGE problem with alcoholism and suicide.  It’s bad.  See what I just did there?  I just looked at a culture, learned about them and how they view things and commented on a social issue by trying to see things from their point of view.  But I left my statement open to the fact that I might be wrong about things.  Because I admit that I am not part of that community, so there is crucial context that I might be missing.  If anyone from there finds this blog post, feel free to let me know how close I got.

Next up is the religious angle.  Naturally.  Because we have to have religious tolerance be a thing too, right?  Because all religions are a culture, right?  If I could count the amount of times I have heard SJW types talking about Islam with that idea in their heads.  Except, you know, it’s a religion, not a culture.  If religious people want to get offended at how their God is portrayed, that’s on them.  I don’t care.  The developers of games have no reason to care.  Because if I want to portray the Prophet Muhammad (gays be upon him) as a bumbling dumbass who you shoot coconuts up his ass, that’s my choice.  Fuck the haters.  I also have no problem with a game that portrays the Virgin Mary as a flighty ho-bag who totally was sleeping around on Joseph (because let’s be honest, that whole story with Jesus is the greatest cheating cover-story ever told).

You then make this WEIRD statement about how hip-hop culture somehow appropriates black culture (how?) or…something like that, and then say that when music takes elements from a culture, that is somehow different than when video games do it.  What?  Because, as you say, games are very bad (citation, please?  Not to mention – if they are so bad, then why does your hipster ass play them?).

He then goes on to show a game that came from my home state as a way to talk about games that get culture right.  Fuck you!  I’m from Alaska, and I say that your smug ass has NO right to talk about how good they get another culture, when your ethnocentrism has been on display from the very beginning of this video.  Like you know thing-one about Inupiaq culture.  Smug prick.  You then go and talk about how great Assassin’s Creed III was at showing Native American culture.  Where they are wise, peaceful, and can do no wrong.  For someone who hates stereotypes so much, you sure do go out of your way to embrace them when they bolster your argument, don’t you?  Racism, much?

The next thing he praises is Grand Theft Auto IV, which is a game where Scottish developers take advantage of American stereotypes to build a game based on New York City.  No joke, there were 1000 stereotypes about that kind of city and the people in there.  Again, when stereotypes work for his point, he’s fine with them.  When they are something he can use, he’s against them.  This guy’s racism is becoming clearer, in my eyes.  Not to mention, he uses the argument that Iranian players like that game particularly because they like to listen to American music, which Hipster McGee praises.  By his own definition, that is cultural appropriation.  SJWs could build a grand tower out of their double-standards.

Finally, there is this nonsense about using video games to make everyone part of some global community.  Hey Hipster McGee, you moron who clearly has NO access to gamer culture (either through choice or lack of interest in doing so), there already is a global gaming culture.  It’s the gamers who go online and game together.  Or, since I game for story, those who read stuff I post and we have discussions about video games.  We are already a global community.  Just because your uniquely-racist ass can’t see that isn’t our problem.

I hate this guy.  He is a perfect representation of everything that is wrong with SJWs, and how full of shit they are.  Let me know what you think down in the Comments.

Until next time, a quote,

“Next time, try having a point!  It makes things so much better for the listener!”  – Neal Page, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Peace out,



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