SIONR: Final Fantasy VII Remake Price

It seems that there were some things that I did not know about when I first wrote a post talking about the episodic nature of the Remake.  What I’ve learned has vastly changed my perspective, and made me have a further dislike of Square Enix and what a bunch of greedy scumbags they are.  Because this decision was made for the express purpose of making a ton of money off nostalgia.  When you all see this, it should make the rage muscles work. If not, then there is no hope for you.  The greed of this company is mind-boggling.  After the stupid bullshit with the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided pre-order nonsense, you’d think that they would have figured this out – don’t dick around your customers with cheap gimmicks.  But no.  They learned nothing, and now they are deciding to make a retro game by ignoring its retro roots.  Unreal.

Let me explain – as you already know, the Remake is going to be made in an “episodic” format.  But what they haven’t said is the fact that they want to price each of the episodes, which are supposed to be as long as a full game in and of themselves, at $60.  That’s right, to get this full game, you will have to pay $180.  Do I even need to tell you what kind of bullshit that is?!  Do you not already see it?  Can you not tell how fucking disgusting this is?  They say that the reason the game is being broken up into episodes is because each one is going to be so big.  Well then make it on multiple disks!  Remember those days, Square?  Remember when you used to do that?!  Of course you don’t.

I really am thinking that the games industry is about to crash.  Why are all these companies doing so much to suck money out of gamers?  With all the microtransaction bullshit, and the endless gimmicks, I am starting to think that modern game development is no longer financially sustainable.  If making a game requires you to find any way to get even more money out of gamers.  If you can’t release a finished product without having to demand more.  If that’s what it’s come to, then gaming is about to die.  At least the AAA scene.  This can’t be something that is long-term sustainable.

We’ll say this much – I’m not spending that kind of money on this game.  I’m poor enough as it is.  I’m not giving this company $180 for something that there is NO reason why it can’t cost $60.  No reason at all.  This is just a way to suck more money out of gamers, and as much as it pains me (because the Remake looks fucking amazing), I won’t be spending money on that.  Sorry, Square.  Ah, for the days when it was just that.  When the Enix part didn’t exist, and your company had principles.  Now you will do whatever you can to suck money out of gamers.  Let me guess – the game will have microtransactions too!  Like buying Vincent or Yuffie as characters, rather than finding them.  Yeah, that seems like something scummy that you’d do.

Why do so many companies have to do us like this?  This is the reason that I am so leery about the new Mirror’s Edge game.  I don’t want to be.  I want to be totally stoked.  But it’s being made by EA and DICE.  Two companies notorious for screwing people.  Instead of going out and buying the follow-up to a game that I have been hoping a sequel would be made to, I am going to have to wait to see if these companies found a way to screw us again.  This is not what gaming is supposed to be about.  I am going to be buying Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End because it is being made by a company who is known for doing good work and not screwing people.  I am going to be going out and buying Horizon: Zero Dawn because Sony has shown the last couple years just how good their console exclusives can be.  Minus the stupid-ass gimmicks.  But now I have to be careful with yet-another company that I used to love.  This is not what gaming is supposed to be!  It’s not supposed to be a distrust game because developers have to release half-baked games.

So screw you, Square Enix.  A game that I was so totally stoked for now goes to the bottom of my list.  I hope you all are happy.  It doesn’t matter how good the game is, I am not spending that kind of money to get it.  I was even willing to look past the episodic part, but not with this kind of money on the line.  Greedy fuckers.

Until next time,  a quote,

“When morality comes up against profit, it is seldom that profit loses.”  – Shirley Chisholm

Peace out,



3 thoughts on “SIONR: Final Fantasy VII Remake Price

  1. Completely agree with you, it will take the masses of fans to stop buying the additional products that are put out post release. EA, Square, Activision, Tecmo and Capcom are all ripping off consumers!! DLC is a poor excuse for companies to release teaser content and never giving us a truly finished product. Did everyone in game development turn in half-assed projects back in college or high school, FUCK NO!! So why is it justifiable at all! Ill wait until prices drop.

    • The ONLY time I am interested in DLC is when it’s stuff like the Left Behind DLC to The Last of Us, or the new Old Hunters DLC to Bloodborne. But if they think that we should have to pay for a new character, a weapon skin, or some other stupid crap like that, then they are idiots. But gamers clearly aren’t taking a stand against this sort of practice, because it’s still ongoing. People still pay for this stuff. Until we come together and don’t buy it, they won’t stop. As for me, if the game is reviewed exceptionally well, I will be waiting for the price to drop as well. By about $40, so I can buy it at the price it should always have been.

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