Lucien’s Gaming Clips: Bloodborne (Lady Maria Boss Fight)

You know what’s awesome?  Bloodborne!  The Old Hunters DLC is the most fun I’ve had in a while.  This is the best DLC I have played in years, adding on to what was already an awesome game.  This is my favorite boss fight in the entire game.  My absolute favorite.  I cannot tell you how many times I died fighting this broad.  She’s tough, moves fast, and has so many skills that would be fatal for you, like the ability to use blood weapons in the Cainhurst style without it affecting her health.  It’s such a hard battle, but when I finished her, I still respected her.  This lady fought for a cause.  It was almost something worth regretting, when I had to cut her down.  Here’s the fight, see how it went.

The hardest part about this fight is the fact that she keeps going from badass fighting power to badass fighting power.  She first has her two blades, one of which is a gunblade.  That’s hard.  Then you get through that, and she adds blood powers to them.  That’s harder.  And when you finally are getting her down there, she has fire powers added to them!  Oh dear Groj!  This fight is the best in the whole game, in my opinion, and the worst part is that I’ll never have another victory that felt this absolutely fantastic as this one did.

Let me know which boss fights got your blood pumping in this amazing game down in the Comments.  If you have a video of your fight, please share it.

Until next time, a quote,

“A corpse, should be left well-alone.  Oh I know very well, how the secrets beckon so sweetly.  Only an honest death will cure you now.  Liberate you from your wild curiosity.”  -Lady Maria, Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

Peace out,



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