Should Games Allow You To Skip Combat?

This is a response to an article by Patrick Klepek, who believes that video games should allow you to totally skip over the part that makes it something other than a movie, and make it into a movie.  He believes that there is no reason why developers shouldn’t have that option in games.  According to what I saw on a post on Tumblr (linked here), plenty of people agreed with this. They argued that there is no reason that someone shouldn’t be able to just skip out on everything, so long as they can get what they want.  My refutation of this is going to be pretty simple, so let’s get to it.

It all boils down to this – why on Earth should developers make games that have features that you want?  What incentive is there for them to do that?  I can already hear the argument – because they will make more money!  Yeah, that doesn’t jive because we already know that they are making plenty of money.  Not to mention – how many of these slacker-gamers actually exist?  We’ve already proven that the SJW crowd, overall, doesn’t game.  So why should anyone make a game like this?

The simple truth is, if you want a game where you never have to do anything difficult or fight anyone or anything like that, then make it.  Sure, there are plenty of art games that already exist.  You have games like Dear Esther or Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture.  Or even the dreaded Gone Home.  Or there are some more involved art games, like Flower or Journey.  But they don’t want to play those games.  They want the games that everyone else is playing to be made for them.  Well, too bad.  There is no obligation on developers part to go out of their way to make a Toddler difficulty level.  Or to excise combat altogether.  Again, that’s just making a movie.  If you want to watch a movie, go watch a movie.  But it comes back to an argument that I’ve been making to SJWs now for some time – if you want a certain kind of game made, then make it yourselves.  There’s simply no excuse for people who want games to be made a certain way not to do it themselves.  There are plenty of tools for making games available.  Get on the Unity engine and start showing us what you’re made of.  Then the free market will decide if a game where you can totally skip all the parts that take effort is one that the public at large wants.

Outside of that, stop complaining.  If a game, at the easiest setting, is too hard for you, then maybe you should look to get better at the game.  Not demand that other people make things easier for you.  Entitled fuckers…

Until next time, a quote,

“It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself.”  – Eleanor Roosevelt

Peace out,



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