Lucien’s First Take: Final Fantasy VII Remake – Gameplay Trailer

I turned into a giant fucking kid right now.  There are so many reasons that I am stoked as fuck for this game, and now I just saw the biggest one.  For all the people who have clamored for a remake to one of the greatest games of all time, it’s here.  It’s finally here.  The teaser they released at E3 got everyone out of their chairs.  No joke, watch the reaction videos to that.  People were screaming.  I was screaming.  I wanted to see more.  I figured that it would be a dog’s age before we actually got to see more, but the wait wasn’t nearly as long as I thought.  Square Enix decided to do a wonderful thing, and release gameplay footage in their most recent trailer, and it has me excited for all kinds of reasons.  I’ll let you all see it, then we can talk about it.

The first thing to talk about is something that I know someone is going to gripe about – the combat system.  They seem to have done away with the combat system from the original game, going with a similar kind to the game that has FINALLY been given a release date in 2016 – Final Fantasy XV.  For the purists out there, who wanted this game to be exactly like the last one, they are going to be very upset.  As for me, I am not.  Why?  Because it looks fucking awesome!  Adrenaline, action, and visuals that are a cut above the rest!  Fuck yeah I want to play that!  Even if it isn’t like the first game in this respect, they still got the atmosphere so right.

Which brings me to the second thing – this game looks fantastic!  I also love how they used an updated version of the music from the original game for this trailer.  It set the tone so well.  Everything about this game is so damn gorgeous.  I can’t stop ogling it.  Since this is gameplay footage, that makes how good it looks even better.  I will say that the lip-syncing is off, but whatever.  It’s clear that the dub was just for this trailer, but how much does that bother me?  Oh, right, not even a tiny bit.  The dubbing was for a purpose, which we’ll get to.  The character models are fantastic, even in gameplay.  However, there were all the shots where you just see Cloud wandering through Midgar.  That was done so we could see the world that they made.  This feels like a tech demo, but it’s not.  It’s something more.  Something so much more.

The combat also showed off that we get to change characters that we control.  We can have Cloud doing his thing, or have Barret blowing holes in these guys.  They even showed off some special attacks, which is amazing.  Given that the game is being made by Tetsuya Nomura, I’m not surprised that this is the fighting system he went with.  Again, I’m not bothered, but the purists are going to be pissed.  Let them be.  I don’t care.  Because this trailer had one last surprise.  The whole reason why the dub was done for it.

They got the old people back!  Cloud is voiced by the same guy!  So is Barret!  I REALLY hope they changed Aerith’s voice-over from Kingdom Hearts II, but if they got the rest of the cast, then I am happy as a mother-fucker!  Hearing Cloud talk, with that sexy Cloud voice, was the best thing that could have possibly happened to me in some time.  You even get that bit at the end where Cloud looks up at the screen, for the first time.  He looks so good.

I am so happy for the game.  I have no idea if this gameplay footage is pre-Alpha or what, but it still is great.  Maybe this is just Square Enix realizing (FINALLY!) that the hype train is their friend, or just Tetsuya Nomura wanting to show off.  Whatever the case, my happiness levels are peaked.  I am so stoked for this game.  This company is looking to have turned itself around, and that is going to be great.  No release date, but I wasn’t expecting one.  Not for another year at least.  Until then, I wait with baited breath.

Initial Verdict
8 out of 10

Peace out,



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