Video Games are for Everyone (A response to Gavin McInnes)

You know what I hate – stupid people who have no connection to a medium, but choose to judge it anyway.  For example – I have NO interest in My Little Pony.  None.  None whatsoever.  Adults who are into that make no sense at all.  But I don’t go out of my way to make a point of telling all the adults who like that about how I see their hobby and why I may find it disagreeable.  Same deal with furries.  I may get a laugh out of articles about Tumbles the Stair-Dragon as much as anyone, but aside from some amusement, I don’t harbor any need to impose my beliefs on the people who are into that.  Whatever makes them happy, right?  And they aren’t hurting anyone with their activities.  That’s my defense to all the people who are about to call foul because of my open and visceral disdain for SJWs and their belief system.  What they are into looks to curtail what other people do.  That’s the difference.

So, when I hear someone say that video games are for kids, and adults shouldn’t be playing them, I find it very annoying.  Let’s look at a guy who decided that he was going to talk about how adults who game suck, and should be ashamed.

Naturally, this asshole, like every other asshole, thinks that it’s only guys who are gamers.  Shit, I may end up sounding like I’m using SJW talking points.  But the reality is that they take the time to ignore this fact too, arguing that video games don’t want women.  Well, to both of these people – you’re idiots.  There are plenty of women who game and develop games.  Your ignorance of this isn’t something you should earn stars for.

Then comes the big talking point – video games are for little kids.  Wow.  Just…wow.  I guess then, Disney films are only for children.  So are comic book heroes, right?  In fact, all fantasy and magical stuff is only for children.  Then how do we explain Game of Thrones?  Weird.  His first supporting argument is that the latest Arkham game is rated M.  It’s not rated AO (adults only).  It’s rated M.  If this friend of his thinks that his kids can handle it, that’s great.  It’s really not that dark of a game.  You don’t see any gore or anything.  But the ESRB has strange standards.  So yeah, what a shitty argument.  Then he goes into this rant about how adults who play these games want to claim that they’re Batman.  He also makes fun of a guy in a Wolverine shirt.  So I guess he would agree about comic book heroes.

I’ve got a question – what is the line between where something is for grown-ups and where it is for kids?  No joke, I want to know the answer.  Where is the definitive line in the sand where these things break off?  At what point does a medium or form of artistic expression stop being for children?  Because this man’s argument just seems to boil down to – I don’t like video games and I think gamers are stupid nerds!  Never mind the fucking ugly-ass beard on that nerdy face.  I don’t know if that is deliberately ironic or lacking self-awareness.  I’d buy either one.

Next, he says that adults who read comics are mentally disabled.  Wow.  Just…wow.  What a rude thing to say.  I’m not going all SJW here.  That is unnecessarily rude.  So what if someone likes to read comics?  So what if they like games?  How does it harm you and your opinionated-ass life?  Not able to see how, from where I am.  If you like this stuff, you are mentally handicapped.  That’s the argument.  What a prick.  The supporting argument he has is how people shit-talk each other in online gaming.  That proves…what, exactly?  For real, not seeing a single connection.  Does it prove that some people say stupid shit online?  I guess, but we don’t need gaming to know that.  Just go to 4chan and you’ll figure that out pretty quick.  No offense to the people at 4chan.  I love you guys.  After Allah Quackbar, you all are just tops, to me.  But that site has a lot of crazy and stupid shit on there too.  Same with Reddit.  Hell, go on to the Twitter page of your local SJW and you’ll see the madness.  If your metric for someone being mentally-handicapped is because they shit-talk other people, then doesn’t that make you “special” too?  Gee, I wonder how long Gavin’s been living in his mother’s basement.

Finally, we get into his argument about what constitutes an adult.  It’s supposed to be…knowing how to fix a fridge?  Knowing how to build a table?  What…?  I can and have changed the tires on my car.  I can and have changed the oil in my car.  I am not a car person, but I can do a fair amount of stuff in that regard.  I don’t know how to build a table, but I know how to run a website.  You’re looking at this article on here right now.  Does that count for something?  I know how to work at my job.  Does that count as an adulthood quality?  Where is that line, you sanctimonious cocksucker?  Where is it?  I want to know.  And just to prove what a pretentious dick he is, this guy has to make a point – he doesn’t read fiction.  Right, because escapism is stupid.  It’s for kids.  It’s for people who are “special.”

You know what, Gavin – fuck you.  Fuck your hipster beard.  Fuck your hipster glasses.  Fuck your hipster tie.  Fuck your hipster suspenders.  Fuck your arrogant-ass attitude.  You’re free to have your opinion.  And I’m free to call you an asshole, who thinks that what makes an adult is being some boring adult who reads Machiavelli and takes a break with a little Nietzsche.  Fuck that.  Life sucks.  I’ll take some good fiction any day of the week, over your “adult” world.  I work.  I earn money.  I get by.  How I spend my free time is on me.  He even says that watching shows is a vice.  What’s a virtue then, asshole?!  What’s a good thing?  Do you actually do what I said?  Are you sitting on your most-likely vegan ass and learning the views of Proust and Chaucer?  I bet.  And on your throne most high, you look down on people like myself, assured of your belief that you are so wonderful.

Put down the attitude, you sad, pathetic wanna-be hipster.  It’s making you a dick.

Until next time, a quote,

“Can you see Texas all the way up on your high horse?” – Martin Hart, True Detective

Peace out,



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