SIONR: Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Not Getting US Release Because of SJWs

Let me be clear – I don’t want to play this game, or have any desire to.  A game made by Team Ninja, where you have the women in the Dead or Alive franchise doing beach sports and being sexy.  That’s the whole premise.  I have no desire to play that.  Why?  Because it sounds boring.  No joke, beach games with jello tits.  Yeah, that doesn’t sound all that interesting.  If I wanted to look at women in bikinis, or outright naked, there are a thousand and one places to do that online.  It’s the Internet.  It was made for porn.  But there is a story here that needs to be talked about, because it is so much bullshit.

According to the developers, the game is not getting a release either stateside, or in the UK.  Why?  Because the devs don’t want to deal with all the backlash associated with “objectification” and other buzzword bullshit associated with SJWs.  Team Ninja doesn’t want the headache, so they are just not going to release the game over here.  This isn’t about wanting to play the game.  I don’t.  this is about the fact that what has happened here is bullshit, and the fact that it happened at all is even worse.

But hey, it’s just the company who made the game who said that.  Don’t tell Jim Sterling.  According to him, it has nothing to do with SJWs and has to do with the company deciding that the game wouldn’t sell over here.  What a fucking liar!  It was said, outright, by the company, that that is the reason they are doing it.  I am so disillusioned with what a piece of shit sellout Jim Sterling is.  He claims to stick up for the little people, but it is becoming clearer and clearer that he is in it for the SJW cronies that he is obviously chummy with.  Fuck that guy.

This SJW culture needs to stop.  It really, really does.  The fact that a company doesn’t want to promote its work to an audience, specifically because it will make some people butthurt is infuriating.  If SJWs don’t like a game, there is a simple solution to it – don’t buy it.  Don’t play it.  Don’t support it in any way.  that is the ultimate truth about all games.  If you don’t like something – vote with your wallet, and do NOT buy it.  But that’s not enough for these people.  These professional victims.  These neo-Victorian, feinting couch feminists.  They have to make sure that not only do you not engage in the things that they don’t like, but also that you can’t engage in something.  Because if they don’t like it, nobody will.  That is the mindset of these people.

When is it enough?  When every female in every game is a mix-ethnicity, transgender female wearing a nun’s habit or a hijab?  Oh, wait, that’s insensitive to the disabled community.  Okay, when ever female is a lesbian, mix-ethnicity, transgender feminist in a wheelchair.  Would that work?  Oh, and she can’t be skinny, of course.  She has to be very fat.  And we don’t want her to be too smart, but never called dumb.  She’s got a ton of trophies, which all have the words “participation” on them.  Would that work?  Is that the kind of character that they would approve of?

It is so blatantly obvious that these people just have a problem with women who aren’t ashamed or scared to death of their own bodies.  Any woman who is proud of herself, open about her sexuality, and not afraid to show off her skin is treated like the worst thing for women everywhere.  No wonder they hate Mercedes Carrera so much.  But it isn’t enough for people to like different things or live a different lifestyle to them.  No, no, that would just be really mean.  After all, if they aren’t ashamed of who they are, then how is it helping other women?

This is censorship.  A company is censoring themselves to avoid a headache.  They shouldn’t have to.  This is unacceptable.  Nobody should have to go out of their way to appease these crybullies.  People who live in their hugboxes and safe spaces, screaming at the top of their lungs at anyone who says anything against them.  But that is what we need more of.  We need more people willing to tell these people to fuck off.

Where does it end with these people?  I really want to know.  They clearly want to take away women’s rights to choose what they do with their bodies.  They want to get rid of the porn industry, even though plenty of women choose to do it.  They want to get rid of all characters in games like Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.  Characters that, by the way, was modeled, voice acted, and motion captured by the same person.  A beautiful woman who lent her immense talent to the project.  But I guess that that is just wrong, to these people.  Who cares if she wanted to do it!  She should have been dressed in a hijab!  That’s how we can respect women’s dignity.  Given how much these people stick up for Islam, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.

This instance with this one game could set a precedent.  One that I find nightmarish and terrifying.  When game companies decide not to market their products to avoid these people.  The thing that they want – self-censorship.  Though, it’s not exactly censorship in a total way, is it?  That’s right.  Because they are still marketing to other countries.  But because the US and the UK got a giant stick up their ass, they figure – why bother!  They will just cry and complain until the game either gets boycotted or removed anyway.  What’s the point?

Video after video is released where they talk about how the First Amendment doesn’t mean that everyone should be able to speak, and the the freedom of speech doesn’t mean that everyone can talk.  That’s the crowd who supports this sort of thing.

Censorship is wrong.  No matter when.  Especially when it comes on the backs of these kinds of people…

CrybulliesUntil next time, a quote,

“The only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen.”  -Tom Smothers

Peace out,



4 thoughts on “SIONR: Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Not Getting US Release Because of SJWs

  1. This is where we go from criticism to censorship.

    I generally side with feminism in this case. Video games should be criticized and analyzed, regardless of how whiny the fans are (WHAAAAAA DON’T SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT MY FAVORITE GAME fuck off). But the purpose of criticism is to help us learn and challenge our ideas. Criticism can’t exist alongside censorship.

    • SJWs can criticize video games all the live-long day. But I will criticize their criticism right back. Especially since their criticism is unequivocally bad, from people who OBVIOUSLY are not part of this community and don’t get its audience. To these people, video games are just violence and jerk-off fuel for straight males. And they make such a fuss over every little thing, that now we have this. (WHAAAAA DON’T SHOW WOMEN BEING SEXY fuck off)

      • And here’s another question, since you feminist types seem to concerned with women – why is harmless sexualization wrong? No women are getting hurt. It’s digital women, after all. No actual person is involved in this. Why is homeless arousal wrong? Why is harmless masturbation wrong? What is it about sexual expression that does not hurt a single person that is so wrong to you fucking people?

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