Paris Attacks, the Left, and Islam – #NotAfraid

For those of you who didn’t know, there were a series of attacks today in the city of Paris.  These attacks have left over 140 people dead, with countless more wounded.  These attacks were the result of Islamic terrorism.  And I have seen on Twitter that people are already coming out in droves, to defend Islam.

Let’s have a real moment here, people.  There are plenty of Muslims who are very good people.  They don’t want to hurt anyone.  They just want to do the right thing.  That’s good.  I think that that is an excellent thing.  This post isn’t about them.  But we have a huge part of the progressive-left who constantly goes out of their way to defend Islam from attack.  Why?  Well, in the name of tolerance.  Because these people have this strange idea that Islam is a race.  And by insulting Islam, you’re insulting a race of people.  Which is patently false.  There are Muslims of all ethnicities.  I think that these people just think that Muslims are all of Arabic descent.  Maybe that’s the thing.  But it’s not true.  Islam is not a race.  It is a religion.  And that religion…is fucked up, and can go fuck itself.

The simple reality is that Islam has a TON of problems, if you read its religious texts.  Like how their prophet Muhammad (gays be upon him) was a pedophile who married a nine year old girl.  Oh, but he fucked her when she was eleven.  I’ve had that argument thrown at me with the intent of it being a good excuse.  Because the man isn’t a sick pedophile if the girl is older than ten.  Hey, he’s doing better than Sarah Butts.  That thing went after a girl who was eight.  Or there is the blatant misogyny that their holy book promotes.  For those who want to come at me that the Christian Bible is the same, I agree.  I have no more love for that book either.  They are both sexist as shit.  The difference is that Christianity has evolved this left-leaning wing who goes out of their way to pretend that those parts of the book doesn’t exist.  Islam has a significantly-smaller part of their population who does.

Then there is the stuff about how those who do not worship Islam must be killed.  It may not have been the most even-handed documentary, but Religulous did have some great quotes from the Qu’ran showing plenty of quotes, along with Islamic religious leaders who promote murder.  And let’s not get started on the fact that there is a sect of Islam that has taken to turning women into sexual slaves.  Yeah, that’s right.  I’m talking to you, ISIS.  But plenty of the people who defend Islam also defend ISIS.  I think it’s madness.  So, sexism is wrong, until a religion promotes it?  Wow.  The progressive-left and their double-standards are a thing to marvel at.

It’s good to want a world where people are accepting of other people…to a point.  I won’t accept a belief structure that condones the senseless killing of innocent people.  It’s happened more time than can be mentioned.  And every time, the uber-tolerance crowd comes out to make sure that everyone knows that Islam is totally fine.  That it’s the people who antagonize them’s fault that they got killed.  Yes, because the people who were sitting in a cafe that got shot up did something so horribly wrong to the pieces of shit who did this, right?  Of course they did.  Or going so far as to blame the people who get attacked for what happens.  Like what those pedo-defending pieces of shit at did before the bodies of the dead went cold.  Seriously, fuck Salon.  I fucking hate those people.  I will never condone violence being perpetrated on someone, but if by some chance the entire staff of that publication all got crushed under a semi, I won’t be shedding any tears..

People are coming together in solidarity with the hashtag, #NotAfraid.  I take up that mantle.  I am not afraid of these pieces of shit.  Fuck Islam.  Fuck the prophet Muhammad (gays be upon him.  Right up his ass).  Fuck any belief structure that can tell people that wanton killing is okay.  Fuck it.  Fuck it right up its ass.

That’s all I’ve got to say about this.

“All you have to say is that murder is wrong.”  -Bill Maher, Religulous

Peace out,



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