The Blame Generation

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, about where this modern social justice, First World problems feminism comes from.  In another post, I said that it’s origins can be traced back to someone who wanted entirely to help, but didn’t realize that he was starting something horrible.  How much of the world’s problems are started by people who just want to do the right thing, right?  That person was Mr. Rogers.  A kind man who just wanted to help kids not feel so bad when they have a bad day or things like that.  As Aximili said, people who are kinder, softer, well-meaning, and ironically, infinitely more dangerous.  That’s what got this started.  But I realize that that isn’t the whole picture.  That isn’t all of it.  There is a larger part of culture that has to bear the brunt of the blame for this as well.  Something our culture is not even remotely comfortable with this.  The thing in culture is – the blame game.

Everyone wants something to blame, don’t they?  When we left the individuality mentality behind and embraced group-thinking (the sad reality is that in the age of the Internet, it’s impossible to avoid it.  There is always some group-think, to a point), we eventually started having to think like the groups we are in.  Because people want to fit in.  They want to feel like they belong.  That’s totally rational, right?  Of course.  No joke, I’m not saying that that’s a bad thing.  But the problem is that that has led us to embrace group-think even when it’s demonstrably wrong.  Such as with the blame game.

Have a bad day at work, you look for something to blame.  Your relationship ends, you look for ways to blame that person.  Anytime anything in your life is bad, you look for something to blame for it.  It’s human nature.  And for a long time, it was simple.  Look back in the 90’s, and you have the jock and the preps who ruled the school.  They were the group-think in those days.  Hell, even when I went to high school, it was still around.  Though the Internet group-think was starting up around then.

In the land of the blame game, the rules are simple – everything in society is bad, except you.  You are everything that is good and right, and everything else is broken and wrong.  The religious right of this country has been exemplifying that belief structure for years.  Many, many years.  But a new bunch of people has stepped up to the plate.  People who are spoiled, entitled, and really have no reason to complain about shit, but still do because they genuinely believe that the fact that they are complaining means something.  And that their complaints deserve respect.  Yeah, it’s a strange view to me as well.  Of course, I’m talking about First World problems feminists.

Nowhere have I seen anyone better at the blame game than these people.  It’s amazing.  “I’m cold at work!  Patriarchy!”  “I didn’t get hired for this job!  Sexism!”  “This entertainment medium doesn’t make things that I want!  Misogyny!”  Then there’s the one that I think really puts it all in perspective – “that brain surgeon makes more than me, with my gender studies degree!  Privilege!”  I don’t know how it happened, but there are people in this world who now believe that they should be both well-paid and respected for doing nothing but complaining about things.  People who believe that it is somehow a slight against them that not only are they not paid more, but their opinion doesn’t count for more as well.  The level of egotism behind that belief never ceases to amaze.

There’s another thing about it as well – I think that the fact that the nerds now rule the world insults these people so much.  I mean, look at the people who are attacking gaming.  These aren’t nerds doing this.  It’s hipsters.  These people used to be the preps at school.  They used to walk around like their shit doesn’t stink, standing in judgement over everyone that doesn’t conform to what they believe is the right way to be.  The nerds and the outcasts were people to mock and deride.  People to throw figurative shit at.  But then the age of the Internet came.  Now, the nerd that was derided is working in Silicon Valley, making boatloads more than they do.  They never invested their lives into anything, so they have no real talent.  The outcasts typically spend their lives dedicating themselves to what they love.  That level of dedication is rewarded in today’s society.  Well, sometimes.  Not all the time, but you do what you can.  You have outcasts going to platforms like YouTube, and putting their dedication into videos.  You have them starting companies and working with talented people.  The dreamers have finally gotten their day.  And I genuinely believe that that infuriates feminists to no end.

They HATE the fact that the outcasts and the nerds are now above them.  They hate that all they can do is go to Starbucks, order expensive drinks and judge people in their in-group.  The preps are the new outcasts.  But they don’t have what the former outcasts do – dedication.  Gamers spend their whole lives getting derided for their hobby, we grow a thick skin.  We learn to take on challenges, because it’s what we do.  Every day, we play games and grind characters to get levels.  We grow, achieve, and don’t let something get in our way.  It’s impressive, really.  The hipsters don’t have that.  They have their social groups.  Their echo chamber.  They see these people who they think should be hated by society, rising up and taking their place among the respected.  So they lash out.

Behind every single claim from the SJW community of how sexist or bigoted the world is, there is someone who desperately wishes that they were not in that little bubble.  That is, until it consumes them.  The bubble becomes all they have, and they blame the fact that this is the case on everyone else.  It’s men’s fault.  It’s society’s fault.  It’s GamerGate’s fault.  That’s the world we live in.  It’s a generation of people who can only blame and hate and despise, because deep down, all any of them want is to not feel so alone anymore.  We live in a world where, even in a group, more and more people are totally alone.

Until next time, a quote,

“You know, I’m in a square right now.  You’re looking at me.  I’m looking at myself in a monitor.  We sit in front of the TV, and we are the TV.  We’re a copy staring at a copy.  At a copy.  At a copy.”  -Marilyn Manson

Peace out,



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