Ladies, Let’s Get Real About Advertising…

Hey ladies, no corporation cares about you, beyond the fact that they can make money off of you.  That’s a fact.  None of these companies that do so-called “female empowerment” give two flying fucks about you.  They don’t care.  You’re a dollar sign to them.  They want to sell you shit you don’t need, and create things for you to worry about, so you’ll buy their shit.  Sorry if that doesn’t come off as very nice, but I just needed this to get out there.  In the age of PC bullshit, truth is a precious resource that is woefully under-explored.  With that in mind – ladies, not one of the corporations that are in favor of “girl power” give a single solitary fuck about you, and just want you to be a cash machine for them.

The simple truth about advertising is that all these companies view people as is just money coming in.  Advertising’s sole purpose is to part a fool from his money.  What’s more, if you want to sell people something, it’s best to make them REALLY insecure.  I mean as insecure as possible.  You know, I think I’ll let a really fantastic video put it into perspective for you.

I always find it funny when people actually believe that companies legit care about them and what they think.  They don’t.  They care so far as – “oh shit, these people aren’t buying your product!  Let’s find a way to get more of them to do it!”  But then you have people like the ones who got behind Chick-fil-A after their CEO came out against gay marriage.  Something that they back-pedaled on, after they realized that they were losing money.  Oreo’s rainbow cookie wasn’t a sign of support for gay people.  It was a sign that they saw a potential to make brand recognition.  So is the Girl Power nonsense.  They create brand recognition based on people and their propensity for having to either really get in support of or really hate stuff.

What is it about ads that make people like Ellen Degeneres think that these companies give two single shits about them?  Wait, bad example.  That they give two shits about her audience?  Her, they like.  She can promote their shit.  Oprah made a killing off of hocking shit to people.  Dr. Oz has made a killing off of hocking bullshit supplements to people.  Martha Stewart was smart enough to create her own brand, that she could make a killing off of hocking.  But at the end of the day, each and every person that they sold shit to was just a way for them to get money to their respective brands, which in turn got money to them.  Money in, money out.

If you have a chance, watch the film Thank You For Smoking.  It is the greatest comedy film ever made, because it shows us just hos insidious the world of advertising is, while making excellent points about how dumb people are for buying into it.  A man who hocked cigarettes was able to make the manipulative corporate structure of what he did not only seem like the sensible choice, but make a great point about how stupid people are, and how eager they are to believe in a brand.  Truly, it is probably the smartest movie about advertising ever made.  It’s part of my inspiration as I am going to be working as an account manager at a PR firm soon.  By the way – most awesome thing ever!  No joke, this is the biggest opportunity of my life, and I am so fucking stoked for it.

However, the companies that I am going to be representing are depending on my firm to do the EXACT same thing that the people in the video above are (satirically, though it really is a great point about what real companies do) doing.  We are to get as many of the dimwits who watch this garbage to buy stuff.  I am hoping that some of you in my audience are smart enough to realize that these people are doing nothing more than exploiting people.  None of them care about women.  None of them care about men.  All the SJWs who get stupidly attached to companies just play into their hands.  I would be annoyed by it, if it wasn’t so utterly transparent.  But don’t tell your local SJW that.  The moment that they choose to critically analyze something is a VERY cold day in Hell.

“I was annoyed at that Oreo thing to, because all I could think is – I want that cookie, and I can’t have it”  -TJ Kirk

Peace out,



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