Your Lies Get You a Movie? Seriously?! (A response to Zoe Quinn)

I’ve long since concluded that Disney is an evil monster that fucks with the things I love, ever since they decided to turn a film that I love into a piece of shit Kinect game.  But the truth is that as evil as Disney is, at least they are pretty open about it.  Sure, they project this family-friendly image, but we all know the truth, don’t we?  Disney is a bunch of evil fuckers, hell-bent on making as much money as is humanly possible.  The new Avengers made over $1 billion, worldwide, and they still consider it a financial failure.  Yeah, they are REALLY fucking evil.  But the truth is that the rest of Hollywood isn’t that far behind.  They hide their evil in various ways, but they are all a bunch of greedy money-grubbing corporations that don’t care if they are telling the truth or not, or if they are exploiting lies for money.  It’s all the same to them.

Something you should learn going through life is that being a liar and a cheat is not only possible in the 21st century, it’s financially lucrative.  Especially if you are a woman who has the term “feminist” associated with you.  If you can call yourself a feminist, in PC culture and corporate elitist Hollywood (and let’s face it, you don’t see a lot of poor urban women associated with modern First World problems feminism, do you?  It’s classist as fuck), then you are set.  Nowhere is this more exemplified than with Zoe Quinn.

This woman turned her lies and professional victimhood into a trip to the UN, to tell people who have financially supported dictatorial regimes in the past that the mean things said to her online are equal to a woman getting physically assaulted or raped.  She actually believes this.  I don’t believe that her little chum Sarkeesian buys it for a moment, but she is a real believer.  This woman has exploited so many opportunities to get her message out there.  The message being – I’m a victim!  Feel bad for me!

For those who don’t know, Zoe Quinn was a “game” developer, who made a choose-your-own-adventure text-based “game” about being depressed.  That was her claim to fame.  However, when her ex-boyfriend Eron decided to put out a blog post about why he dumped her dumb ass, he laid out that she had been cheating on him.  With five guys.  Now, nobody involved in what happened next cared about the fact that she was cheating on him.  It wasn’t the fact that she was sleeping around.  It was who she was sleeping around with.  One person was her boss (and married), and two more were game journalists.  One of which was Nathan Grayson, who they claim we totally mischaracterized because we said that he did a review of her game.  No, he didn’t.  Though, funny thing – he’s listed in the credits of her game.  Huh.  That’s interesting.  Grayson did, however, give her positive coverage on more than one occasion.  Like when she was responsible for destroying a group’s Game Jam.  Though he wasn’t so quick to defend her when she went after the Fine Young Capitalists.

When word got out about what Quinn had done, a lot of people had some thoughts.  Thoughts like – really, Kotaku?  You’re just letting one of your writers give positive coverage to someone he’s fucking?  That’s interesting.  This blog post, and the response behind it was the driving force behind what has become known as GamerGate.  Well, it was really when a YouTuber named Mundane Matt made a video about it, and the video got taken down.  Then the run on the games journalist machine was on.

Something that you would notice about what I’ve just said – I got away from Zoe Quinn fairly quickly, didn’t I?  It’s true.  So did everyone else.  Nobody cared about her.  At all.  She was a catalyst.  And because she has so little legit talent, we all just forgot that she exists.  We moved on to the more meaty things.  But poor little Quinn, not wanting her 15 minutes to end, went to every single outlet that she could bribe, exploit, or use her personal connections to get, so everyone would know that she’s the victim.  Of not being noticed.  Oh, I’m sorry – of harassment.  My bad.  Because everyone cares about her SO much, right?  Like how she was driven out of her home last year…during the time that she had already planned to be taking a vacation to Europe.  Convenient!  Another one-hit wonder who won’t go quietly into the night of Internet obscurity where she belongs.

Now, it seems that she has actually gotten people in Hollywood to take her bullshit seriously.  In an article from an unfathomably-biased source (linked here), they talk about how Quinn has a memoir of her “experiences” written, that someone named Amy Pascal won.  And it seems that she is getting a movie made, based on it as well.  Because what she went through is SO worthy of a film, right?  And, naturally, the company making this film is some Indie, hipster production company.  Of course.  Any major production company would laugh this lying bitch offstage, because the simple reality is that checking her facts can be done in one google search.  Like this lovely tidbit (linked here).

Nepotism and Hollywood have been bedfellows for a LONG time.  It’s the reason that M. Night Shits Upon still gets money to make movies.  By the way – fuck The Visit!  That movie is NOT some return to form for him!  Why do people keep being nice to it?  Is it because it isn’t as bad as films like The Happening?  Fuck me.  Anyway, it doesn’t surprise me that some pathetic SJW studio is making a movie about some pathetic SJW victim.  I’m amazed that Anita Sarkeesian hasn’t gotten a film made about her yet.  But this is another sign of why Hollywood is so fucking broken.  I wonder who is going to star in this hunk of shit.  Hopefully it will be as enjoyably bad as that Law and Order: Stupid Voters Unit episode “Intimidation Game.”  But I somehow doubt it.

In closing – Quinn, your 15 minutes are whimpering on, wishing that you would just stop.  Please, for the love of Groj, just stop.  Just fucking stop.  You don’t make yourself look better.  You make the bullshit you fought for look worse.

Until next time, a quote,

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”  – Mark Twain

Peace out,



One thought on “Your Lies Get You a Movie? Seriously?! (A response to Zoe Quinn)

  1. >”That’s interesting. This blog post, and the response behind it was the driving force behind what has become known as GamerGate”

    Yes/no. Well not bad, but I’m just clarifying some details. It started as the “Quinnspiracy”, then the telephone effect took in and people were saying it was a review, which took a while to fix. But anyways, at some point things started to calm down a little, people took to digging and found connections upon connections, lots of weird stuff and undeclared friendships.

    At this point people wanted to distance themselves from Zoe. At around this point, the “Gamers are dead” articles started to hit, something like 12 very similar articles in 24 hours. Prior to the articles, something like 5 to 12 hours, Adam Baldwin tweeted #GamerGate as relating to all that happened. After the articles hit, the hashtag really took off, it was the ideal thing to get away from the Quinnspiracy thing.

    And well, that’s how it started. Also btw, especially during the first few months of the hashtag, Zoe very often would attempt to troll the hashtag by shitposting into it. Personally, just, what the hell? She often claimed that “Gamergate ruined her life”, why the hell would she goddamn kick the “supposed” hornet nest? This is really stupid man, we tried to get away from her and she jumped back in, several times.

    She’s just a big fat manipulator

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