You Reap What You Sow (A response to Laughing Witch)

It isn’t exactly new news, but there was YouTube user named Laughing Witch who decided to go after the YouTuber named Thunderf00t because of the fact that he has made a plethora of videos ridiculing feminists like Anita Sarkeesian.  He’s done some pretty good debunking videos on her, while also doing science videos as well.  Because YouTube isn’t his primary source of income.  He is also a chemist doing work at a university.  He loves his work.  It’s something that he says he is one of an express few people who just focus on pure research.  Most scientists don’t stick with it for as long as he has.  Hats off for doing what you love.  Anyway, Thunderf00t attracted some negative attention with his videos, which got some response.

I’ve said before that I don’t like to do posts about just one person.  I try and make these things about more than just an individual and their actions.  I like to look at a broader scope of things.  With that in mind, I thought that I would talk about something that happened in respect to Laughing Witch.  See, she decided that she was going to make what Thunderf00t said into something personal, and then try and ruin his career.  She found out his name and where he works, and then did a letter writing campaign telling his employer that he is a misogynist, a bigot, and is responsible for a hate campaign against the likes of Anita Sarkeesian.  She got others who reside in the bottom of the YouTube swill to join her, such as Bewildered Ape and Jenny McDermott.  Yeah, real backwash of the Internet in that bunch.  What’s more, after the letter writing campaign, they were sure that they had succeeded.  McDermott decided to do her horse-face dance and sing about how Thunderf00t was fired, along with Laughing Witch, who took the time to really enjoy that she believed that she ruined a man’s livelihood.

But the plot thickened – they were wrong.  Not only did they not ruin Thunderf00t’s livelihood, they actually made his position there stronger, because his employer rebuked these people and defended him.  Well, when his detractors decided to play unbelievably dirty and ruin his life, he decided that he would respond in kind.  In a video responding to Laughing Witch, Thunderf00t put up the name of the business that her and her husband run.  He decided to put that out there, with the opportunity to go onto their Yelp page and let the Internet know what they thought of her and her business.

In the days that followed, there was a run on the Yelp page, which resulted in the business’s reputation being destroyed.  The damage was so bad, and the backlash so severe, that their business suffered a massive financial hit.  I am unsure what the status of the business is now.  I believe that it’s either that the restructured, or declared Chapter 11.  Either way, the blow was heard round the Internet, and Thunderf00t naturally decided to be amused by it in another video.  However, the plot thickened again.  Going to their local news outlet, Laughing Witch and her husband decided to make the feud with Thunderf00t unbelievably public.  In probably the most asinine and ridiculous moves ever, they tried to drag Thunderf00t’s name through the mud in a huge public forum.  Naturally, because she’s a modern First World feminist, the narrative is – I’m a victim!  Look what that mean man did to me!  Her YouTube page is gone.  Her Twitter account has disappeared.  Every trace of evidence that she could get rid of has been gotten rid of.  I wonder how much of her stuff is on the Internet’s Way Back Machine.  Or archived by people, because there are plenty of YouTubers who do that.  Like when Anita Sarkeesian tried to cover up a video she made condemning the fact that there was a poster for Bayonetta where you could take tabs off, scratch and sniff style, while subsequently praising Japan for making segregated subway cars.  I guess it’s hard to be both against and for gendered segregation.  The feminist mantra whenever they are openly shown to be in the wrong is – never fess up to anything.  Cover it up as fast as you can, and hope that nobody saw it.  Ask Sarah Nyberg how that’s going for him.

So, I’ve never condoned attacking people on a personal level.  I’ve never condoned death or rape threats.  I’ve never told people to attack someone’s livelihood or business.  I never have, and if I ever do in the future, feel free to call me out on it.  I’ve attacked people when they do wrong, but never have I told anyone to harm someone or damage their livelihood.  Find me a time when I did that, and I’ll show that you’re full of shit.  That said, there is a point to be made in all this – if you are going to play in the mud, don’t expect to not get dirty.  That’s the truth of all this.  Laughing Witch decided to play in the dirtiest pond that she possible could.  She threw as much shit as she possibly could at someone, and when he decided to fight back, by posting her business’ Yelp and letting people make up their own minds about whether or not to post reviews on it, she can’t possibly claim that she’s the victim.  The simple truth is, when you try and ruin someone’s career, and then get your own hurt, you asked for it.  That’s a lesson for everyone to learn when you go ahead and decide what to do with your online grievances.  I will call out stupid behavior, but you’ll never see me tell someone’s employer that this person is a misogynist, a bigot, and trying to actively encourage harm to people.  Those who do that had better be aware that fighting fire with fire, while in reality a very dumb tactic, is something that can be done.

Laughing Witch, you brought this on yourself.  You decided to try and ruin this man’s life, so he struck back.  And not even directly.  He let his subscribers decide for themselves if they wanted to post as much vitriol about you as you like.  And for those on the outside who say that what he did is still wrong, let me put this to you – when there was that guy who was hated because he wouldn’t serve gay people in his restaurant, how many of you were against the people who went onto his Yelp page and trolled the living shit out of it, with some of the funniest reviews I’ve ever seen?  How many of you were against what the trolling of the dentist who shot that lion’s Yelp page?  What’s that?  They did something wrong?  So did Laughing Witch.  Both of those people reaped what they sowed, and so is she.  But, because she’s a woman (I think.  I guess that Meg Mucklebones in Legend was a woman too…), she wants to play the victim.  Poor her.  Poor, poor her.

Let this be a lesson – a flame war can begin and end on a forum.  Trying to ruin someone’s career can go all over the fucking place.

Until next time, a quote,

“Your qualities shall be known among your enemies, before ever you should meet them, my friend.”  – Imad, Kingdom of Heaven

Peace out,



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