Sanders is Sexist? Give Me a Break… (A response to Hillary Clinton)

For my readership who doesn’t live in the US of A, let me give you a brief history lesson.  There was a grass-roots right-wing movement in this country called the Tea Party.  It was started by mostly-libertarian people after Obama was elected.  Libertarian-right, I should say.  Though there actually were a couple libertarian-left people in the bunch.  But they soon left after they realized the path that it was going down.  They saw the idealism and the anti-government belief being turned by wealthy people into a uber-conservative rallying point that millionaires and billionaires can manipulate.  And so they have.  It’s the reason that Donald Trump is the leading contender in this Presidential election for the Republicans.

The sad truth is that the Tea Party became just a pawn to be used by the wealthy and powerful.  The people that already ostensibly control this country.  The people within it are ideological zealots who do NOT care about facts and will not listen to reason.  Their ideological viewpoint guides everything they do.  They live their whole lives in an echo chamber, not having to face the real world.  Does that sound like another group of people…?

Some time ago, my cousin and I were talking about the Presidential campaigns on the Democrats side of the fence.  This was when Bernie was really starting to pull ahead in the race against Shillary Clinton.  I genuinely don’t get what her appeal is with people.  The roots of Bill Clinton must go REALLY far, because the fact that she has done so well in the polls baffles me.  My cousin pointed out that there would come a point when Sanders would be doing so well that Clinton would use her position as a woman to get another crowd that is much in the same vein as the Tea Party to pull for her – the third-wave feminist crowd.  She would use the fact that she’s a woman to throw all the talking points they want to hear to get them to pull for her.  It seems that we are finally seeing it.

In an article on Politico, the Clinton campaign has decided to use the “he’s sexist” card against Sanders.  The source is something that Sanders said during the debate, and using the fact that men have come out to defend Sanders.  The whole “man-splaining” bullshit.  This is a tactic that I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that Shillary’s camp is using.  Shillary is a pit viper, after all.  Of course she is going to exploit a crowd who will hear a woman say that something is “sexist” and will embrace it without a second thought.  God-forbid they do any digging.  If your friendly neighborhood SJW was capable of that, then they would know that the 77 cent wage gap is bullshit, and the 1 in 5 statistic if nonsense.  Clinton, one of the very millionaire and billionaire class that Sanders is fighting against has decided to take the lowest strategy imaginable to damage his campaign – calling him sexist.

All the fighting he did for women’s rights and sexual liberation back in college?  Who cares!  The constant battle he’s waged against Republicans who want to shut down Planned Parenthood and other such programs?  Doesn’t matter.  A woman called him sexist!  That must make it true!

Sanders entire political campaign has been to fight against the wealthy establishment that rules this country.  Make no mistake, Shillary Clinton is ABSOLUTELY one of those people.  She has been a blue-dog Democrat her entire political career.  She’s a corporate candidate.  I thought people knew this, but apparently not.  After all, how on Earth has she done so well in polls?  Either it’s the fact that she’s a woman, or the fact that the crowd who sees that she’s a woman is dumb enough to buy into this wholesale.  There was a piece on Rachel Maddow’s show some time ago talking about how the fact that a woman is running in politics isn’t all that appeals to women.  I guess that is only half-true.  It matters, if the woman is one of the approved women that other women can say is the one they want.

This tactic wasn’t born out of some great sense of “this is a good thing to do!”  This was born out of “oh shit, he’s really getting ahead of me in polls!  How do I bring him down a peg?”  Shillary Clinton is scared of the fact that the Internet has been in love with Sanders, and after the CNN debate, her entire campaign was getting shit on by everyone with a voice that wasn’t in the mainstream media, based solely on the fact that the mainstream media was ball-washing her.  She’s desperate to be seen as the best option.  But in this day and age, having the Internet on your side is what you want.  So she used a buzzword as a weapon against Sanders.  Now the click-bait Internet news machine is all over it.  She got exactly what she wanted.  Cheap, pathetic tactics, which may very well work because of how the SJW crowd doesn’t EVER fact-check things.  The echo chamber is all-powerful.

I really hope that Sanders doesn’t take this lying down.  Don’t play Shillary’s game, but do NOT let this smear get said against you without a proper rebuttal.  Don’t let the SJW crowd become even more of the left’s version of the Tea Party.  It already is, pretty much, but if these people are going to be exploitable fucktards, then make sure that you make your voice heard.  At the very least, I am one of the people who will not let this stand unopposed.

Until next time, a quote,

“There is no truth, sport.  Just good or bad fiction.”  -Denny Crane, Boston Legal

Peace out,



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