Top 10 Evil Video Game Characters

Boy, this is a very vague category, isn’t it?  There are a plethora of great villains in gaming.  Some of the best that have ever been.  The problem is that the bulk of those villains are crazy people.  Or they have some redeemable qualities about them.  No, I am talking about the straight-up EVIL characters.  The ones who consciously choose to do horrible things, out of pure self-interest.  This list is for them.  Not the insane loony-tunes who do evil shit because they can.  So sorry, everyone, but no Vas or Kefka.  They were crazy.  Really, really crazy.  I also am going to exclude characters who are driven by a sense of misguided good intentions.  So characters like Marlene from The Last of Us are out.  For the characters who choose to do horrible things, because…reasons.  Some of them better than others.

Celeste10. Celeste
Mirror’s Edge
Some of you might be scratching your heads at this.  I mean, what did she actually do?  I’ll tell you.  She was part of an operation that was working purely to kill all the Runners.  She assassinated two people who were going to derail the plan, along with framing Faith’s sister.  She even tries to kill Faith, once she is on Project Icarus’ tail.  Why does she do all of this?  Easy – to save her own skin.  Everything that she does is so that she doesn’t have to worry about being killed by Project Icarus.  What a bitch!  What’s more, she gets away with it!  She’s the only villain on this list who gets everything she could have wanted.  After her and Faith fight it out, the girl is able to slink away.  An evil bitch and lucky.  Not cool.

Albert Wesker9. Albert Wesker
Resident Evil (series)
This guy is a rotten egg from the word go!  When you first meet him, he is using the STARS team to get back into the mansion in Raccoon City, so he can download the data from his experiments and use it for his own ends.  After unleashing the Tyrant on the team, he is thought to be dead.  But he comes back later, shown to once-again be working to undermine Umbrella and get his own way.  Finally, you see that in Resident Evil 5, he has gotten everything he could have asked for.  By exploiting the Las Plagas parasite, he mutates them and plans on dropping the parasite on the entire world.  How does he gain all this power?  By using a community in Africa as his petri dish.  What a dick!  He is so low on this list because of how DUMB his death is.  For real, his death is when the series jumped the shark.  Well, more than having a zombie dinosaur.

Frank Fontaine8. Frank Fontaine
When it comes to self-interest, Fontaine is the absolute master.  When he arrived in Rapture, he saw a chance to make it big.  Exploiting the economic disparity between the rich and the poor.  But when Plasmids came along, he was on Cloud 9!  He knew that these things would be his key to rising to power.  It got him the biggest fortune in Rapture, turned the entire population into slaves, needing to get more and more to keep from going insane and mutating into hideous monsters.  Then, after all was said and done, he was planning on using the plasmids to become a god-like creature.  While not the shady businessman that Augustus Sinclair was, he definitely knew how to make the most of what he had.  A pity that you cut such a lively career short.

Ruvik7. Ruvik
The Evil Within
As far as evil people, Ruvik is the closest on this list to sympathetic.  But he really isn’t.  See, this guy is not really a guy anymore.  He’s a brain that’s being experimented on by the people that turned on him.  That sounds grim, but you find out that this dude REALLY had some bad karma coming for him.  He used the people in the town he lived in as test subjects for experiments where he toyed with people’s brains.  He lobotomized, used, and tortured people for his amusement.  His hatred of them is based entirely on the fact that the people lit the barn that him and his sister were playing in on fire.  Guess that he got the last laugh out of that.  When his former comrade turns on him, and turns him into a brain in a vat, he decides to use the boy Leslie as a living vessel to put his mind into.  Sebastian is supposed to have stopped him, but at the very end, you see Leslie walking away, very calmly.  Was it Ruvik?  Since they are saying that a sequel is not happening, I guess we’ll never know…

Vladimir Makarov6. Vladimir Makarov
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (series)
Talk about guys with big ideas, Makarov is by far one of the most cruel villain.  His entire goal that he is doing is to have Russia rise as the world’s greatest nation, whether it wants to or not.  To do this, he will even kill his own countrymen and women.  In one of the most insanely-evil and clever plots, he has his forces pretend to be Americans and butchers an entire airport full of people.  He then deploys chemical weapons to get Europe into the fight.  And when the Russian President is ready to talk peace, guess who’s having none of that!  Makarov is the most insane nationalist ever, who will kill the leader of his own mother country for the express purpose of keeping a war going.  He’s a real sick bastard, this one…

Seymour Guado5. Seymour Guado
Final Fantasy X
The Final Fantasy franchise has a ton of great villains to pick from.  But when it comes to evil people, there are very few who aren’t crazy people.  I know, so many of you were wanting to see Kefka on this list, but sorry, that dude is a bag full of cats.  Seymour, on the other hand, is a lot smarter than first appears.  This is a guy who is in the game to gain more power.  As part of the corrupt faith that worships Yevon, Seymour wants to get higher and higher up the totem pole.  To the point that he is really using all the other Maesters to get what he wants.  Eventually, he decides that the faith itself can’t get him what he wants, so he decides – I’ll embrace genocide!  He kills other Maesters, tries to marry and then subsequently kill Yuna, in order to turn her into an Unsent like him.  He genocides the ronso people when they try and stop him from chasing down the group as they make their way to Zanarkand.  And after all that, he decides that he is going to go into Sin itself and steal its power, in order to be a god.  This dude is more than a little ambitious, but he definitely is an evil prick.  He might seem crazy, but the fact is that this guy has all his ducks in a row.  He just gives ZERO fucks about who gets hurt along the way.  And he’s in love with himself.

Master Xehanort4. Master Xehanort
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
A lot like Seymour, here’s a guy who wants all the power, and doesn’t give a fuck who he hurts along the way.  In fact, the thing that puts him above Seymour is that he takes the time out to hurt the people who are after him.  Not only did he rip a chunk out of Ventus’ heart, which he then turns on him, in order to turn him completely into darkness.  Knowing that if Vanitas is killed, he still wins.  Then he decides to turn Terra against his master and his friends, having his heart embrace the darkness inside.  When his plan to make the X-Blade fails, he has no qualms with using the darkness inside Terra to forge a bond with his heart.  All of this is so the Keyblade Wars will start over again, and result in the forging of a new X-Blade.  He takes such relish in how much wrong he is doing so that he can get this sword and the power that comes with it.  The only bummer is that, now that Leonard Nimoy has passed away, we aren’t going to get to hear that awesome voice to end this character.  Bummer.

Van Grants3. Van Grants
Tales of the Abyss
You ever been so mad at society that you are willing to destroy it?  And when I say destroy it, I mean to kill the living shit out of people and destroy all of society?  If so, then you and Van have something in common.  Van hates the world, and the religion that it follows so much – the Score.  The Score predicts everything that happens, and people let bad things happen because the Score predicts it.  Van sees that as madness, and he wants to destroy the world in order to remake it as a world that is no longer connected to the Score.  His utter hatred for every single person in the world that isn’t with him is just amazing.  Hell, he doesn’t even care about his own people, either.  This man has a mission, and he’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish it.  Global genocide?  Meh.  Killing his own sister?  He acknowledges that that sucks, but he still is willing to go the distance to get the job done.  A man with a mission.  A violent, horrifying mission.

Dr. Angus Bumby2. Dr. Angus Bumby
Alice: Madness Returns
This good doctor is probably one of the calmest and most collected of the people on this list.  The doctor has a plan.  See, he is a psychologist, but the hospital that he runs is most certainly not a place of healing.  He takes in children, using hypnosis and mind games to turn them into vacant husks.  After this is done, he sells them into slavery.  He even has a plan for Alice.  After wiping out her mind, he plans to sell her into sexual servitude.  It is revealed that he was sexually abusing her little sister, and set the fire that killed Alice’s entire family.  This man is pure evil on a calm level.  Like he just takes the evil that he does in a cool way.  After everything is revealed, he still isn’t that worked up.  He sees that the damage to Alice is done, and even if she gets revenge against him, he will still have won.  A sick, sick man…

And the most evil character in video games is…

David1. David
The Last of Us
Some of you might want to argue that this guy is crazy, but you only really see his mind snap after he believes himself to be infected with the fungal infection inside Ellie.  Up til then, while he is a sick man, he is also very calm and collected.  He seems like such a simple and unassuming man.  But he is the leader of a group of people who have decided to throw all of their humanity away in the rubbish bin and embrace cannibalism.  He wants Ellie to become one of them, but he also wants her because he is sexually attracted to her.  It’s made clear when he is talking to her about why he is keeping her alive, and he touches her hand.  This man has a clear objective, all centered around this one little girl – break her, then have her as his own.  Given the level of cool and careful that he exudes, it’s clear that he has come to terms with how evil he is rather well.  That’s what really sets him apart.  So many evil characters in gaming all see what they do as part of some greater good.  David, like pretty much ever other character in The Last of Us, sees himself as a survivor.  One who has done what it takes to keep his little commune alive.  Given the fact that he wants Ellie both as a partner and for sex, it’s kind of disturbing, you gather that women who end up in his commune don’t last long.  This man is evil, totally fine with it, and even embraces it as the cost of living.  Makes you wonder if that’s what all people are capable of.

Let me know what evil characters you think should have made the list in the Comments.

Until next time, a quote,

“You’re awful quick to judge, considering the fact that you’ve killed how many of my men?” – David, The Last of Us

Peace out,



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